Unborn baby ‘wearing face mask’ in scan goes viral (Photos)

What could be more surprising? A mother-to-be was left stunned after scan appeared to show her unborn child a wearing a face mask.

This was days before she tested positive for Covid-19.

34-year-old Samantha Spicer, was nervous to attend her 12 week scan but her worries soon turned to giggles when the scan appeared to show her unborn baby wearing a mask in the womb.

Days later, the mobile hairdresser tested positive for Covid-19 and whilst they initially thought the photo was just a light hearted coincidence, Samantha said she now feels the unusual photo had a deeper meaning.

She explained:

‘It felt like a sign from baby telling me she would be safe. We joked she was wearing her mask to protect herself from me and it helped me keep calm.’

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