Travis Scott denies cheating on Kylie Jenner

Travis Scott has denied cheating on Kylie Jenner, just after a mysterious blurry photo of a man who looked a lot like him and another woman, surfaced online.

Travis Scott denies cheating on Kylie Jenner  lailasnews

Travis who denied cheating on Kylie Jenner via Instagram, wrote;

“Trolls always wanna create some fake sh– to destroy real love,” Scott wrote on his Instagram Stories. “GOING OVER BOARD TO MAKE SHIT LOOK LIKE IS NOT IS EVIL.”

“I hate acknowledging sh–. But quit try to take joy from shit that’s good. I pray god blocks out all evil,” Scott continued before adding that he was going “BACK TO CELEBRATING!!!!”

Travis Scott denies cheating on Kylie Jenner  lailasnews 1

This came few hours after the Travis shared a screen grab of both the Billboard Hot 100 Chart and Billboard 200 chart, which showed his song “Sicko Mode” from his latest album Astroworld as number one as well as the album itself at number one.

However linked to the Texas rapper has been identified as Melaninn Barbie, who has a few Instagram photos and about 8,000 followers. She was spotted wearing a necklace with a butterfly pendant (Travis Scott’s famous symbol after his song butterfly effect) way back in August.

She posted the TMZ photo with caption ‘Everybody hates me but your baby daddy keeps me icy’.


  1. People always carry fake rumours o destroy relationships.So it now depends on the couple to understand each other and trust.

  2. When it comes to relationship crisis it shouldn’t be much emphasis because the couple are in the best position to sorts things themselves….just that they should admit their mistakes and correct it….

  3. I think a clearer version of the picture should be released to back up the claim of him cheating Z he can easily deny that now

  4. Why are people bent on spoiling a good relationship. I think the girl should checkmate properly since he said it wasn’t him rather it was his look alike.

  5. I don’t why people find joy in gossiping and intruding into people’s privacy instead of listening their life’s. Since he denied cheating on her…… Let the the truth prevail. The cannot be hidden forever

  6. If they keep on listening to what peole are saying or what the internet is saying about them then their relationship will be a mess..just follow your heart and do your thing with your man…they just want to see you both apart…

  7. Don’t allow anybody to destroy your happiness…as far as their is no proof,continue your love n even love him more than before.

  8. The boy has said is not him he still fear you just forgive and forget and move on with your relationship.

  9. The young man said it wasn’t him, so case is closed. People should mind their buisness and stop trying to destroy other people’s happiness

  10. If your relationship means a lot to you then do not allow people to ruin it for you. And understand that some people don’t like good thing so they can do anything to destroy that. Wash it!

  11. Whatever the true position the couple should to a certain degree trust each other so that come what may,the will stand as one and dispel all rumours

  12. Positive vibes all the way you the internet will always have something to say about you. Good? Or Bad???

  13. When there’s trust in a relationship, those doubts can’t really have a place in any meaningful relationship.

  14. 80% of celebrities are cheats, and that’s why they have the most number of divorce. That’s there wahala

  15. Relationship is all about trust.if she trust him enough and have no proof he cheated,she should over look such rumors because many out there are happy destroyers.but in her curiosity, she can investigate to know the real truth too.

  16. People are good at spoiling people’s image. The girl should have known the kind of person she’s dating if he can cheat or not

  17. Those behind it are antagonists and killjoys that want to spoil your relationship. That’s their motive; to destroy something pleasant and sweet. And love is trust, if you guys don’t trust each other, there is no need remaining in the relationship.

  18. It only takea a brave man to date this kadashians girls,they are full of trouble,but i like them like that.kylie,believe him because he might be innocent

  19. Why people carry fake rumors to scatter relationships is what I don’t understand and is left to the two party trust each other.

  20. People can be idnetical , so they both need to understand each other. But he has cheated, well I guess he should apologise.

  21. Why is he lying , when the proofs has revealed that he actually cheated, Kylie Jenner should just forgive and forget

  22. If he really he cheated will he agree it was him or he will say it’s his twin, men are use to cheating. Live with it

  23. Stories that abound do not let us know who is telling the truth. He needs to work hard to convince her

  24. I don’t understand they can never be straight forward for once, today is another story tomorrow is opposite please am out.

  25. It takes a well disciplined man not to cheat on his partner. Since he denied not cheating on her, i guess the lady in question should forget about that.

  26. When it comes to relationship crisis it shouldn’t be much emphasis because the couple are in the best position to sorts things themselves….just that they should admit their mistakes and correct it so that they won’t be problem.

  27. Amen, God will bless every evil person who wanna spoil your love fun. People cannot just stop looking for ways to put an end to real love. Travis and Kylie are compatible. Let no one put asunder

  28. There is possibility he his not cheating on her, they should not let anything bad happen to their relationship

  29. Everyday is for the thief but one day is for the owner she should forgets it and wait for him

  30. No matter what it may seems to be, cheating shouldn’t be supported and should not be encouraged

  31. Things happen like that in a relationship but I believe the couples are in right position to sort things out amlmg themselves

  32. She should forgive him, for him to come out publicly n say he didn’t do it is enough proof dat he loves her social media can make us and destroy us we should just b careful

  33. You should know that some persons are out there to make sure your relationship is broken. So you chew before you swallow.

  34. In a relationship, first thing to build is trust,so if you guys trust each other put it behind you and move

  35. People look alike some times. I remember someone slapping me from behind and closing my eyes for almost one minute. Later turned she doesn’t even know me claimed that I look like her cuzin

  36. There is no way a man can accept his fault easily, especially when it involves cheating. Let her just forget about it if she loves him, so that they will continue with their relationship.

  37. The person maybe sent just to destroy the successful relationship….but if the girl is smart and believes in her boyfriend she will also know the truth.

  38. Everyone wants to make headline in every little thing that happens to them. No more hidden things at all.

  39. Just say the truth because we know we are in computer days but just say the real thing about the picture

  40. Trolls everywhere, when two people are in love please leave them alone. Kylie shouldn’t even bother replying them, people always have a way of destroying things when they are going well

  41. Lots of look a likes are out there
    Why do people derive joy from making lies seem truthful
    If it was a look alike
    Why not state it as it’s surfacing
    Instead of all these dramas

  42. Men will always deny until they are caught in the act, but give him the benefit of doubt that he’s not the one in the picture.

  43. In any relationship trust is very essential and the couple should not give outsiders access to their home. Just believe him if he said he is not the one

  44. If his lady trust him then I think they should not have much of a conflict he just said its not him then so be it period

  45. If trust is lost in every relationship there is bound to be grudges. I think you don’t trust him. Since he said he’s not the one let it go continue with your love affairz

  46. Haters mode activated, but a relationship is based on trust nd not wat people said, haters are gonna be there

  47. We can’t really tell if it was actually him,to some extend it should have been verified before being brought to the public

  48. A man denied not cheating on u I’d a sign of respect for u so overlook it and continue showing him love.

  49. A good relationship at the face of a foe. The foe would try her beat on destroying such relationship. But we can dispute it that he’s cheating on his lady a glaring evidence needs to show forth

  50. Its so obvious Why is he denying it, when there are proofs that he actually cheated, Kylie Jenner should just forgive him

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