UPDATE: “Premium Times said Tobore Ovuorie can not lay claims go the investigative report” – Mo Abudu responds to allegations on Oloture (video)

Media Mogul Mo Abudu has alleged that Tobore Ovuorie can not lay claims to the investigative report by Premium Times.

Recall that an investigative journalist Tobore Ovuorie in an interview, called out Mo Abdu for the production of the “Omoture” as she claims the movie was a “copy and paste” of her life story.

However, Mo Abudu in a statement has since denied the claims, as she stated that the movie “Omoture” is a frictional work and not Tobore’s life story.

In a new video released, Mo Abudu alleged that Premium Times Said Tobore can not lay claims to the investigation reports.

According to her, another investigative journalist Kiki Mordi called her on the phone only a day after the release of Oloture on Netflix asking for comments on the similarities with Tobore’s investigation.

She also revealed that she had a good relationship with Tobore before the release of Oloture and that she gave her cash gifts but everything changed after the release on Netflix as Mo Abudu alleged that Tobore started blackmailing her.

The media mogul also stated in the video, that was no Alero in Tobore’s life story and her boss was not in love with her like the movie portrayed.

Mo Abudu insists that Oloture is not Tobore’s story but a body of fiction but said she is open to having a conversation with Tobore.

Watch her video below.


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