UK model Naomi Campbell posted A video of her “Airport Routine”

Popular UK model Naomi Campbell has given the public on how her airport routine looks like.

Naomi Campbell shares plans for Africa as she clocks 33yrs as a model

The 49 year old actress shared online and it is not a rumor that the queen is really at the top of her game.

The video started in Nice as she landed at the airport to board a flight to Qatar. But, before she gets on the flight, she stopped in Duty Free as she decided to stock some snacks and magazines for the tour.

On getting to the plane, she cleaned the seat as she explained that is the first thing she does anytime shes’s on board.

This is what I do on every plane I get on,” Naomi says while scrubbing the back of the seat in front of hers. “I do not care what people think of me. It’s my health and it makes me feel better.” she said.

This made the woman beside her ask if her seat could be cleaned also, even though she didn’t but she gladly offered to share ted wipes with the woman.

She later put her own personal seat cover as she does everytime in the plane, even she changes them every week and handwash them at the hotels.

With the seat cover on, She can actually sit down and get to the next step, which is hydration. You’ve got to look after your skin when you fly and Naomi takes this step very seriously, carrying more beauty products in a sealed bag than most people purchase in an entire year, she said.

Lastly, after achieving all her plans, Naomi reaches the last step of her routine, which is simply just ignoring everybody else’s goddamn germs.

She said:

“No matter what plane you take, private or commercial, as the plane descends, people start coughing and sneezing,” Naomi says. “I just can’t. This is my protection from peoples coughing and sneezing.”

Watch the video below:

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