Tunde Ednut was deported from the UK over fraud – Oyemykke

Social media commentator Oyemykke has finally dropped the bomb he promised to drop earlier yesterday and he has alleged that stiff enemy, Tunde Ednut was deported from the United Kingdom for stealing.

If you recollect, Oyemykky had been mocked by Tunde Ednut, for allegedly being bounced at Wande Coal’s concert, on Sunday, in London.

Tunde Ednut was deported from the UK over fraud - Oyemykke lailasnews
Tunde Ednut was deported from the UK over fraud – Oyemykke

After a video of the commentator surface on the internet, Ednut had written on the incident:

‘THEM BOUNCE AM COMOT!!! Some people only have levels only on Social Media. You dare insult Cuppy and think Cuppy no get level everywhere? These are Cuppy’s people doing the show you wanna gate crash.

How can you enter??? Coupled with that, he didn’t buy ticket. That’s how he insulted Banky W the other day and got away. You can’t do that with Cuppy. She’s a WOMAN with levels…. Days after telling Cuppy to quit music, man kicked out of Wande Coal’s concert.

Oyemykke however opined that being bounced from a concert is far better than being bounced from the U.K for stealing, while adding that Tunde is currently an illegal immigrant in the U.S.

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  1. Now this fight is getting really dirty . Stuffs like this are not meant to be exposed on a social media . Oyemykke can’t be bounced from his own show . Confirm info before disseminating , don’t disseminate because u are not cool with someone . That’s the case of oyemykke and Tunde Ednut

  2. two wild mouths on instagram bashing themselves. they should continue, they both fit each and i wouldnt want to say much about these two cos they both have a way the insult people on their page which is very unacceptable

  3. This is just the prelude and the act 1 scene 1&2 I can’t wait for the rest
    Biko you guys should just settle your differences

  4. All these people in the entertainment industry always beefing each other. That’s y it’s good to be clean In your record. Just imagine the embarrassment on Tunde Ednut

  5. Why all the hate and slander if you have personal differences why not look for a better way to settle it than looking for those that will side you.you guys are grown you should know that

  6. Well he course it so he bears it that all this are people spoiling the image of Nigeria and making us look bad to other countries.

  7. Entertainment industry is always full of such drama, but the two should rather use a mature approach to handle their differences instead of such childish behavior..

  8. Tunde has just messed himself up publicly as revealed by oyemka. It’s a shameful thing he is bound from the U. S.

  9. Fraudulent practices can’t be condoled I’m happy they deported him…next time he’ll never think of fraud again

  10. Must you people washing your dirty linen outside??? I advise you both look for reasonable and important things to do instead of all these.

  11. This is not news but gossip why are they blabbing saying who insult and who they didn’t insult what idleness can cause.

  12. Both of them were bounced,one from concert and the other for fraud.Tunde should mind the way he talks,insulting people is not the way to gain popularity.

  13. Both of you should be matured enough because all these issue both of are bring up, no body asked you. Be matured and leave your life on.

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