Trending video of policeman aiming to shoot at dog defending its owner

A video of a Nigerian policeman aiming to shoot at a barking dog, preventing the arrest of its owner accused of being a fraudster has gone viral.

Trending video of policeman aiming to shoot at dog defending its owner  lailasnews

It was gathered that the scene was recorded in neighboorhood in Ibadan, Oyo state when the police attempted to arrest alleged fraudsters a.k.a  ‘yahoo yahoo’ boys. One of the policemen who showed up for the arrest, was spotted on the fence of the compound and was engaging the dog as he pointed his gun, aiming to shoot at it. He was heard telling the dog ”come now, come”….

Police Reforms activist, Sega Awosanya who reacted to the video wrote;

I just want the @PoliceNG @PoliceNG_PCRRU to look at this and address themselves. #ReformPoliceNG

Police arrest 4 NURTW members over over violence and breach of peace in Ibadan

This is coming after it was reported that the Nigerian police and Civil Defence Corps claimed that it need N310m, to feed and administer drugs to dogs that will be deployed in states for the 2019 elections.

The Nigeria Police Force will also require N7m to feed 50 horses that would be used for patrol during the elections which will take place between February 16 and March 2, 2019. The information is contained in the 2018 virement proposal sent to the National Assembly for the 2019 general election by President Muhammadu Buhari.

The total police budget for the elections stands at N30.5bn; the Office of the National Security Adviser, N4.2bn; the Department of State Services, N12.2bn; NSCDC, N3.5bn and the Nigeria Immigration Service, N2.6bn.


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  1. Frankly, from what I know, dogs and dogs aren’t the same. The kind of dogs the police need N310m to feed aren’t the kind of dog the officer tried to shoot.
    Besides, an armed law enforcement officer has the right to shoot and animal if it’s a threat in any way. After all, of what use is his right to firearms!

  2. Nigeria police are very funny. Why can’t they seek for court warrants for their arrest. It would have been better than standing on the fence to shoot a dog. What about if it turns to a stray bullet and hit an innocent person? Another story!?…

  3. Nigeria police will not stop to amaze me, as he is aiming at the dog what is someone is passing by and the bullet met d person what will he say

  4. It’s very true that this so called Yahoo boys have and are doing terrible things to individual and to the image of the country and the must be apprehended..but what I learned about this story is the loyalty of the dog.Loyalty is a rear germ no our days.Its absence could be felt every where including in the political scene and every aspect of life.This dog is loyal to his Master irrespective and not knowing what he has done.

  5. Lol this really funny ,Nigerian police can not stop to entertain us with comedy,he is afraid of his life I gues that’s while all the melodrama are in play

  6. There are dogs and there are other dogs. If police need funds to specially train for the forthcoming election to be fair and free and violencefree let them give them the funds.

  7. No one Should blame the police man up there but that Mr idiris. He is a fool and illiterate and as such cannot produce anything good. A sheep cannot give birth to a lion

  8. Why his he aiming at another mans dog,if u can’t enter the compound can’t u think of something else to do na wa for our Nigeria police

  9. This story line is so dramatic, Nigeria police will surely make it in due season. I will keep saying it that our police needs more orientation

  10. Dogs are man’s best friend, whether the man is a criminal or not. But the police should have a better way of addressing the issue

  11. Serious matter..drama here n there..the owner of the dog is aware of what’s happening outside guess.may God help us oh.

  12. Nigeria Police are yet to be well trained to handle dogs. So, they need the money for express and executive professional trainings with dogs.

  13. N310m to feed dogs, I wonder if the dogs are going to be feeding in presidential hotel with the presidential aspirants. Even if the Nigerian government dish out these wooping sums of money that ranges in billions for the agencies, they will still make a mess of themselves for peanuts during elections

  14. This is bad! Killing the poor dog will not make him a hero rather he has to answer to animal right activists because that poor dog also has right to live. Let them look for the best way to arrest the owner since he committed a crime.

  15. At this part of the world, dog is just an animal . We are just adopting the Western world culture . The police must save himself first

  16. Is this a comedy movie or it’s real life action from Nigerian police, climbing through someone’s fence in the name of arrest?

  17. I believe what the police officer was trying to do was to get the dig off it’s way besides the digs police needs is security dog

  18. The police force needs total overhaul and good funding for good training of their officers.Can’t blame this police officer na

  19. Address what. The Yahoo boy is using the dog as a defence tool. They had to get rid of the dog in order to get to the Yahoo guy.

  20. Lol, pet sometimes can be funny because he knows he’s going to suffer if his owner is taking away. It’s a family. Anyone would have done that if their family is in the same shoes

  21. 310 million to feed dogs? What about the nation? Common 30k Una refuse to pay workers. See the nonsense police are doing sef, how then did they handle the so called dog they are feeding for 310 m? It is well o,

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