UCL Final: Chelsea and Man City fans clash with Porto police

Chelsea and Manchester City fans got into a violent clash with Porto Police last night ahead of their historic Champions League final.

Video footage shows a number of different skirmishes by the Douro river and supporters are said to have locked horns with the local police after the bars closed at 10.30pm.

English Fans have been arriving in Porto over the last few days for the Champions League final on Saturday.

There were no serious injuries sustained from the incident.

Manchester City face Chelsea in the Champions League final in the Estadio do Dragao on Saturday.

Only 16,500 fans are allowed to watch the match in the stadium, 33 per cent of the 50,000 stadium capacity.

One clip showed a chaotic scene with a number of people running across a road, horns blaring, whistles and yells disturbing the night.

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