Uche Jombo speaks on sexual assault in Nollywood

Popular actress, Uche Jombo, has spoken on sexual assault in the Nigerian movie industry, revealing that she was once a victim of the abuse.

Uche Jombo speaks on sexual assault in Nollywood lailasnews

The respected filmmaker made this known during an interview with HipTV while speaking on the widespread allegations of sexual assault on upcoming actresses. She said;

“I’ve been in that kind of situation twice during my starting days,” she said. “I rehearsed for almost two weeks only to come next and find that someone else was reading my role because I declined the request to ‘see me’ (for sex).

I wept seriously, I was hurt but four to five years later, I made it big.”

Explaining how she survived and maintained her stance at the time, the 39-year-old actress said,

“It is personal integrity. In my days, we move on when we’re denied opportunities for refusing to give in to s#xual demands.

Sometimes, it’s your individual strength, drive and process that matters. What takes some six months to accomplish might take others six years. Are you ready to wait for your time or you just want a shortcut that leads to no long-lasting opportunity? If you want the shortcut, chances are that there are people willing to give it.”

She further went on to say that people who engage in such acts should be called out explaining that this would force Nollywood recruiters and opportunity givers who indulge in such acts to “be humans again”.


  1. Truly is what one has made decision to do that they will definitely do…. Sexually assault is for those that already has it in mind to do as a price to pay for their fame… Can’t be force in public life…

  2. Yes, do not let anyone intimidate you for anything at all, always do what you know how to do best and be focus, have sex with him might not change anything in your life

  3. Yes, do not let anyone intimidate you for anything at all, always do what you know how to do best and be focus, have sex with him might not change anything in your life, because what belongs to you will always be yours

  4. Thank you for taking your stand despite the pressure,i doubt girls of nowadays that wants to join nollywood can be this patient when they are being faced with sexual assault

  5. I agree with you uche, women should be encouraged to speak out when faced with such challenges and and not give in to such sexual pressures.

  6. Those producers usually think without them they can’t have their way. That is why sexual assaults are alarming

  7. Very great job by the nollywood actress. I like the way she talked about it. Because sexual assault is becoming alarming

  8. That’s very true because most times you go for auditions you’ll be successful and then you’ll just receive that producer or director’s “see me” and when you refuse, you’re automatically not a good actress

  9. She is right o and coming from one who experienced this I think her suggestion should be implemented, instead of covering up the perpetrator, they should be called out

  10. So true, it’s happens everywhere, people are looking for ways to take advantage of people because they think they are in the position to give something.

  11. That is one problem with the entertainment industry…… Most of them wants you to use what you have to get what you want. I love your determination. Congrats on your success

  12. Seriously you don’t have to sell off your body to make it big in life, be patient, wait for your time, it will surely come, your integrity is very important.

  13. Congratulations for not using your body to become star, your believing in what will be will be has taken you higher in the industry. Upcoming artists should learn from you.

  14. ugochinyere chigozie wow this is very nice word I loved the world that mean if you are not engaged in sex movie in nollywood that mean you also make it so why you people are passing shortcut that if you do sex in the movie you will be star a med

  15. You are a brave woman……not all young upcoming actresses would be as brave as you are…,…I pray these words would sink into their brain

  16. The movie industry is a place that seeks to exploit ladies. It unfortunate but true. I don’t blame parents who insist on not allowing their daughters go into acting.

  17. Wow interesting I like the fact u are being so real.at least I have heard the truth from the real source

  18. it is bound to happen in the movie industry.
    especially in this era that we are living now.
    it wont be easy for those that dont love it

  19. This is true, it’s a good thing that you have taken out time to tell us about it. I think we will know how to fight our when it comes.

  20. I believe that this is how it is everywhere,if you need a job,see me. If you want to pass exams,see me. Its just sad

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