Trouble as man houses 9-year-old girl he picked up from the street

A single grown up man has reportedly picked up a 9-year-old girl who is in no way related to him, from the street and made her to live with him in his house

This unacceptable move by the man has made a neighbour living close to him to raise alarm.

Single man houses 9-year-old girl he picked up from the street lailasnews 3
Single man houses 9-year-old girl he picked up from the street

According to the neighbour, the girl was chased out of her home by her mother because she tore her school bag.

The man then took her into his home and has been living alone with her since Monday.

She wrote:

Hanty Susu this is an emergency… Seriously I don’t Dnt like what I hate…

This girl name is pretty.. She is 9years of age..

She from Emohua local government in rivers state.. Dnt really no her village thou…

On Monday evening I came back from my ppa I saw my neighbor with this girl… First I thought they are related… Not after I asked my corper neighbor… She told me this guy just pick the girl on the road that thy are not related in anyway.

For days now… This 9years old girl has been slping in a room with this guy an I wonder what he is doing… Am worried… This morning I still saw the girl… I call her to fine out why she left home…

She said her mother send her out of the house because  she tear her school bag… Jesus… I Dnt no how this is possible.. I ask her if she wants to go home she said yes.. But my land lady who is somehow related to this guy asked her to stay till the guy that pick her on the street can back and take her home…

Please advice… Because if this girl stay her till even I will call 911.

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