Twitter users narrate strangest way they found out their friend was wealthy

Twitter users narrate strangest way they found out their friend was wealthy lailasnews

Some Twitter users have taken to the social media platform to narrate the strangest way they found out their friend was wealthy.

Many people like to keep their wealth under locks, and it might be a bit hard for friends to discover if their mate is rich or not – in exception of the show offs.

This is a common experience, and social media users shared their weird experiences. See below;

@Thergha1: Saw debit alert on his phone and opened it…thoughtt it was a mutual who sent him the message …

Took me to his own house later than week..
And man..i was wowed

@welustic: Met bro at work where we were doing IT. We discussed about video games. I told him i was a fan. He was like we should get together and play sometime. The day I went to the house to play game…na DSS (then SSS) showed me into the building. The TV was the biggest I had seen at the time and after the gaming session police escort dropped me directly in front of my door

@callyswitchintl: He bought a subscription for his Dstv while he was at my place, then gave me his phone to set up his mt4! Boom alert came and bross has MILLIONS. I’m not taking 100million o. Acted like I didn’t see it, two weeks later I gave him a business plan and we both milked it 😝

@theREDNigerian: Told me she was traveling to the UK on Thursday for a college interview on Friday. She was in church on Sunday. I was shook man. How you go travel for two days plis? Her father was minister of Petroleum though

@midastorm: A couple of us wanted to charter a boat to a popular resort, boat was more expensive than we bargained for. We were thinking of cancelling. Man just said he’d foot the bill. We all looked at each other like 😳😳😳

@phalanxhoplite: Had this quiet Iraqi guy in my class, who always had trouble with speaking English, so was always helping him with explanations and assignments, always giving me money, for taking care of his assignments for him only to find out he was from Erbil, and was an Iraqi diplomat!

@kingtobbie: Back in uni playing FIFA, a guy was running his mouth at everyone, my friend was angry so he asked the guy to bet 50k, opponent said ok, man went into the room and brought out £50k, mainwhile his opponent thought he was saying 50k Naira, went back to LDN from Manchester humbled

@diamondmayor: We were in the room together n she got a call from a friend n from the conversation I could tell her needed a quick loan,n she was like how much,”oh ok 5 abi? N you’ll send it back tomorrow? Ok!” Next thing babe turned to me n said… “Do you know if I can transfer 5million naira through bank app? I usually don’t do such transaction over the phone”
I was like 🥴😲 excuse me whaaaaart?

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