Twitter users reveal how their parents “uprooted” them to another country without warning (Video)

Twitter users reveal how their parents "uprooted" them to another country without warning (Video)

A Twitter user, Ozzy Etomi, shared a video revealing how some African parents ‘uprooted’ from their homes and country to another country as children, without their permission.

Ozzy Etomi shared a video of a lady being told she and her family are moving to America the next day without any prior notification.

LMAO how many immigrant children were uprooted suddenly with no warning and moved to another continent??

Watch the video below.

See reactions from some Twitter users who share the same experience below.

Me. My mom dismissed all my tears and emotions. Asked me if I live my life for SAfrica. I was only 16Loudly crying face – @neneoooooooo

my parents flew into lasgidi the day before and told us as we were going to bed that tomorrow we’re leaving to visit Canada for the holidays… guys i’m still holidaying o – @Iambija

🙋🏾‍♀️Face with tears of joyFace with tears of joy Mom didn’t even reveal our real destination until we got on the plane. She said to me (10) and my brother (13) I’m leaving your dad and taking you to America. Now’s your chance to say no, and I’ll send you back. We were like, what??? Please, buckle your seatbelt let’s go! – @UjuAnya

This was me , I was home on midterm break during JS 1 and was spending it at my grandma place in Lagos island, mumsie just pops up from yankee .a week later we were in the states. – @AnnaDols1

I find out I was moving mid school year while overhearing my parents having a convo with friends at a new years function. i was 14, we were in London for the holidays. i was basically back home to pack and off to a new country within 2 weeks. The trauma chile. – @LalaUO

“We’re going for summer to visit my sister in Canada.”A week later, in a new continent! 4 yrs now, I’m graduating this year! Only time I went back was to bury my beloved mom; Immigration at MMIA wanted bribe, old, sick men hit on me during my mom’s funeral. NOT going back soon! – @iSERVE2050

LMAO!!! Ozzy my parents sent my cousin to pick me up from BOARDING SCHOOL half way through the term and the very next day I was on a flight to Canada! I have never been so confused. Talking about we’re going to do our PR. SMH
(Doing it to Rayne too sha. Kids talk too much) – @Imoteda

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