University bosses order lecturers to stop using capital letters

University bosses have ordered lecturers to stop using capital letters when assigning work to their students out of fear it might upset them.

University bosses order lecturers to stop using capital letters lailasnews

The memo sent out to staff at Leed’s Trinity journalism department suggested that using uppercase letters may ‘scare them into failure’, reports the Express.

It also included some tips on how they should address their students from now on, such as writing in a friendly tone, steering clear of overbearing language and negative instructions.

Critics have slammed the idea because it suggests that the ‘snowflake’ generation are being overindulged throughout their education.

The list of instructions states that it aims to increase student levels of engagement while offering lecturers a list of do’s and don’ts as well as prohibited terms.

It suggested that writing a word in caps could highlight the ‘difficulty’ of the assignment and therefore worry the students.

Lecturers were told to avoid upper-case letters, especially when telling students to ‘do’ or ‘don’t’ do something in the instructions of the task.


  1. I don’t this!!! What does the use of capital letters got to do with students failure. I don’t think there’s sense in this at all

  2. This western people always coming up with something meaningless . The problem now is the use of uppercase which has nothing to do with how much you learn

  3. It’s true do or don’t in uppercase latter may frighten student that they may fail but this would make them serious in that particular question. #try that in Nigeria, the lecturer will shun the boss back or may even sack his boss

  4. This is funny, upper case has nothing to do with the failure of students in my own view, anyway they know what is right for them

  5. I would say I go with that in a way but I still have something against that,some people (students) when lecture’s become too jovial with them, they take things for granted and behave rude and disrespectful, and that constitutes more harm than good

  6. Does capital letter have to do with there failure.
    As long as you give back the right information or answers.

  7. This is quite funny, but I totally understand and get their point. Words written in Uppercase tends to overemphasize.

  8. I too, I really don’t appreciate using uppercase letters. The normal thing is to start the first letter of a sentence with uppercase letter and follow with small letters…. Only some special terms like people’s names, places etc that should start with uppercase letter.

  9. Lol! I never would think writing in upper case would upset anyone. I really don’t care about such things myself!!!!

  10. That is good…The advantages of researching and the desire to be better.Most of this universities abroad always work for the betterment of their students, unlike our own universities.

  11. Was any research done about this before issuing the warning of not using capital letters for students, just thinking if it actually have effects

  12. I dunno how uppercase letter will have any effect on students psychologically ooo…..well I guess dey must have carried out their research

  13. I really don’t see what the use of capital letter has to do with students failure. Though for tone, I agree a lot.

  14. I don’t see any sense in this, whether capital letters or no capital letters, it can’t stop the unserious students from failing exams

  15. Using of uppercase or lowercase does not determine if the student will pass or fail the course, it depends on the level of assimilation and understanding of the student on the course

  16. What does upper case have to do with signing. These people are will just stay there and bring up something .anyways their way of life is not like ours

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