Ufuoma McDermott’s new movie ‘What Just Happened?’ hits cinemas in September

Nollywood actress, Ufuoma McDermott is set to release her new movie, ‘What Just Happened?’.

The hilarious comedy movie, which will be in cinemas across Nigeria on September 14, 2018 features some of the finest comedians and versatile Nollywood actors and actresses like Funny bone, Segun Arinze, Toyin Abraham, Mc Abbey, Mike Ezuruonye and more.

Ufoma McDermott's new movie ‘What Just Happened_’ lailasnews


The comedy tells the story of a Professor of Mathematics who returned to Nigeria after many years of living in the United States and trying to find a man.

The professor, Professor Ogborgbor, is a returnee from Los Angeles who thinks highly of herself. She feels because she is a professor she is better that everyone else.

She had taken up her brother’s offer for the position of a visiting lecturer at the University of Ibadan. But was dealt with in the Nigerian way when what should have been a one-hour journey from Lagos to Ibadan ends up being a disaster.

The entire movie is a testimony, which is being recounted in church.

Ufoma McDermott's new movie ‘What Just Happened_’ lailasnews 3


Ufuoma McDermott, herself, plays the lead role Professor Ogborgbor, alongside Afeez Oyetoro who everyone knows as Saka.

Jude Orhora played Leke; Segun Arinze played Efe the brother to the professor; Toyin Aihmaku played the Usher; MC Abbey played the pastor; Funnybone played the choir master. That’s already like a recipe for disaster. Ufuoma said about her cast:

I intentionally assembled an unusual cast; you don’t get to see the kind of cast in typical Nollywood films. For instance, nobody can dispute the fact that Segun Arinze is a damn good actor. I say to people that as much as I want people to laugh, I want people to leave the cinema after seeing my film, feeling satisfied.

It’s not enough for you to just laugh. I want to be taken for a serious filmmaker. I want to be able to refer to my films many years from now with no regrets whatsoever.

WHAT JUST HAPPENED took Ufuoma three years to shoot. Explaining why it took that long, Ufuoma said:

The idea of perfection for this movie was my husband’s. We had spent so much money shooting the movie and when it was ready it wasn’t what we wanted. I wanted to release it but my husband wasn’t in support. I said okay let’s just throw it online and make it into DVD.

He said “unless you want to keep it under your bed. This film is not leaving this house”. To be honest with you it took a toll on me. I was heavily pregnant with my daughter when we started shooting in 2015. We shot in and out of Los Angeles.

We had to go through many hitches. We had to drop some actors. We had to rewrite the scripts at some point. I am very happy that it is finally being released.”

What was it like shooting a comedy?

Ufuoma: I tend to respect a lot of comedy actors so much because it’s so difficult to make people laugh. It’s difficult to make light of your life.

Everything about us is serious now. I have never really played a comedic character. So yes it was a new challenge for my co actors and I on set. They were so hilarious that it was difficult keeping a straight face on set.

When we were shooting the church scenes, my goodness, we laughed so hard in fact at a point even MC Abbey asked us to regroup and shoot another day.

McDermott started a career in modelling before she discovered her talent for acting. Now her latest movie is a testament to her versatility in Nollywood.

“I never thought of acting professionally, she says. I was already modelling when I started acting. I think acting took the upper hand because it pays better.”

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