Truck crushes pregnant woman to death in Ibadan

A truck reportedly crushed a pregnant woman to death in the early hours of yesterday, January 9, 2018 at Molete, Ibadan, Oyo State.

Truck crushes pregnant woman to death in Ibadan lailasnews

The truck crushed the lady whose leg slipped as she was about to cross to the other side of the road, and also injured two other men. According to eyewitnesses, the deceased and the men were trying to beat the oncoming truck by running across the road to the other side, but the pregnant woman fell in the process and was crushed to death.

The lady’s corpse has been evacuated and deposited in the morgue of the Oyo State Specialist Hospital, Adeoyo, by officials of the Federal Road Safety Corps. Onijala, a Deputy Route FRSC Commander, further disclosed that the driver of the DAF 85 truck which had no number plate, has been arrested and detained by the police.


  1. Ha she should have been patient for the truck to pass with other vehicles as to make sure the road is clear

  2. Hmm, what a pity for those people been killed and injured by the so careless man that drive the truck, I guess there was no brick on the truck initially if not the truck should have stopped before then. May their gentle soul rest in perfect peace

  3. May almight god protect every one of us from terible accident Nowadays, condoles to her family resurraction hope is certain for her

  4. This is really terrible. May her soul rest in peace and may God console all those left to mourn her.

  5. This is the simple reasons why its very bad to run while crossing no matter what patience should be exercised and the truck should have at least reduced speed if he sees people trying to cross

  6. What a painful incident. So sad. A pregnant woman for that matter how will her husband feel and her family members.

  7. Oh my God this is sad, what a grueling way to pass away. May her soul and that of the unborn baby rest in peace.

  8. We should apply caution and traffic rules must always be obeyed by both drivers and passerbys. This would have been averted. May their soul rest in peace.


  10. Tragic indeed
    May their souls rest in perfect peace
    That driver should not be allowed to go free though

  11. Too bad, what an unfortunate situation, may the gentle soul of the woman rest in peace, the woman is dead the unborn baby died, God have mercy.

  12. This is sad, may the soul of the deceased rest in perfect peace
    And may the two that are injured received quick healing

  13. Many drivers that uses the road does not under go any training, instead of road safety to monitor these, they will stand to take bribe. Such a peaty on road users. But is our leader.

  14. GOD should help us in this country , where are we always rushing to, may GOD give nigerians patience on the road , may her family family have the fortitude to bearher loss in JESUS name

  15. Oh my God! What a pity, what a painful death, may Her soul rest in perfect peace, and may Allah guide us all from bad happenings, and not witness such again..

  16. It’s so sad to have died a horrific death. We should be very careful when crossing the road. May her gentle soul rest in perfect peace

  17. So sad, but why on earth will somebody think of outruning a truck while crossing the road. We needs pedestrian bridges all over Nigeria.

  18. This is so painful please government should stop truck from operating in day time please,may her soul rest in peace

  19. What a painful dealth may almighty God always protect us ooooo……may thier soul rest in perfect peace..

  20. May her soul rest in peace, people should really endeavor to have patience while crossing the road where there is no pedestrian bridge.

  21. Jesus! Its too heartbreaking…. Two lives lost within a twinkling of an eye, so sad
    Rip to the deceased and I pray God help yhur family to bear the irreparable loss

  22. A sad news, i pray her soul rest in perfect peace and her family gets the fortitude to bear the loss

  23. This is a very tragic news for the new year.An innocent baby in the womb is also involved.Rest in peace to the lady.This might be a mother to some other little children. It’s indeed a pity

  24. Oh my God, how can she take such risks knowing her condition. Oh death.. Rest in peace. What about the baby?? It’s so sad

  25. Oh my God! what Kind of painful death is this. Who will the husband handle such news, his wife and unborn baby in one day, God please deliver us from horrible death

  26. Thst is the problem of most Nigerians, importance see now she lost her life and other are injured just cos they cannot wait for the truck to pass b4 they cross

  27. May God continue to protect us and family and deliver us from evil, may her soul rest in perfect peace.

  28. It’s a sad experience, that is why it is called accident. Though it could have been prevented in the first place, the lady tripping led to the accident if she had waited and not rushing to cross over. The driver should be arrested and explain why he drove a lorry without plate numbers. Let the dead rest in peace.

  29. All these truck drivers need to be careful when driving.. Their vehicles should be checked as well.. Sad

  30. OMG this is very sad to here, most especially the unborn baby who knows nothing, instead of coming to this world they’re sending the baby back

  31. Oh Lord!! First a truck without plate number, secondly over speeding, thirdly murder someone due to his over speeding. That’s a dubble punishment.. At least 50years in prison should be the least he should suffer.. Rip to the dead.. This trucks just don’t chill. They don’t wait at all.

  32. So sad! rip to the woman and the innocent child..Why do truck driver enter road without having a reliable break pad?

  33. May her soul rest in peace, she should have been a little patient since she’s pregnant on that matter

  34. what a painful death, may her gentle soul rest in perfect peace (Amen), had it been it’s possible I would have said trucks should be banned in Nigeria, the pains they have caused is too much, why?

  35. it’s so sad to hear this, the poor woman with her unborn child it’s very sad…The man that drove the truck should be arrested

  36. impatient see where it has landed her if she had waited for d truck to pass she wouldn’t have died

  37. May her soul rest in perfect peace but she should have waited till the truck pass before crossing

  38. chai, this is so sad, pregnant woman.. we need to be watchful on the roads because anything can happen.. sorry for the loss

  39. So sad double death May theutheir souls rest in peace as for the driver with nonplate number only God knows what the police will make out of him

  40. This is so sad. Most of this truck don’t have breaks in their vehicle. We should all be very careful when crossing the road. Rip to the woman n her unborn child

  41. What a terrible death. All this truck drivers that always behave like their head is not normal. May her soul rest in peace.

  42. May her soul rest in perfect peace Amen and may God almighty give the family the fortitude to bear this lose Amen

  43. Oh God,people should learn to be patient before crossing the road,chai may her soul and that of her child rest in peace

  44. Jesus! This is too painful. Both mother and unborn kids rest in peace. May God console the families for the loss

  45. May their soul rest in peace this truck people are not supposed to work during the day bcos of the way the kill is too much to bear innocent lady and her unborn child with two other people lost their life unknowingly the government must do something about this is getting too much to bear

  46. What’s wring with all these truck drivers they all ways tend to be losing control of the vehicle. May her soul rest in peace.

  47. This is so sad, they should have waited for the truck to pass, even her husband where are the rushing to? May her gentle soul rest in peace.

  48. May her soul rest in peace. And government should introduce a huge fine for anyone that killed someone on the way, maybe drivers would be driving with cautious

  49. very sad story to read many accident here and there in the world may God protect us and may her soul rest in peace

  50. So sad news. May her soul rest in peace. The truck driver should be mindful of people too while driving

  51. Jesus….. This is really sad…. But I can’t put the blame on driver because he was on motion, the woman should have wait to make sure the road is clear.. RIP…

  52. Kai,what a sad ending, the truck has succeeded in killing two souls.May their soul rest in perfect peace.

  53. They would have waited for the truck to pass before crossing the road, that’s impatient, may her soul rest in peace.

  54. What a tragedy. May their soul rest i peace. My condolence to the family they left behind.

  55. What a tragedy that befell the family at the beginning of the year, may God grant the repose eternal rest, it’s very painful

  56. Oh my God, my heart bled, pregnant woman crushed to death, May God give the family to bear the lost

  57. This is so painful, mother and child together. Is there no pedestrian bridge there? If there is none, government should construct one now so that this kind of story will reduce. Rest in peace

  58. This is horrific, May her soul rest in peace. And to think she was pregnant. May God have mercy on her because of that.

  59. Chai. What a terrible death. Please ThE government should supervise the way drivers drive their trucks and cars.

  60. This doesn’t sound good at all. But the truck driver, what’s wrong with the break of the vehicle?

  61. Goossh!, what a death.
    May God placed the soul of this woman and the child a perfect. I sympathized with the family.

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