Uber driver’s wife breaks down as he’s convicted for raping customer

An Uber driver’s wife burst into tears after husband was convicted of grabbing a drunk customer and carrying her back to his car before raping her.

Muhammad Durrani, 38, forced himself on the woman and took nude pictures of her after he picked her up from a nightclub in Clapham, south London.

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Muhammad Durrani

He followed his 27-year-old victim out of the car when they reached her home and picked her up and carried her back to his Toyota where he performed a sex act before raping her.

Uber driver Durrani claimed the woman hugged and kissed him, then went back to the car and grabbed at him after stripping for sex. But the jury at Southwark Crown Court found Durrani guilty and Judge David Tomlinson refused to grant bail to the rapist.

The woman is reported to have been ‘very very drunk’ when she got into Durrani’s car.
She had been out with friends in London Bridge and Clapham before ordering the Uber taxi and had drunk around ‘six medium or large glasses of wine’ throughout the evening.

‘I remember thinking I was feeling quite drunk, I need to go home because I thought that was the safest option,’ she said.

The woman said she was ‘confused’ and ‘bewildered’ when Durrani picked her up and carried her towards the car.

‘I don’t remember anything being said, I just remember being scared’, she said.

She said:

‘I was obviously very very drunk, and he was the sober driver who picked me up and took me to the back of his car without my wanting him to.

‘He picked me up, he carried me to his car, I ended up in the back of his car and he performed oral sex and I didn’t remember ever giving any formal consent for that.’
‘The next thing I remember is just lying there. He moved my playsuit to one side and started performing oral sex on me.’

Durrani then asked if she would give him oral sex and lowered his trousers to expose himself.
The victim said she ‘kept her mouth shut’ and tried to move her head to the side as he kissed her.

She said she managed to escape after he became distracted and looked out of the window, jurors heard.

He backed off and that’s when I decided to put my playsuit back on. He got up looked outside the window as if to make sure that no-one was there.’

Durrani admitted having sex but said it was consensual after he succumbed to her advances.

He said:

‘She went into my car herself. She was right outside her front door. She hugged me with her own free will. I tried to avoid her a few times.

‘I tried to control myself for some time but how far could I have controlled myself?’

He claimed the woman was ‘making noises like she was enjoying it’.
The court also heard Durrani took pictures of his victim’s body and of them together.

He told police he deleted the photos because he was a ‘family man’ and his wife might find them.

Durrani, of Oakdale Road, Streatham, southwest London, gave out sounds of disbelief as he was convicted by the jury of rape and sexual assault.

His wife burst into tears in the public gallery and the court usher passed her a large box of tissues.

DailyMailUK reports that Durrani will be sentenced Southwark Crown Court on 10 May.


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