UNIILORIN student committed suicide due to drug addiction – Management

The UNIILORIN student who committed suicide few days ago, reportedly took to the decision to end his life due to drug addiction according to the school’s management.

UNIILORIN student committed suicide due to drug addiction - Management lailasnews

Kunle Akogun, the school’s Director of Corporate Affairs, said investigation into the incident revealed that the UNIILORIN student committed suicide as a result of drug abuse and not because he failed his project as widely believed.

Kunle told NAN that the student must have unwisely adopted drugs to address the prolonged depression he suffered as a result of personal challenges he could not bear, as he reportedly complained that it was his nagging younger sister that was sponsoring his education.

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The university spokesman who further disclosed that the deceased had a Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) of 2.72 and failed results in seven different courses, said late Adigun had lamented that it would be too difficult for him to approach the same younger female sibling for the needed finances to complete his extended stay on campus.

According to him, the performance accounted for late Adigun’s non-graduation in the last academic session and he was neither considered academically outstanding nor on the verge of completing any research project.

“Some close friends of the late Mr. Adigun revealed that the obviously depressed student had unsuccessfully attempted suicide thrice, having publicly expressed profound regrets on many occasions,” he said.

Kunle also disclosed that the deceased never completed the series of enabling experiments that would have given him the data needed for his research, and a senior academic staff of the deceased’s Department of Agronomy got wind of Adigun’s psychological problem through their interactions.

“He took his life while he was expected to complete registration formalities, a prerequisite for his retake of all the courses he had earlier failed.”

Akogun said: “his alleged drug addiction, courtesy of peer group influence, frustrated all the rehabilitative assistances that were rendered to him to the awareness, admiration and appreciation of his family members.”

The University’s spokesperson also said that measures taken by the university management to soothe the nerves of the deceased, included a four-week intensive rehabilitation at the University of Ilorin Teaching Hospital, (UITH).

“Other assistance includes the facilitation of hostel accommodation for him on campus through the recommendation of the Dean of the Faculty of Agriculture, Prof. Gbadebo Olaoye, and a soft loan granted him.

“While the university commiserate with the late Mr. Adigun’s family over the unfortunate incident, it appeals to parents, relations and guardians to be up and doing in their responsibilities to their children and wards,” he said.


  1. What people don’t under stand is DT suicide solves no problem rather it compounds it problems, worse still in the life after now. It’s quite unfortunate

  2. School frustration, bad result, he should not have taken his life, there is another way out , school life tire person, RIP

  3. it seldomly hard to get the true story when cases of this kind emanates especially in a country like ours,our autopsy should carried out immediately

  4. This is so sad. Depressed persons need to be handled with care/love. Guidians / parents need to be up and doing inorder to shoulder their responsibilities. Need not to be hash or insulting them. Ensure you show love to the depressed.

  5. So sad. Instead of concentrating on his academic works and make his younger sister proud, he blamed her. He was a complete failure.

  6. This is the result of part group influence. How I wish he could retrace his steps but the dead is already done. So sad.

  7. This is so sad. He shouldn’t have committed suicide, he should have kept hope alive and still believe that one day his drug addicted problem or challengees he is facing will come to an end. It is pity

  8. That is bad commiting suicide is not the option I just pray God will let your parent bear the lost







  10. Taking his life is really not the right ✔️ step he should have taken….no matter what is happening he should have take the next step and move on with his life…..is better to fall and stand again than falling and be carried away for your action…..is so Obvious.

  11. Drug or not . Suicide is never the answer . Talk to friends when you depressed . Check on your friends . Rip to him

  12. That’s a so awful, you shouldn’t have done that, suicide is not the best way out, anyway , may God ease your family to bear the lost

  13. What a pathetic, you shouldn’t have done that, suicide is not the best way out, anyway , may God ease your family to bear the lost

  14. It a sad news, may his soul rest in peace and god will not let it happen in their family and our too.

  15. This just shows the danger of drug addiction, especially to depressed persons.. May he rest in peace

  16. There is no reason good enough to commit suicide, suicide is not the solution to any problem, he should have encouraged himself to move on no matter how depressed he is, proper investigations should also be carried out to know the cause of his death, may his soul rest in peace

  17. This is a tragic incidence…may the government set a law that will oblige young people to go through a professional to help in depression.

  18. What a pity, we all understand his story but committing suicide is out of it he shouldn’t have done that but all the same rest in peace mr.

  19. Doesn’t he know dat committing sucide can’t help anything bt only put u into sin nd hurt those dat loves u…..nd one should not indulge in things dat won’t b easy to stop thus causing regret…rip

  20. depression is a very bad things..it can make suicide look like the best option for u..now he’s gone and gone forever..may his soul rest in peace

  21. This is so sad but he could have just done some part time jobs to ease off the financial stress on the sister.Not a good way of giving up

  22. Oh my god.. Why did u killed your self because of such things, you have forget that wen dere is life dere is every thing may be if u still re-enroll you can still make it

  23. It is a pity, our youths should stop doing drugs for it is good. See how he took his life as a result drugs

  24. Please this should serve as a strict warning to our youth. Honestly, drug addiction would do no good to you rather it takes everything u have away from u in a beep

  25. Youth of nowadays are so frustrating, no fear at all. Now you have shorten your own life with your hands

  26. U don’t have the right to take your life for any reason, there is always a solution to every problem if you are willing to get solution suicide is never a solution.

  27. This is so bad….. No matter the pressure or the challenges one is facing, suicide should never be an option

  28. Oh why comiting suicide… A lot of people are out their facing difficult that even more than what you are facing that make take a drug abuse..RIP.

  29. What a sad story. committing suicide is not the best solution to any problem. May his soul rest in peace

  30. This was not the information we received earlier concerning this boy
    Hope the school Mgt is not doing something fishy
    Or is it another boy

  31. This is bad, suicide is never the answer..a lot persons don’t know how to handle depression so they go out for a possible means thinking is the best way out..RIP to the dead

  32. Suicide does not solve any problem. This is a case of mental imbalance. Efforts should be made to make sure that the living do not toll this part of committing suicide

  33. Instead of concentrating on his academic works and make his younger sister proud, he blamed her. He was a complete failure.

  34. Honestly it’s very bad, but he shouldn’t have find another way instead of committing suicide.

  35. Failure is not the end of the world, we all need to fall down so we can learn how to stand up, suicide won’t solve the case.

  36. As for every person on drugs out there, be informed drugs abuse kill, if you die when taking it you re going straighty to Hell, if you commit suicide you going straighty to the lowest put in Hell….. Drugs abuse kill!

  37. Hmm the guy get mind ooo
    He just killed himself just for issues he had thinking that there is no hope again in life
    That’s very bad

  38. That’s a very wrong decision he made oo
    Commiting suicide is not the way out ooo…
    Only God will save his soul

  39. Say no to drug abuse! It doesn’t pay. U will spend all u have on something that won’t benefit u and still die from it. Na wah

  40. Suicide is not the way out of any problem….rip to this guy.what a loss to his parents and Nigeria as a country.

  41. Why did he take that step nau…doesn’t he know the importance of his life…may God help him

  42. What a sad ending, a lot if people are depressed due to too much expectations from friends, family and the world at large, but substance abuse or even suicide dies not solve anything rather it worsens the matter, because then you will have a greater being to answer to. (God).

  43. Too bad he took his own life, guess it’s the failure that led him to drug addiction and the addiction to suicide

  44. School stress, frustration, and even lack of funds sometimes may not be nice at all as students. May his soul rest in peace.

  45. School stress, frustration, lack of funds may not be nice at all as a student. He finished it off by being addicted to drugs. That’s the height of it.

  46. He didn’t think well before taken his life.what is the emotional condition of that his sister and also a big lesson for those in drug abuse

  47. I think everything happened due to the demanding processes in school and the stress and frustration. Too bad he exited.

  48. Tell no to drugs but only God knows the truth. It’s terrible to hear about you and I express my sincere sympathy to your family

  49. Parents need to be up and doing inorder to shoulder their responsibilities. Need not to be hash or insulting them. Ensure you show love to the depressed.

  50. Just because you are depress does not give you the right to commit suicide…. He just but is parent in serious thought

  51. What a pity say no to drug abuse it causes damage and untimely death but our youth will not listen they are addicted to it,may your soul rest in peace

  52. May his soul rest in peace. It’s easier said than done but one should avoid resorting to drugs when depressed. That is jumping from the pan into the fire. And we should be attentive of the needs of those around us and offer support in any way we can to those experiencing same

  53. It’s a pity and very painful. While committing suicide, you didn’t even care about the people u will leave behind how they would feel. Instead of taking your own life, you should have adopted something else.

  54. What a pity and shameful death. good night student you don’t like your self. don’t do it again in your next life o

  55. There is still hope for the living, so why did he kill him self? Now he has brought a bad name for his family and the little knowledge acquired is now wasted. We parents should be very watchful towards our children, especially in their relationship with friends

  56. He took life too hard on himself… I feel his pain but he shouldn’t have ended it that way, may his soul rest in peace.

  57. I don’t know why students forget the primary purpose of their existence on campus and decide to go into something else just because they are depressed. Suicide is never a solutipn to depression and challenges of life but is the express way to hell fire. This is a very wrong decision he took and he end up being a looser in life. It is assumed he lived a wasted life!.Parents really has a lot to do concerning their children.

  58. And why must he take his life, hmmmm, May his soul rest in peace. I don’t understand this duplicate

  59. What a pity, may his soul rest in peace, this will also serve as a lesson to other students that can’t do without drugs to desist from the act

  60. People should know this, there is nothing worth killing your self, for the facts there is life, there is still hope.

  61. I just can’t tell what the actual problem of some of our youths this days is that the are wasting their lives for nothing sake.

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