Ultimate love winner Kachi reveals how ex-fiancée Rosie aborted their unborn child (video)

Ultimate Love winners Kachi and Rosie have ended their engagement, barely one year after the show.

Rosie had revealed on Instagram Live a week ago that she and her fiancé Kachi has decided to end their engagement following a misunderstandings in their relationship and that they have contacted Multi-Choice following the new development.

In a new interview granted by Kachi, he claimed that Rosie aborted their unborn child while debunking claims made by Rosie, who said that she lost their baby through miscarriage caused by emotional trauma from Kachi.

Kachi said that Rosie bought an abortion pill from a pharmacy and used the drugs with the aim of terminating the pregnancy and that the baby was not miscarriage like Rosie claimed.

He also said that the baby was twelve weeks old before the abortion allegedly took place and that they were not in agreement to terminate the baby.

The reality star also said the reason why they didn’t move ahead with their wedding as planned, was because Rosie wanted to build her brand and that the organizers of the show did not give them time to know theirselves better.

Watch the video below.



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