Trending video of Cameroonian couple who made a blood covenant against infidelity

There’s been an outrage on Facebook,after a video of a Cameroonian couple enmeshed in a blood covenant session surfaced.

Trending video of Cameroonian couple who made a blood covenant against infidelity lailasnews

The Cameroonian couple took to the platform, to make a blood covenant of fidelity and staying together forever. The lady in the video was visibly afraid, however she was pushed to go ahead with the oath by her partner.

The viral video which attracted the attention of social media users, fetched the couple some backlash as many condemned the blood covenant move whose only way out is reportedly by death of one or both the covenant makers.

Here is the video below;

Trending video of Cameroonian couple who made blood covenant against infidelity on Facebook lailasnews 1

In 2017, there was a viral report on facts surrounding the death of one Mrs. Rose Mary Ifeabunaike, who was buried in a controversial circumstance with her co-wife at Umuhu Ukpor in Nnewi South Local Government Area of Anambra State.

The younger brothers, Mr. Ekene and Maduabuch Ifeabunike, told Sunday Telegraph that their sister died on the 15thday of June 2015, after a protracted illness. Going down the memory lane, Maduabuchi said her sister got married to Linus Ibe in 1983, but trouble started after she gave birth to her first son at St. Lukes Hospitals, Umuohama, Ukpor. He said the trouble lingered for long and all efforts made by friends and relations to broker peace failed before they separated.

He said: ‘Sister later remarried one Christopher Okafor from Otolo Nnewi in Nnewi North LGA, but after some years, they had another crisis and my sister opened up and told us that the cause of her problem was that she had a blood covenant with Mr. Linus Ibe before they got married, promising themselves that they will live together till death do them part.”

“At this point, we advised our sister to come back to him.
‘We continued to negotiate with Linus until he came and remarried her, because we repaid him his dowry, when our sister got married to another Nnewi man.
‘My sister gave birth to three other children – Chidiebere, Ebuka, and Chukwuka. After some years, they had another problem but when my brother went to reconcile them, Linus locked him up in the police cell.

“With masquerade, Linus chase our sister away from his house. In Ukpor community, it is an abomination to call a masquerade for a woman, unless the person committed an abomination. The masquerade chased our sister away and she returned to our family and later went to Egbema Ozubula, where she established a small business to feed her children.

‘She was there until she became sick. We took her to traditional medicine centres, hospitals and prayer houses but to no avail. On the June 25, 2015 she died. On the June 16, we went to inform Linus that his wife had died, as custom demands.
“We waited for him to come, but he never did and we informed the eldest man in his village, Chief Samuel Okwusike, the Chairman of the village, his family. We reported the matter to the police too before we deposited her body in a morgue.

‘The body was kept there until his second wife died, because when he chased our sister out at that first time, he married a second wife. So, when we heard that he wanted to bury his second wife, we decided that he would bury our sister first because she was his first wife and had for him, his first son.
‘In our tradition, it will be a disgrace to our family for him to bury the second wife before our sister as long as she did not commit any abomination.

‘During the burial, the Umuha Village made a public announcement that anybody seen at Mr. Ibe’s compound will pay a fine of N50, 000 and fortunately for us, people deserted his house. The whole town is aware of the matter because we took it to the traditional ruler, the President General and the police. The entire town was behind us.

‘So when we arrived there, the relatives of the second wife had dug the grave for their sister and while they were trying to bring out the corpse from where she was lying in state, we went straight and lowered our sister in the grave and they attacked our boys and it was free for all. We managed to cover the grave before the DPO came with his men and brokered peace and asked us to dig another grave for them, which we did.

Mr. Ibe told Sunday Telegraph that he was banished by the seven villages in Umuhu community, even as he claimed he never remarried his first wife. He claimed also that he refused to bury her because he had been paid his dowry and she ceased to be his wife.


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