Ubi Franklin frowns at media about reports that his baby mama acting as father and daughter to their kid

The CEO of Triple MG record label, Ubi franklin has reacted to the viral reports of her baby mama acting as father and mother to their kid.

His daughter, Zanetas was celebrated by her mum on Instagram where he declared she has been serving as both father and mother to the child.

Ubi Franklin frowns at the media for misinterpreting the message passed by his baby mama as he explained being a father and mother to her daughter does not mean he is not doing his responsibility as a father.

He posted the messge above to mock the bloggers for twisting the messages from his baby mama.

He acknowledged her messages and declared anyone who read them with oure heart will know she meant no harm.

He wrote:

Zanetas Mum did not say I don’t take care of my daughter.

If you read up my post, it shows clearly that I don’t live in America and she does most of the work and doesn’t mean I am not doing my side of the pack.

When a woman says I do father and mother job meaning she is a single mother and lives far away and she does all the correcting from a mother and from father.

This doesn’t mean I don’t do my job as a father.

Anyone who reads well will see that her post meant no harm.


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