Uche Maduagwu: A baby mama that wants to live large should go and work

Controversial Nollywood actor, Uche Maduagwu, has reacted to the call out post shared by Wizkid’s baby mama, Shola, yesterday.

Uche Maduagwu_ A baby mama that wants to live large should go and work lailasnews

Penning down a post on his Instagram page, Uche Maduagwu who stated that Davido and Wizkid belong to the same WHATSAPP group of “Responsible FATHER”, added that any baby mama who wants to live large should go and work.

He wrote;

@wizkidayo and @davidoofficial belong to the same WHATSAPP group of “Responsible FATHER”, may God give us God fearing “Baby Mama’s”…😃😃😃 Being a “Baby Mama” is not a BAD thing, its an opportunity to become a PROUD #mum to your child.💎 But Social media is not the most APPROPRIATE place to bring your complain to if you feel your “Baby Daddy” is not doing enough.👊🏽

No FATHER is ever PERFECT, but when he is trying his possible best to take care of his kids, a God fearing BABY mama should Appreciate.🍎 I’m so ANGRY right now, because I’ve known @wizkidayo for a very long time now as a #FRIEND, and even before he became a #FATHER, he always take good care of other people’s kids, buying them gift 🎁and even paying for the #EDUCATION of some,✏ tell me, such a man, wouldn’t he go an extra mile to take good care of his own children?✈ I’m the biggest Actor,🎬 i hate it when people rubbish other people’s image in public. A “baby Mama” that wants to live large like Dangote should go and WORK.😃

We reported yesterday that Wizkid’s first baby mama, Shola wrote about her ordeal at the hands of the popular singer. This recent explosive release made it seem as if a cordial relationship between Wizkid and his first baby mama Shola Ogudu, is not in sight.

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Shola, took to Instagram to accuse the singer of not caring about her son. while stating that she will no longer be labelled a “Money Hungry H*e”.


  1. you should shut up if you don’t know what to say. issues between men and women should be left strictly between them. busybody!

  2. I think it has gotten to a stage where I’m not left with any option than to believe that this guy Uche is always high on some cheap drugs. Did you read that part where Sola said she secured an endorsement deal for her son and wizkid had told her to drop it that he has tons of endorsement lined up for the guy and none ever came??? Uche, you must be suffering from the effect of those cheap drugs and that’s why you are not seeing things as presented. Who made you a judge in other people’s matter? did you just call yourself an actor? you are more of sm commentator than an actor cos the highest role you’ve ever played are the waka pass roles. You’re so broke you don’t have enough money to buy enough data that will enable you read Sola’s comment to the end! Idiota! Go get your brain assessed; go and marry or father a child before you open that your gutter in public!

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