Two lovers drown while ‘having sex in a river’ on new year, family blames mermaid

Two lovers reportedly drowned while ‘having sex in a river’ to celebrate the new year, and their family have blamed it all on a mermaid.

Two lovers drown while ‘having sex in a river’ on new year, family blames mermaid lailasnews

The two lovers identified as Charmaine Nyakata (21) and 17-year-old Munashe Nedziva, were allegedly having sex in Mayambura River near Prince Charles Dam in Seke, Zimbabwe, when the incident occurred.

While some believed that the man drowned while attempting to save his lover from drowning, the naked bodies of the lovers where retrieved by police sub-aqua divers and the clothes of the lovers were found on the edge of the dam placed on stones.

Two lovers drown while ‘having sex in a river’ on new year, family blames mermaid lailasnews 1

However Silvester Lafoti, Charmaine’s uncle who conveyed thoughts of the family in an interview, said the family suspected that the two were taken by a mermaid believed to be in the dam. This suspicion was backed by a beer bottle spotted floating on top of the water, before the lovers drowned.

”We have lost a girl who was so brilliant and was supposed to do her Upper Six this year, We are not sure of what actually happened, but from what we gathered from the people who were celebrating New Year at the place, we are convinced that the two were taken by a mermaid,” said Lafoti.

The family further claimed that the two had been taken by mermaid following findings that Charmaine’s body was found without her eyes, however fish mongers dismissed the suggestions saying fishes could have feasted on the body.


  1. That what they deserve….They die not even use swimming pool…They went straight to river to try new thing abi now mammy water as carry them.

  2. Its so unfortunate that these souls have been lost. I can’t wish them anything less than”May their gentle souls rest in peace”

  3. this is disgusting, having sex in the water!!! is a disgraceful act and condemnable. well, may their souls rest in peace. police can still carry on with the investigation to ascertain what actually happened.

  4. Funny people. Maybe they wanted to take their sexual satisfaction to the next level now see where it has landed them

  5. This terrible
    Having sex in the river
    And their have house this really
    Bad of them,
    May their souls rest in peace

  6. They have made a mistake now,why can’t them have someplace river is an open area,story for the lost.

  7. They should blame themselves. Of all places to celebrate new year they chose a river and was even having sex there. What happened to their house

  8. I must confess that no mermaid took anyone. Ectacy that eroded them and they flow to the deep waters. I feel for them though

  9. Having sex in a river dose it mine that they don’t have house this sound so funny is like Xmas spirit

  10. Nature is sweet to behold but not to be seen or taken for granted… Imagine their act on nature…. Why wouldn’t they be taken when they were polluting natural surrounding… Water side truly is meant to catch some fun and not to useless it with nonsense and polluted act.

  11. Hmm, are there homeless or what? What are there going to tell God, blessed new for that matter, having sex in the river.

  12. This is funny. Fish can remove the eye because its white. But if not for stupidity and lacknof morality, why will they be having sex in the river when they have house?

  13. The parents wouldn’t have to blame it all on a mermaid because inside river is not the only place to stay and make love

  14. Why would they be having sex inside water this is really bad some water don’t like anything dirty inside them.

  15. Chaii…wetin concern fish with raincoat . The should leave the mermaids out of this case oo. The happened to their bedroom?

  16. Some people can be crazy, can’t they afford to pay for a room,I believe their sins caught up with them.

  17. That is too bad for both of them, when dey have house den why dey can not do anything dey like dere instead of going to the river to have sex they are the one that killed them self

  18. Funny and stupid people.I don’t understand why you people didn’t you house or renting a now river that you guys like.that will is in peace

  19. This is a very tragic story.
    I’m will not judge hem because a lot of people have been doing the same thing after which they peacefully go back home. I think that’s how their end came because one thing must surely kill human

  20. Honestly they deserve it, what they did was dirtiness to the river. So it could made the mermaid of the dam to be angry.

  21. This is not the act of fish. Firstly, they were having sex in the River which may be against the River’s rules/likes. Secondly, it may be that the River collects sacrifices of human blood every year, unfortunately for them, they went it first and were taken. RIP to the deceased…

  22. Of all places to have sex na inside water sweet pass abi,they got what they deserved,sin that lead to hell and it will welcome them

  23. People should take precautions when taking their sex exploration to another level, especially having sex in a river and be a good swimmer while at it.

  24. Why will they even got the river to have sex don’t they have home if a man would know how to toast a lady to the extent he can have sex he should at least have a room and now they have gone may they rest in peace

  25. That saves them right
    They didn’t even go to swimming pool or hotel to have sex nonsense
    Rest in peace

  26. wonders shall never end,sex in d river .crazy adventure.those who still desire such should be careful

  27. Some people could do something that I can’t just imagine it’s their destiny sha

  28. Having sex and died funny really funny in a river anyway i cant judge let their souls rest in peace while they go answer to God what brought them to hell or heaven if at all…God have mercy on them

  29. This is so bad why would they even be making love near the river well stop blaming the mermaid cause it’s there fault don’t they have home n beside it’s illegal sex too

  30. Mermaid didn’t do anything… They left other places and decided to sex in the river in the first day of the year and they eventually got what they were looking for.

  31. Some people are just funny. It doesn’t make sense to have sex in the river all in the name of celebrating the new year

  32. A very crazy way to celebrate the new year. Well, this is a lesson to others who find pleasure in filty acts.

  33. Amidst of all places,they found comfort in the river..what a crazy people..let this serve as a lesson to others

  34. while will they do it in a river, imagine the girl is just seventeen please parent we should be very observant.

  35. I believe they want to try something new and in the process they experience what they never thought could happen. Wisdom is needed.

  36. So houses have finished for them to now be having sex in a river, they got what they wanted. I think it was actually mermaids that killed them because mermaids don’t like for the river to be defiled. This should serve as a lesson to others.

  37. Ehyaaaa… allow the family to believe what they want and grief however they can jho
    Rest In Peace to them… this will serve as a lesson to others..

  38. Crazy how can u be having sex in river day time when people can come around, which spirit enter them.

  39. Nature is sweet to behold but not to be seen or taken for granted, Imagine their act on nature, Why wouldn’t they be taken when they were polluting natural surrounding. Water side truly is meant to catch some fun and not to useless it with nonsense and polluted act.

  40. It’s so unfortunate, why will they go to the river to have sex? Now they are gone just like that

  41. Of all places having sex in the river doesn’t make sense. And attributing their death to the mermaid also doesn’t make sense

  42. Well i don’t think it’s mermaid that causes their death after all a lot of people do have sex in the river.
    Maybe they’ve been overpowered by the power of love

    • That is so bad not even a pool. What if the girl take in from them and produce something deference? May they soul rest in peace.

  43. Heaven help those who help themselves since they have no other place to celebrate their new year except inside river not just inside the river but also making love inside the river well may their soul rest in peace.

  44. What happened to their house, their bathroom, the swimming pool? No they did not see them .it’s the river they saw. Now see what the said owner has done to them.

  45. The mermaid should not be blamed for this since they couldn’t see other place to be than in the river

  46. So what love has cause them now instead of dying where they will be seen early is giving out there body to fish to feed on

  47. Youth exuberance…they want to explore in so many places.Mermaids eat people’s eyes,, interesting.

  48. Was there no other place for them to have sex. If they were really taken by the mermaid she did well coz dey lack respect for themselves.

  49. Having sex in the river to celebrate new year, hmmm see senseless talk because they don’t have a home or no hotel to go, they to do it
    there because they are minors and why are they disturbing the Mair maid too.

  50. Great lost to their family, the wouldn’t have gone to the river for celebration though , any RIP.

  51. Lolz!! What happen to their house, hotels ? Must they have sex in the river…..hhahaha , I think I need to try d river sex thing

  52. Their case is critical, why can’t they use an hotel if they can’t use there house. May their soul rest in peace

  53. Their case is critical, why can’t they use an hotel if they can’t use there house. May their soul rest

  54. They were having sex in the river to celebrate new year, which new year? they are not serious the reason why people can have sex anywhere and anytime is because they dont know that its sacred.

  55. No body should blame mermaid for their drawning, is water the right place to have sex, making of love should be at a condusive place, why should they go to the river, may be they are trying to challenge the mermaid spirit.

  56. The family should leave the mermaids. Did the mermaids drag them to the river bank? They died out of stupidity that’s my take.

  57. Imagine,what is a young girl of 17,doing having sex at the river side! The rate of moral decadence is alarming.

  58. Well it’s a pity they died that way. Why sex in the river (dam)? Wrong place wrong time. What happened to the bedroom or hotel room.

  59. It amuses me the weird things people do at times. What will make them go to the river to have sex bikonu or they dont have a house anymore?? And to even imagine that the girl is just 17 years old

  60. It hard to jump into conclusion right now because it sounds somehow weird. Must they have sex near the river I think it is their time

  61. This is sad, how can having sex beside a river ,they should have go to an hotel, may their soul rest in peace.

  62. Why having sex in the river,what happen to hotels or their houses?may their soul rest in peace

  63. They should stop blaming the innocent mermaid.I dont know when a river turn to a place for sexual intercourse

  64. Thou is a sad one , but this will serve as a lesson to others, you have house, hotels, that you can go to have fun why river?. it might be Mermaid and it can also be fish.

  65. They should blame them for their foolishness rather than blaming mermaid maybe they are homeless anyway

  66. Hmmm …two lovers not married
    Committing fornication in the river…
    That’s very bad… Which manmaid..
    They paid for their sins instantly
    May their gentle soul rest in perfect peace

  67. What do you expect other than drown, this is very absurd, having sex inside river that’s too funny and odd to hear. That’s how they chose it. Bye bye

  68. When an incident, no one knows what really occured. If the lovers were really having sex in the river to celebrate new year, then it is a childish thing to do.

  69. This is real insanity, what is the benefit of using river when you can stay in door and do what you want to do, that’s even having sex In public…. So sad

  70. How can they desecrate the dam since they know mermaid lives there? They shouldn’t have indulge in such act in the first place, RIP to them

  71. what a sad News at least they can use hotel even if they don’t want to use their house. May there souls rest in peace Amen

  72. River of all the places. The mermaid was on her own, now ur blaming her…lol… Rip to them, the families should leave mermaid out of this. What a shameful way to die

  73. This is absurd…what is the point of having sex in the river when you can have that in your home/hotel bathroom with more fun.

  74. Be it Mermaid or the goddess of the sea that serves them right
    At least people will learn from their misfortune

  75. Seen is believing those that see we believe and take some leason. It’s an example for us to lean

  76. What were they thinking to the extent of going to river to have sexual intercourse in the name of celebrating new year? Hmm! This one really weak me o.

  77. Well I am not surprised at all. I mean what were they expecting? There are places where such things like sex is not supposed to take place and when it happens, one shouldn’t be surprised of the consequences. Not that I agree with the family of the two lovers who lost their life by drowning but they should have know better. Must they have sex in a river? Sorry to say this but they brought it upon themselves. They caused their deaths. May their souls rest in peace Amen.

  78. Lol. Hide and sex games. Having sex to celebrate the new year. The act wasn’t blamed in their stupidity but on mermaids.

  79. that’s funny, and what even led them to having sex in a river, may their gentle soul rest in perfect peace

  80. Its either the guy was trying to be romantic, by taking the lady to a river, or they we’re hiding to catch fun.
    RIP to u too.

  81. The two sex freak are not well at all. Their mates are thanking God for making them see the new year they are having sex in a river.. What was their motive, to seduce the mermaids of the river or what.. They should continue with the sex in the land of the dead

  82. Which mermaid took them?? That’s what they got since having sex in the river is what they do while others were in worship places thanking God for cross over

  83. New year sex don over good for dem b dat na, as dem feel say all d ones wey dem don do for auz no do dem again. Anyway rest dia souls.

  84. the family should not blame any mermaid, what took them to a river,may there soul rest in peace

  85. Even if a mermaid dwells in the river and is responsible for their death, what they did is shameful why nitro it at home

  86. Why having sex in the river when hotels are there even if they can’t stay at home. May there souls rest in peace

  87. Why will they be having sex on the river of all places may they soul rest in on though people should desist from that

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