Trump’s ex-lawyer Michael Cohen gets 3 years in jail

Donald Trump’s ex-lawyer Michael Cohen has been sentenced to 3 Years in jail after pleading guilty to crimes related to his work for the President.

Trump's ex-lawyer Michael Cohen gets 3 Years in jail lailasnews

Cohen is the first member of Mr Trump’s inner circle to be jailed over the special counsel’s inquiry into alleged Russian meddling in the 2016 election.

He has pleaded guilty to multiple crimes including campaign finance violations, tax evasion and lying to Congress.

Though Cohen lashed out his ex-boss in court, he said;

“Today is one of the most meaningful days of my life. The irony is that today I get my freedom back.”

He made specific references too;

“Blind loyalty to this man led me to choose a path of darkness over light.”

“I take full responsibility for each act that I pleaded guilty to …” including those implicating the “President of the United States of America.”

In addition to the sentencing, he was hit with forfeiture of $500,000, restitution of $1.4 million and a fine of $50,000.

Cohen pled guilty to 8 federal charges in August, including 5 counts of tax fraud and 2 campaign finance violations the latter of which related to his $130k hush money payment to Stormy Daniels leading up to the 2016 election.

He will serve that term concurrently with a two-month sentence he was given for lying to Congress about a possible Trump Tower project in Moscow, a charge leveled by Special Counsel Mueller.


  1. It’s a pity, when you fall out of favor, if she feels what she did was no betrayal then let her conscience be her guide

  2. Well a lawyer to do this act is unfair, he is train to defend the law and he went against the law

  3. This shows that the president of the united state of America his hands are not clean he have some illegal thing he is down underneath

  4. Most of the media giants in America are against Donald Trump. This kind of development will be advantageous to them.

  5. Yeah he made mistakes and he was sent to jail, this will never happen for nigeria everything will be resolved silently

  6. This shows that the president of the united state of America his hands are not clean he have some illegal thing he is down underneath that is how a good country act unlike Nigeria

  7. Ouuhh…too bad…this evil past has caught up with him. .that’s why I love americans…Nigerians would have ruled the case over long since

  8. When it is time truth will come out ,This shows that the president of the united state of America his hands are not clean

  9. Such a transparent nation things are not suppose to go wrong…
    Nevertheless thank God for justice been carried out.
    What a sow he shall reap

  10. Such can’t happen in Nigeria, only the poor go to jail while that of the rich ll be resolved amicably without even our consent. I love developed countries

  11. She betrayed the president of the United States of America. His lady is mean. But let president becareful with the rest of this inner men…

  12. No one is above the law. Its only Nigeria that respect personality. Thank God there temp justice with Mercy.

  13. America is known for strict laws …no respecter of anybody…he got what he deserved….a lawyer going against the law? Not cool..enjoy it stay in prison cell.

  14. Does it mean Trump has been holding him hostage indirectly all these while ???? Ibthink there are more things involved

  15. No matter who you are when found guilty you face your punishment, no one is above the law despite he is lawyer, he has to face his punishment

  16. Hmmm, if we have such a government in Nigeria
    Walahai, there won’t be partiality.
    But, Trump should not be rigid always

  17. I used to believe america is a always a centre of justice until the case of jamal kashoggi which makes me to change my thought for USA but either he is guilty or not law had proven itself.

  18. That is how a country should be no one is above the law, I pray we can learn a lesson from the masters

  19. I alwys rep this country..they can deal with anyone nomatter how close or strong that person is.nobody is above the law.

  20. See d way dey stood on their ground regardless of his former position
    If it Nigeria nw dey will just cover everything

  21. This really shows that nobody is above the law irrespective of your status..let him face the consequences since he did not respect his personality

  22. He has pleaded guilty to multiple crimes including campaign finance violations, tax evasion and lying to Congress.That too bad of him. He is such a bad lowyer

  23. Any person that commits a crime deserves to be punished no matter who the person is.. Let him pay for his

  24. Trump has been implicated by Cohen statement then after such a long time the truth about Russia meddling or something close to it is out. At least America found out the truth with persistent this can’t happen in Nigeria my beloved country

  25. That’s a great country, if such things happen here they will cover it up with their stupid power, imagine president lawyer

  26. In America they don’t care about who you are. you break the law
    you caught
    you pay
    God bless America

  27. let them face the law. How can a lawyer that knows the law do such thing, even Mr President should get a tip of the punishment

  28. This is where the law knows no one. Everyone is equal. If it’s in Naija the story would have been different

  29. I dont believe Trump won this election fairly, The special council should investigate more and find out the whole truth about what happened during the elections in 2016.

  30. This will not happen here in Nigeria where are the politicians and Mr President hope they are seeing this its and example they should emulate from this weldone US government

  31. Nigeria oooo please learn from them, if it’s Nigeria they would’ve looked for any possible means to cover-up

  32. Who told you Trump did not win the election? and even though he did not, it is now you want them to investigate……… Active Rule of Law

  33. He should face the law . he is a law practitioner and he did contrary. I wish Nigeria will have a good system where negative things will trashed out

  34. This is good, this will serve as warning to other members of the inner circle. I wish this is to Nigeria, all the the members will be going to jail every day.

  35. well that’s great development that the president doesn’t support corrupt manners and the ex lawyer has taken full count of his actions.i hope this kind will be practiced in Nigeria

  36. I hope Nigeria judicai system can learn from this example. The president who is in power can not even help him now because he is not bigger than the country

  37. This is a country where the rule of law is observed. I wish Nigeria will be like this. It’s a pity for him.

  38. It is a pity when you fallout of favour. I hope Nigeria judicial system would learn from this example

  39. This is what I called integrity. No matter what, stand out for law, do not bend cause is your person. Treat everyone equally. That is Donald Trump not like Nigerian political power that some people are above the law.

  40. This is why I like Americans, they don’t take shit,even if his former boss is the current president of united States of America.

  41. That’s what I Called justice, that can never happen in Nigeria, the case will be swept under the carpet

  42. Someone taking responsibility of his bad behaviour is a sign of bravery, God will help you during your term serving

  43. na wa o a woman spending 3 years in jail no pity attol. wickedness of man no problem shall because God will give her strength to bear it

  44. Yes that is good dam lawyer, however she did good but sh have to follow his leader options because he is her Lord

  45. This is a bad news for the U.S president. Possible he would have made his ex – lawyer do some of those things

  46. Most of the media giants in America are against Donald Trump. This kind of development will be advantageous to them. That’s so serious what could he have done

  47. Imagine this United States are so far better,, president jail his lawers? I hope Nigerian gov nd judiciary can learn,, no one is above the law

  48. There’s no big deal I’m this oo.he committed some crime and was found guilty, so he should face the law….simple.

  49. What a shame. That’s the prize he will pay for taken bullets for crooked Trump. No hidding place for the fraudulent president.

  50. Well he has learnt his lessons in a hard wayespecially the part that borders on the fact that not everyone deserves our loyalty

  51. That is a crucial decision bt to the good of and to serve as warning to those who might want to toe the same lane.

  52. America is such a unique country in its own rights. One would not have expected such in a civilized country like America where an indicted would not even border

  53. This is a serious matter. This Cohen must have had a serious thought before deciding to face the law. I must say that he is courageous. People should emulate such courage, when it comes to accepting faults and paying for it.

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