UN laments over increased Boko Haram attacks, withdraws 260 aid workers

The United Nations (UN) who lamented over increased Boko Haram attacks in the North-East region of Nigeria, has withdrawn 260 aid workers.

UN laments over increased Boko Haram attacks, withdraws 260 aid workers lailasnews

The UN who lamented over the increased Boko Haram attacks which according to them has affected its humanitarian service delivery in the troubled region, added that more than 30,000 people had arrived in Maiduguri from Baga following the Boko Haram’s attack on the town.

United Nations Humanitarian Coordinator in Nigeria, Mr Edward Kallon, who released a statement confirmed that they have withdrawn 260 aid workers from the region, maintained that the upsurge in violence in the country’s North-East region that had caused tens of thousands of innocent civilians to flee their homes.

241 women and children rescued from Boko Haram captivity (Photos)

The statement read in part:

“Clashes on December 26, 2018, between Nigerian government forces and non-state armed groups in Baga town, on the shores of Lake Chad, about 200 kilometres north of state capital Maiduguri, triggered the massive displacement, with most women, men and children converging on already congested camps for internally displaced people in Maiduguri or Monguno town.

“A subsequent attempted attack on Monguno on December 28, 2018, has exacerbated the situation, generating further displacement.”

“30,000 internally displaced people have arrived in Maiduguri, mainly from Baga, in recent weeks. The majority of these people have arrived since December 20, 2018, often after arduous journeys with young children. These people include an estimated 20,000 internally displaced people who have arrived in Teachers Village camp in Maiduguri, stretching the camp’s capacity beyond the limit.

“Some 260 aid workers have been withdrawn from three local government areas (Monguno, Kala/Balge and Kukawa) affected by the conflict since November, affecting the delivery of humanitarian assistance to hundreds of thousands of people.”

Newport also reported that Kallon who visited Monguno and Teachers’ Village camp for internally displaced people in Maiduguri, said;

 “The impact of the recent fighting on innocent civilians is devastating and has created a humanitarian tragedy.”

“It is heart-wrenching to see so many of these people living in congested camps, or sleeping outside with no shelter. Civilians continue to bear the brunt of the conflict and the United Nations is extremely concerned about the impact that violence in north-east Nigeria, especially in Borno State, is having on civilians.”


  1. How could a country Nigeria, the giant of Africa could not stop this wicked group called Boko Haram and they are busy terrorism everywhere in the northern part of the country. Nigerian should find a means of stopping such nonsense period

  2. The rate of blood shed in Nigeria is just too much…. God help us all, I fear we are no longer safe in this country.

  3. Though the withdrawal is affecting the humanitarian service going on in the three local government, I still think they are justified because no one will like to risk his life. Our government should try and do something to salvage the situation.

  4. I pray God intervenes in this Boko Haram saga. I hope it won’t escalate more than this and spread to other regions.

  5. Please it is time they put a stop to those terrorist so that peace can reign in our country…the fear of the unknown is too much

  6. Now I think its time for the un to intervene, this is out of hand this government can not clean out boko haram.but I wont blame them for withdrawing their team.

  7. That is too bad for this country, may almight god protect every one of us from bokoharam people’s

  8. Let us all continue to pray for this country is behond human feeling only God can save us

  9. This very bad
    This issues of book haram
    Is getting serious ooh
    I pray their should be peace in Nigeria

  10. The withdrew their aid workers for them not to die for another persons problems, Boko Haram issue is getting out of hand in this country, may God help us.

  11. Why can’t Nigeria Government wake up to the reality and flush out all those responsible for this dreadful terrorist. Drastic measures should be put in place.

  12. Boko haram are not stronger than Nigeria army, they are not trained like Nigeria army, so I believe they will soon be a forgotten people in Nigerian

  13. The annoying part is that our government are not even ready to do something with their power to stop the Boko Haram sect in totality. God protect us in this country.

  14. Some people are still having the same pain they had in the past (civil war) now… God deliver them.

  15. And still the federal government are claiming that they are spending fortune to check the activities of the Boko Haram with no avail. I believe they lack the technical abilities to tackle these terrorists, or does heading the units working to wipe out these sect are not taking their job so seriously.

  16. I don’t know why this northern governors and traditional leaders will not do something about this boko Haram issue. Look at what it have caused Nigerias.


  18. Many lives has been wasted ever since boko haram entered nigeria. Well we are looking up to God to protect us from the evil one.

  19. At amaze me how this group of people called boko Haram are still in existence. Are they more power than the federal government? Or is this federal government benefiting from the existence

  20. to think that the reason why we allowed this current government was to end Boko Haram
    Look at us today
    This should teach us that we can’t negotiate with terrorists
    The fact that civilians are the victims at the end of the day is disheartening
    God save us all

  21. Why can’t Nigeria Government wake up to the reality and flush out all those responsible for this dreadful terrorist… God will help us

  22. And here we are with a government claming to have finished all the boko haram in Nigeria, they are going out next month.

  23. Boko Haram attacks is really too much, withdraws 260 aid workers is not the solution. It’s only God that can help us

  24. No body knows what to believe again , our government said they have been technically defeated now this report from the UN

  25. This news is not good for this country. This issue should be handled seriously before it gets out of hand

  26. no weapon fashion against us shall prosper in dis new year, so bokoharam back to sender, my God will eliminate u all in jesus name

  27. May God deliver us from these calamity that jas befallen our nation. I don’t have power to save, only God

  28. This is really bad for Nigeria,when will this end for heavens sake?may God protect us all and heal our land

  29. Instead of our Security aids to fight boko haram they are busy doing politics and playing with the life of the citizens and lower officer in the battlefield.. God is watching

  30. Me too am getting tired of this Boko Haram they should have stop all this day but I know God will show us mercy and render help

  31. Whenever I think about this Boko haram issue, I think about what exactly they want, why they are killing people like them
    God please save us from insurgency and insecurities

  32. The truth remains Boko haram are been sponsored by the government, if not so why is it that this government can’t bring this so called terrorist group down with the help of other country’s force.
    May God save us

  33. Its good they withdraw their workers. It’s said that heaven help those who help themselves. This nations Federal government are not even ready to fight against these people at all.

  34. What a sad story for Nigeria, this is coming so alarming and frustrating and the Government cant look for a way to end this menace

  35. This is really not good for Nigerians. At this moment that things are really becoming worse and the bokoharram keeps attacking everyday.I think UN should reconsider their decision

  36. Buhari knows what is happening and who they are . he is political and will never end , even terrorist gives their self break after they demand this one will nor finish

  37. you people should stop been bias most you mention names or the Boko Haram are not in existence before Buharis regime

  38. Insurgency is really depriving the country of many opportunities and its really affecting us as a nation. The government should intensify efforts in ending insurgency

  39. Come to think of this, we’re are this Boko Haram coming from that has increased their numbers? May God help Nigeria because it’s not funny at all

  40. They have done well to withdraw but they should put up all measures to create support for the Nigeria Soldiers at combating insecurity at the northern part of this country.

  41. This is becoming too much, Lord please intervene in our matter in this country.
    Hear our cries and pleads and help us destroy all these insurgents

  42. 260 UN workers withdrawn.. Complaint and withdrawal of UN and their workers have shown that this bokoharam saga is no longer just affecting Nigerians alone, even international communities like the UN are now suffering from it.. This is painting Nigeria in a bad way and very soon we may not get so much community service and help from the international communities again if the government doesn’t declare this bokoharam issues in the not a state of emergency.

  43. If they withdraw all their workers, who will bring relief materials ? Everyone is protecting their own. God please let this boko haram thing be gone in our country forever

  44. This government are saying lies, why will they withdraw the workers if without any reason, they will be telling us that they have defected them totally.

  45. War is not good for any country, wherever there’s war we pray for quick end to it, calamities of after effects of any way is better imagined than experienced,

  46. There are big politicians in this country who are sponsoring these guys.. It’ll be very difficult to stop them

  47. Who will not withdraw from these great volunteer work. See as help has gone from this people. And yet our government are doing nothing. God save your people from their menace..

  48. This is not a good development in the country…. God please save your children from this insurgency

  49. Hmmm! There is big problem in this country oo, UN making withdrawal of their force, is there still a way out of this troubles? God help Nigeria and Nigerians

  50. This is getting out of hand, the more they kill the Boko Haram the more they are terrorising the country….May God help us

  51. Oh dear country people make una dey watchful,now wey UN don dey retrieve my gun men back so make God help us

  52. these people have no heart, they destroy anything that comes there way. the government are even getting powerless

  53. Boko Haram, can only stop in Nigerian when this so called politicians turn from their evil ways because they are their sponsors. Mtcheeew

  54. May God help to keep our country safe from this Boko Haram threat is getting out of hand and our leaders are just there relaxing

  55. Tomorrow the military will come on air to give us story that they have invaded their territory. God pls end insurgencies for Nigeria.

  56. This boko haram insurgency is spoiling the name of our country, I don’t really know what the government are doing.. Now the UN are withdrawing aid workers

  57. I don’t really know the problems of all this Boko Haram, what is their gain in killing and the federal government since 2009 has nothing to do since then, I just pray the Boko Haram doesn’t wipe away The whole Nigeria has a whole, why won’t the UN withdraw their aid workers, the killing is too much

  58. Even the United Nations are getting tired of this boko haram and other insurgence in the North East. Nigerian Government should not relent in their effort to combat insurgence.

  59. This boko Haram killing is becoming something else the government and the military should act fast about this

  60. This is really serious and the government needs to do something urgent to fight the insurgency

  61. Is this country going to be like this and watch our own people dying in the hands of book haram this country needs serious cleaning only god can save us

  62. This Boko Haram people una no dey finish?this is becoming something else ooo may God help us in this country

  63. Is UN withdraws there troop, then we are in trouble. This boko haram thing is getting out of hand. God please save my country

  64. Many soldiers and civilians has lost their lives in this bloody group called Boko Haram. May Save His children.

  65. It is my sincere prayer that God should intervene in this Boko Haram issue. The killing is jist too much

  66. And this is how those who want to come and invest on this country will be running away because of Boko Haram issue

  67. Our government needs to talk this issue of dis insurgence serious…. O God will plead for ur intervention

  68. Nigerians need to pray for God to come help them. Please U.N should not leave Nigeria in a time like this

  69. That means in this country we are Not save at all,please the government should come to our aid so that people will not start running away from this country.

  70. Our government shall find solution this boko harm issue, God shall continue to protect in this country and deliver us from evil boko haram.

  71. Our leaders wouldn’t do anything about this attack their only care about their political ambitions and the money they are looting.

  72. That’s the intervention of fighting crime you should help the country to do, is withdrawn your workers that’s very bad

  73. The present gover mentioned told us that they have defeated Boko Haram.So what is this now.How about the funds taken from crude oil to fight Boko haram.The blood of the innocent that are killed daily, will surely cry out for judgement

  74. This country is turning into something else. I can’t believe FG can’t fight against this nuisance.
    May God help us

  75. And the government keeps singing that they have conquered boko Haram. Yet people are been killed daily

  76. This is not good at all .why cant the govermnent subdue boko haram? UN worker will have to leav so they dnt die in the process. Rip to the victims of Boko Haram.

  77. Why can’t Nigeria Government wake up to the reality and flush out all those responsible for this dreadful terrorist. Drastic measures should be put in place

  78. Security problem in Nigeria has to be seriously worked on . Our leaders should do something about this issues.

  79. Nigeria soldiers and UN aid has really tried but the menace keep getting tougher as a result of influence of political party.Politicians are our problem in this country

  80. Our government did not recognize the local Hunter, let us try them just six months if that will be solution to capture the insurgency

  81. I know that the FG has tried but the problems is increasing every day God is the only one who can deliver that Community.

  82. Truly the rate of insurgency in the North east region is increasing. And this is not good for Nigeria.

  83. yes the united nation are right the rate at which the so called boko haram are attacking is very much please the government should do sumtin fast

  84. Very shameful. With all the battalions, the Nigeria government should do something about this Book Haram insurgents.

  85. With all this now it seems that our government didn’t have power over them.
    If is Deno milaye now action upon action

  86. Honestly the gov’t needs to do more. It did not take the president how many days to dokent Ipob using python dance why can’t he sort for help if he is incapacitated

  87. Since UN is aware of the increasing rate of Boko Haram, UN is an international body. Why not use its connection to get an international help to fight Boko Haram . That’s some level of hypocrisy

  88. Hmm this Boko Haram issue is getting worse ooo please the government should do something good our soldiers are dying with no proper ammunition poor funding of the soldiers

  89. When will all this end,we really need to get means to fight Boko Haram,it really making the rate of insecurities high in our country,God pls help us

  90. This is so sad to hear about Nigeria so to say ,when people who are trying to help are complaining just know there are somethings that need to be sorted.

  91. That is really bad for Nigeria, when will this Book haram fight end in Nigeria for God sake?may God protect us all and heal our land in Jesus name.

  92. That is serious, humanitarian crisis will worsen government should act fast and help to bring an end to this

  93. This should not be the type of thing or story that should be said concerning our nation nigeria. This bokoHaram dont they get tired of this bombin and killings as it is not telling well of our nation.

  94. UN should not withdraw its aids instead think of another strategy that can make us win this war against humanities

  95. Let the government continue to deceive themselves. I only worry the loss of human capital in that region.

  96. This is serious and they have withdrawn the aid workers. May God save our dear country Nigeria.

  97. That’s so bad to hear ..well on the other side these boko haram people are still on ground they realy have back up o

  98. It only God that will save us in this Nigeria because I don’t know meaning of this shit they are all doing

  99. The incredible Increase of the boko haram is too bad. But God will intervene and fight for Nigerians for this terrible situation

  100. Let’s continue to pray for our dear country Nigeria. Government alone cannot curb this, we need God’s intervention

  101. This so bad that Nigeria president an army can’t do anything to stop them. Who ever is behind this will die

  102. That’s to say that these boko haram guys mean business which isn’t good for our country. God helps us.

  103. Boko Haram from religious to political, now we don’t even know the truth about them, but all we know is that they are causing more harm than good. God please us….
    My great country Nigeria the giant of Africa…

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