University of Mannittawiw doesn’t exist – Tosin Odunfa may have lied

University of Mannittawiw: The young man, Tosin Odunfa, who reportedly asked Professor Wole Soyinka to vacate his window seat on a flight, is reportedly not a lecturer at the University where he claimed to be a staff.

Tosin Odunfa garnered attention across social media yesterday when he identified himself as the man Tonye Cole reported to be adamant about leaving his seat for the Professor.

University of Mannittawiw doesn’t exist – Tosin Odunfa may have lied

While defending his actions, Tosin claimed to be a PhD holder and teaches Electromagnetic Theory at the University of Mannittawiw, but further fact findings revealed that the man works for EbonyLive TV, owned by Mo Abudu.

In fact, some Nigerians are even claiming he was not the man in the photo with Wole Soyinka on the flight and Tosin could be on a clout chasing quest.

Even if I’m drunk and you pour thick hot pap on my two eyes, I can tell you that the boy photographed by Tonye Cole is not Tosin Odunfa.
It is not him.
This distraction is unnecessary.

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First of all, Tosin Odunfa is a liar, University of Mannittawiw doesn’t exist. How can you work for Mo & not know Prof. Wole Soyinka. You’ve a PHD teaching Electromagnetic theory but a TV presenter at EbonyLife. This dodo you & Mo Abudu is frying has dried to black Kpekere.
And another one:
So the @TosinOdunfa who claimed to be the guy involved in the Prof Wole Soyinka’s Flight Seat saga was an impostor after all. He claimed to have a PhD from the University of Mannittawiw, but there’s no such university.


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