Update: Landlord who gave tenant a quit notice drags her, claims she parades around naked

The landlord who allegedly served his female tenant a quit notice because of her choice of dressing has reacted on Instagram.

Recall that a lady identified as Toju Agbajoh claimed that her landlord gave her a quit notice because of choice of outfit.

Reacting to the allegation, Oladipo Xeview Awesu claimed that Toju dresses almost naked around the estate. He also accused her of beating up the security guard in his house.

He added that Toju snatched another woman’s boyfriend which got her almost beaten up by some ladies.

Responding to her claims on Instagram, he wrote;

“Toju Agbajoh so you brought your trash to the media and you aren’t ashamed. You better tell them as it happened and more so all the nasty habits u put up in the estate walking almost naked, beating up the security guard I employed and your insolent attitudes coupled with how some other ladies came to my estate to beat you up due to the fact you snatched one of their boyfriend while they brought inn a squad of policemen men to take you away,” he wrote.

“I stood in for you cos of my influence after the destruction they caused in my house, keeping girls in your apartment against our initial agreement. And more I can’t bring up here. There is nothing that would save you right now Toju Agbajoh. And I await whoever Jupiter that would come to your rescue cos you aren’t trained well to be a decent lady.

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