Two elephants run away from circus to play in the snow in Russia (Video)

Two elephants ran away from a visiting circus in Yekaterinburg in Russia to play in the snow, leaving residents shocked.

The two elephants; 45-year-old Carla and 50-year-old Roni, were part of an Italian circus passing through the city on its way to St Petersburg before the huge mammals ran away, wandering around the city and rolling in the snow as trainers tried to round them up.

Two elephants run away from circus to play in the snow in Russia (Video)

One of the elephants crossed a busy street and headed to a residential building to roll and cavort in the snow on Thursday after gently pushing a man across the street who tried to stop her by holding on to her trunk.

Carla and Roni were reportedly with the Togni family, one of the largest Italian circus dynasties still active today but while its troupe tried to load the animals into a truck to head to the next destination, they resisted and walked away. The circus said that Ranni loitered near the loading point but the more adventurous Karla decided to make a tour of the city.

The local circus said the two elephants — Karla and Ranni — belonged to an Italian company that ran a show in Yekaterinburg during the New Year holidays.

After playing in the snow, the elephant later responded to handlers who got a rope around its front legs, although it took it took about a dozen people to get her back.

“The elephants wanted to get some new experiences before a long journey, and they got them,” the circus commented.

Watch the video below.

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