Two pedestrian killed by son of two policeman while driving after smoking drugs

Max Coopey hit Jason Imi, 48, and 61-year-old John Shackley with so much power as they crossed the street that they were tossed over the highest top of the vehicle and passed on immediately, an investigation heard.

The child of two cops told a coroner how he murdered two walkers while driving his folks’ Audi A5 subsequent to smoking smoking drugs with friends.

Max Coopey, who is 18 yet was an adolescent, had just finished through his driving test two months before the accident.

He was over the drug-driving breaking point for cannabis when he furrowed straight into Jason Imi, 48, and 61-year-old John Shackley on August 2 a year ago.

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The vehicle hit the partners, who were far from home on a work golf trip, with so much power as they crossed the street that they were tossed over the top of the Audi vehicle.

They gave up the ghost immediately they hit the ground.

Notwithstanding executing the two men with his vehicle, Mr Coopey, whose guardians Russel Coopey and Catherine were both cops, was just accused of drug-driving.

He was captured at the scene and found to have 3.3 mcg of cannabis in his circulation system – over the legitimate furthest reaches of 2 mcg.

Mr Coopey had been exhorted by Alison McCormick, the associate coroner for Berkshire, that he didn’t have to give the response to an inquiry presented by a legal counselor for Mr Imi’s family, Nicholas Hinchliffe QC.

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Mr Hinchliffe put to the youngster that he had been found to have cannabis and hints of the sedative drug codeine in his body sysem

The lawyer had asked: “Did you realize that sedatives were a calming found in your blood system?

“Did you realize that a blend of cannabis and sedatives can disable your capacity to drive securely?”

Mr Coopey stated: “I don’t need to address that question.”

Sarah Imi, Mr Imi’s widow, who had been with Jason for almost 22 years, also attended.

They were a couple of weeks away from their 18th wedding anniversary when he died and they had three children.

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The hearing continues.

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