Unilorin bans female students from using hair attachment

Unilorin has added yet another rule to dress codes students in the school must heed to, and that is ban of hair attachment.

Unilorin bans female students from using hair attachment lailasnews

With the new rule, female students in the school are expected to go natural, which according to the school is a way of being modest and better reflection of individual character and personality.

Here’s a screenshot of Unilorin dress code notice dated January 22nd, 2018 below;

Unilorin bans female students from using hair attachment lailasnews 1


Recall in  2017, the management of Unilorin shared this notice;

All students are hereby reminded that there is a DRESS CODE put in place by the University which must be observed at all times.

The University is determined to continue to impact positively on its students not only intellectually but also morally in pursuit of its avowed commitment to the development of TOTAL MAN. To this end, it will award its degrees to only deserving students who have been found worthy not only in learning but also in character. Students are therefore strongly advised to exhibit good behaviour and dress decently at all times.


the hair should be neat and well combed at all time;
the hair should not be coloured (except it is natural colour);
the hair should be well kept and groomed always;
the haircuts should not carry inscriptions;
curled hair is not acceptable;
artificial dread locks, plaiting, weaving o rbraiding of hair are not acceptable; and
beards must be well kept.


weaving, plaiting, braiding, fixing and wigs are acceptable;

hair extensions with colours such as; Blue, Green, White, Yellow, Red, Pink, and Purple or a combination of any of these colours are not acceptable;

hair must be neatly packed and weaved;

the hairstyle should not carry inscriptions;

all wears must be below the knee level;

pencil trousers are allowed but must be complemented with tops that cover the butt line; and
all traditional and corporate wears that do not reveal sensitive parts of the body are acceptable.

The mode of dressing of a student speaks volumes about him or her. In other words, one’s appearance influences people’s perception of one’s person.

Students should, therefore, always dress responsibly to command respect. All students must refrain from wearing INDECENT CLOTHINGS, if they must be accorded respect and protect their dignity.


You are hereby required to note that the following constitute inappropriate mode of dressing that will not be tolerated in the University environment (including Lecture Halls, Library, Laboratories, Examination Venues, Seminar Rooms, Faculties and Administrative building as well as in University Vehicles):

Dress that exposes any sensitive parts of the body e.g. cleavage, chest, back, navel, thigh and armpit (clothes that reveal the armpits when hands are raised e.g. sleeveless/half sleeves);
Tight fitting wears;
Transparent/See Through Wears;
Tattered Jeans/Ripped Jeans;
T-shirts with obscene inscriptions, depicting immorality, hooliganism, etc.;
Indelible markings and body tattoos by male students;
Leggings/Jeggings trousers with shorttop;
Skimpy dresses e.g. Spaghetti, Camisole only, body hugs, topless blouse and shorts;
Bathroom slippers not acceptable within the administrative and academic areas;
Heavy make-ups;
Sagging trousers;
Wearing of earrings by male students;
Rumpled and dirty clothes;
Skin/ear piercing by male students;
Dread, Galax, Fadeoutand Rough Coil Haircuts, Unkempt Appearance; and
Hair plaiting or weaving by male students.
Some Faculties and Departments have prescribed Dress Codes for their students. Students in such Faculties or Departments are expected to comply with such Codes.





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  1. Please the school management should add makeup to this, ayam not understanding all these paintings anymore.

    That was how we woke up last week with my neighbor screaming and running outta his apartment, when we got to know what was happening, we realized it’s the lady she came home with in the night whom he couldn’t recognize when it was dawn, the once because lady became a zombie after washing her face.

    Abeg mu una try sign this into the law of the federation, it will help.

  2. People are becoming more and more mad everyday, very soon they’ll stop ladies from wearing panties when they can’t stop stealing our monies and stop corruption. Should that be a government business or concern? This why is not good to vote illiterates to power because anything they dream, they’ll enforced it on the poor citizenry. Absolute madness.

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