True Life Story: Lady belittles classmate, regrets later in life

In what could be described as a typical Nollywood script, a man has taken to social media to narrate a true life story of a lady who belittled her classmate in University, but later regrets her action.

True Life Story: Lady belittles classmate, regrets later in life

The narrator of the incident claimed he has a close relationship with the parties involved and it is just a story that everyone could learn from, especially when it comes to believing in other people’s dream.

Read full story below:

Some years back. In 3rd year at UNIPORT dept of Accting. A lanky young lad asked a girl out during an excursion trip. She declined him because of her friends. And mocked him openly just to please her crew. Unmoved this guy in their 4th year asked her out again.

This time around it was during a party. She said, ” See Tony am NOT in your league. You are a good guy. Too good and cool for my liking. Am a wide girl with LIFE ahead of me. You are a book worm. Although you are a fun person. Moreover, am NOT your type. Am a big girl. I run with big boys”.

Tony, dejected walked away as the girl (lets call her Juliet) derided him with her friends. After graduation everyone went for NYSC. In 1995 after youth service, Juliet, being from a rich home, got an appointment somewhere in her dad’s company in VI Lagos Island.

She was indeed a a big girl. However, Juliet wasn’t getting younger. Pressure from family, age & society made her long for a better relationship. All this time her dates with the powerful & rich kids in her class wasn’t really giving her what she truly longed for.

A relationship NOT built around sex, money and status. She wanted a MAN. A true man. A man who would be TRUE to her feelings. Listen to her. A man she could be free to fart in his presence without being judged or scolded at. A man she can laugh with. Gossip with.

A man before whom she can be her original self Sometime in 1997, Juliet got a buzz from her personal Secretary:

Secretary: Ma’am kindly please there’s someone here to see you.

Juliet: See me? Who? Does he have an appointment? From where? What’s his name?

Secretary: Ma’am he says his name is Tony ****. Juliet: Tony???

Secretary: Yes Ma’am. He said he was your former classmate in school.

Juliet: Let him in. Tony was ushered into her office.

Tony: Juliet longest time Juliet: How are you? So what have you been doing with yourself, “Best graduating student of Accounting”? Any jobs? Or what???

Tony: Things hasn’t been that easy. Couldn’t find a job after NYSC. Despite many interviews yet NOTHING

Juliet starred at him. She could see the lines of frustrations on his cute & innocent face. She knows with her connections & influence she can get him a job right there!

Tony continues. “I just came to see you because I still have my convictions that you are my WIFE”. He continues, “I have this fully funded scholarship to go abroad with my WIFE and kids. Since, I have no wife or kids I thought you will give me a chance again.” Juliet was shocked.

Tony, she said, “Am sorry I can’t do that.” Tony shrugged his shoulders and stood up to leave. At the door he turned back and said, “I will always LOVE you Juliet”. 2004 April, Juliet was looking out the 10th floor of her office building when an SUV drove into the complex

One lanky guy swaggered out of the SUV & made his way into the building. He looked like Tony. But her mind quickly dismissed it. Tony? SUV? Looking nice and tushed up? She just laughed it off.

Then her intercom buzzed. “Yes?” She answered. “Ma’am a man called Tony is here to see you.” Juliet was confused. “Ehhhmmm…Let him in.”

Tony walked in with gaiety & a smile. Tony: Julie whatsup? Juliet: Am good. And you? Tony: Am good by God’s Grace. Juliet: I can see. So did your scholarship work out? Tony: Yes, infact I’m here to invite you for my house warming ceremony in Lekki. Its this weekend. Will you be able to make it? Juliet: Lekki? Hmmmm… You must be a big boy now. Ofcourse I will make it. Can I offer you anything to drink? Tony: No am fine. Glad that you will make it. He stood up and walked out.

Juliet couldn’t contain her excitement. This time, “I’ll say “YES” to his marriage proposal”. She said to herself. On Saturday Juliet was fully kitted to impress Tony. She arrived Tony’s house and was overwhelmed by the grandeur and opulence therein. “Wow! This would be my new home”

Tony met her at the door. Embraced her and introduced her around. Then he took her to a lady who was standing with a group of guys. “Baby, meet Juliet I’ve been telling you about. Juliet meet my WIFE.” The world just went dark before Juliet. “Did he say WIFE?”. This can’t be true

Juliet suddenly felt sick and giddy. She wanted to leave immediately. Tony asked what the problem was. “Am fine.” She blurted out. Staggered to her car and cried her way home…. This is a TRUE story!


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