Two Drivers arrested while planning to kidnap ‘wicked’ Boss’ Wife

Two drivers who were plotting the kidnap of their ‘wicked’ Boss’ Wife, have been arrested by operatives of FSARS who they contacted for arms.

Two Drivers arrested while planning to kidnap 'wicked' Boss’ Wife lailasnews

The suspects identified as Austine Anya and Emmanuel Okemayin, had arranged with some of their gang members to kidnap Mrs. Ijeoma for ransom but they were unfortunate as they were caught while still planning the sad act.

The two drivers who contacted one Awosola Adewale, gave him money to contact a native doctor and source for the arms for the operation while they still worked in the house in order to perfect the wicked act, also contacted some people for the supply of arms and an operational vehicle unknown to them it was the operatives of FSARS they contacted and they were eventually arrested on the day of the operation.

Parading the suspects before newsmen, Lagos State Commissioner of Police, Mr. Imohimi Edgal  who disclosed that the police received credible information that some kidnappers had concluded arrangements to kidnap a renowned businesswoman, Mrs. Ijeoma Eze- Okafor, said that directives were given to the FSARS operatives to infiltrate the camp and play along with them.

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According to the police boss, it took 10 days for the gang to plan and on the day they had planned to execute their plan they were immediately arrested. Upon interrogation, the suspects confessed and claimed that they had planned to kidnap the target because she was wicked to them.

Mr. Edgal said that the suspects will be charged to court after the conclusion of investigations.


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  1. No Matter their offences,they shouldn’t have done that, assassination is very dangerous, thanks to God that they were arrested.

  2. Kidnapping is very rampant these days and most of the time it’s people that you know that do the kidnapping. God help us all

  3. If you they think their boss is wicked, why not resign honorably to avoid this torture and disgrace. Kidnapping the wife wouldn’t even made the man kind, so why venture in it? Justice please.

  4. lol..these ones will regret getting involved in such. by the time the police is done with them, they will understand what it means to be punished. no matter how ‘wicked’ whoever you work with is or their partner is, is not enough reason to kidnap them. this one as well might make the victim to be rethink their decisions concerning the way they treat others under them

  5. It is actually not good to be cruel to domestic staff…but no matter how good you are to some of the them…the devil in them still surfaces.

  6. This life sha, why would they do such, if truly their Boss is à wicked man does not give them the right to plan such evil. It’s better they quit than planning evil

  7. Why will their boss be so wicked?
    Wickedness or not that is not an excuse. Since they knew their boss is wicked, they should have just resigned from their job…

  8. Can you imagine , this is how GOD want to punish and expose them , they plan his kidnap and go and meet FSARS officials for arms , nawa ooo

  9. They don’t have any reason to be involved in kidnapping even if the suspect is devil now they will pay dearly for their involvement

  10. Thank God they were caught before they were succeeded in their plan, but this will serve as a lesson for the wicked bosses out there

  11. This is bad even if the boss is wicked to them they shouldnt have plan to kidnap his wife thank God their evil plan exposed

  12. Whether she’s wicked or not you don’t av any right whatsoever to kidnap her. That should face the consequences

  13. That’s not enough reason to kidnap someone. They should be taught a lesson. You can as well walk away if you don’t like your boss

  14. No smoke without fire! She can’t just be wicked without a reason…well, is good they were caught on time.that serve them right..

  15. Wicked boss wife or not . These people are ignorant of law . And there is nothing like ignorance in law . They should be charged

  16. Is it the wife that to be blame of the husband? To me its the husband. Why will you be very harsh to your workers not that they steal your things. Its better you change bcos today its your wife they are planning, tomorrow it maybe your self or your children. So be very careful o these people are not having mercy o. No mercy.

  17. This should be a lesson to all boss out there that it pays to be good and to the criminals, it will have been better to leave than hurting your boss.

  18. If you think your boss is wicked, why not report his ordeal to the relevant authorities rather than take try to implicate yourself.. Due punishment should be given to them

  19. They’ve gotten what they deserved. Instead of quitting they job they resort to kidnapping. they are even more wicked than their boss

  20. This is a wicked world how can they be planning to kidnap there boss wife just because she is wicked to them , please let them face the consequences, they should not be release like that, because of another time.

  21. If you think your boss is too strict or wicked, just resign honorably instead of planning evil acts. But get another job before you resign.

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