Travelers sleep by roadside after staff at Abuja Airport allegedly pushed them out

A man identified as Rotimi has taken to his social media page to call out staff at Abuja Airport, alleging that he and other travelers at the International airport were pushed out in the middle of the night.

Travelers sleep by roadside after staff at Abuja Airport allegedly pushed them out lailasnews
Travelers sleep by roadside after staff at Abuja Airport allegedly pushed them out

In his post, he alleged that the staff at Abuja Airport claimed they had closed by 2a.m and no passenger will be allowed to sleep within the premises.

He wrote:

I thank God for hustle mentality, I have learned to make the most out of every situation. One thing is clear, Nigeria is an Under Developed Country, how do you have an international airport (Abuja) that closes and pushes people out at 2.20am in the morning (Christmas Morning).

People sleep outside on the floor, images most Nigerians will never see, but I thank God for this experience. We have a lot of work to do. #Nigeria


  1. Ehyaa… Don’t they have security agents…they won’t sleep in the airport forever now…what if something bad happens to them…let’s try to be reasonable in this country o

  2. Why would an Airport close an International Airport for that matter. This country is moving backward.

  3. season wahala, probably the staff was looking for tips and feeling on top of the world bc there are excess passengers.

  4. These characters exhibited by the airport authority is condemnable and it portray Nigeria bad on the international community

  5. That absurd, when will Nigerians learn how to do things right, for crying out loud this are customers and they are been treated like this? Not good at all.

  6. There is nothing bad if an airport has a hotel,in situation like this,if you can’t allow people to stay within the premises, accommodation ought to be provided by the airport.

  7. This is very risky for someone to be sleeping outside in that kind place in the night
    Especially in this cold whether

  8. We have a lot of work to do in nigeria. Third world country ain’t a tag for failure, we operate a poor mentality

  9. Thats bad oo, a whole Federal Capital of Nigeria Airport doing that, is a big shame to Nigeria, we should gear up

  10. They acted so incentive of the plight of these people. When will we ever learn to do things right.

  11. Please they should all be fired why should they push people out to sleep on the road when they can sleep inside the airport……… Haba

  12. Das too bad, goverment should pls consider does people’s and find solution to it so that such kind of things we not happen again

  13. It is so inhuman and someone is there telling me that There’s no country better than Nigeria

  14. This is irritating, they are heartless to do such,what if they have been robbed or killed,what will they steal sleeping at d airport and where in earth does airport close .Nigeria sef

  15. This is what stella oduwa former aviation minister wanted to solve before they kicked her out.she wanted to build places where people can relax around the airport .this is in human

  16. If this is true ,then its very bad…how could that be…I think the passengers should sue the airport authority for neglect…..they should have been allowed to stay even for the whole day…they don’t know the just brought bad image to themselves and will definitely loose customers

  17. That was so bad of them. What is something bad happened to the travellers. Provisions should be made in airports where travellers can sleep. Nigeria is indeed an underdeveloped country.

  18. this is very shemfull to Nigerias and Nigerian government international airport closed and customers being pushed out to sleep on the road HABAH MANA NIGERIA. Plus what is going on in this our country. May God help my Nigeria.

  19. I know they are trying to be security conscious,the truth is that if armed robbers really mean to attack the air port,they will do it succesfully,so stop punishing innocent citizens,

  20. Off course, the average public servant in Nigeria is angry and not happy with the current situation this made a lot them exhibits misdemeaminor at place of work as well as corrupt practices.

  21. This is so inhumane of them. At least, there should be security agents working on night shift who can be there with them rather than sending them out of the airport

  22. This is not good at all , you hear what that man called us? ‘under develope country’. Honestly i dont know when this country will grow up .

  23. This is good news,this is too bad of the staff, they are supposed to talk to them with care,this is good news

  24. It is all our mentality,why make people sleep outside as though they are refugees in their own country,this is absurd

  25. Nigeria is under developed indeed. But are you sure you are not looking for publicity here? You are talking about an International airport oo

  26. That’s so heartless of them, how can they treat passengers like that, this country needs a new beginning and we hope to see it now

  27. There’s no international airport in nigeria, what we have is a glorified local airports. What rubbish

  28. It’s not even imaginable to imagine such a thing would have happened to any traveler. It was really nothing to write about the way travelers are being treated in Abuja airport

  29. This is so unfair and it’s the high level of wickedness ..What armed robbers came to rob them it would have been a different story thank God they are okay

  30. This is unbelievable, does international airport close? Anyway, I can see Mr. Rotimi is making fun out of the situation with a bottle of Gin. That is good of him, E no fit kill himself jare

  31. Thank God he was able to adapt to that present situation , but is unacceptable to do that to citizens , if those passengers were to be foreigners the staff will not have the courage to Chase them outside the airport

  32. Its unreasonable to send someone out in the middle of the night around 2am.. That’s just being wicked

  33. That is a good development. So that the big men and women will taste a little what the poor ones are going through in this country.

  34. No matter what safety first we have uneducated people doing educated peoples job. At least there is camera in the Airport if anything goes wrong. Why push them out it is bad

  35. NigeriaNS way just tire me, let’s try to be reasonable in this country For once, What of If Something Happens to them?

  36. airports works 24 hours, why this inhuman act? Nigeria should stop acting wrongfully against human being.

  37. That is really very cruel. How can they be pushed out at such an hour? That’s bad please. It is only in Nigeria that things like this can happen.

  38. This is too Bad,is there no place for lodging in d airport? if not ,i will say Nigeria is beneath under developing country

  39. Our nation is just lacking in many aspects. Can u imagine such a thing happen in a developed country. We have a long way to go

  40. Actually, that’s too bad, goverment should pls consider does people’s and find solution to it so that such kind of things we not happen again.

  41. Oh when would Nigerians start to feel for thier co-citizens (fellow brothers so to say). Imagine… Sleeping by the roadside in this cold time.

  42. Please they should all be fired why should they push people out to sleep on the road when they can sleep inside the airport……… Haba

  43. That was not fare especially when it’s not the fault of the travelers to just delay till that time at least a place to lay their heads would have been better.

  44. Nigeria for you ,this is very imhuman how can you drive somebody from inside the airport to sleep out by 200am and the authority are there and I pray nothing happened to anyone because at the end there Will be punishment for the top ranking officer .

  45. This is very ridiculous very bad of the airport authority, we all know Nigeria isn’t save anymore, what if something happens to them.

  46. This is ridiculous, an international airport. Men! The management need to be sanctioned. What if something happened to them on the road. Nigeria is really under-developed.

  47. That’s a poor customer service… Or maybe it’s the policy of the Airport which isn’t supposed to be like that

  48. This is not good. Why couldn’t they give them shelter. This is an awkard thing especially in one’s country.

  49. There’s nothing we won’t hear in Nigeria.. International airport closed? Hahahaha.. Why push travellers outside! When are we going to be civilized for once? Too bad

  50. Nawaooooo, we still have a long way to go in this country,that they have closed is not the reason people should sleep outside, is unfair.

  51. Nigeria, my country! Even an airport in the poorest country will not do this to passengers. Everywhere round the world stranded passengers are assured of access to the lobbies where they can wait out their flight especially at night. But here the reverse is the case.

  52. This is absurd, does international airport closed to the extents of chasing people out in the early morning hour.

  53. So airports authority were comfortable seeing people sleep outside, it’s well, na naija we dey, nobody leaves, we die here… Lol

  54. More than alot of work is needed to be done in this country. No rules, no law. Can their president sleep outside? Is it not same passport they operate with? This is so annoying I must say

  55. This is pure wickedness in the highest order, in the name of maintaining protocol you did such a wicked act, that is not the best, such staff should be called to order.

  56. The happenings in the country don’t cease to surprise me…. Well I hope for a better country where things have to be done in order.

  57. This is so embarrassing, I know no other African country can stoop so low as to do this. I feel for my country.

  58. This is bad however the flight carrier should taken car of their passengers if they new there would be delay.

  59. Why did he push them out?? At least there should be somewhere where they can liedown in such situation


  61. Well it very bad…it ought not to be so trlling customers to leave at the middle of the night it unfair

  62. This is bad of them. Does an international airport close, even to the extent of chasing people away at midnight? Well i guess here in Nigeria, everything is possible….its time government put an end to this cos av never seen an international airport that chases their customers or passengers away at midnight, what if they are attacked by hoodlums? God help Nigeria ns.

  63. Whoever did this to those travelers was only being weaker. When did this rule begin. Its better the airport authorities work on this and fish him out to be punished.

  64. Nigeria with their useless characters pushing out someone outside at the middle of the night I don’t know what they are protecting.

  65. This type of thing shouldn’t be mentioned in this country again. How can an international airport be clising at 2:30am and the staff locked passengers outside the airport, and they had to sleep outside. This is a shame to Nigeria. The world is looking at us.

  66. This is not right
    Why push out customers in dare need at the middle of the night without considering their safety
    That’s inhumane

  67. This is bad..why are they behaving as if they hav never telravel out of Nigeria b4? Ppl sleep at airport for weeks,months..this is risky…may God help us in this country ..

  68. May God guide and protect them, but why push them outside, sometimes we should try to have human sympathy. We learn how to treat others the way we want to be treated.

  69. Thank God for their lives that they are safe despite passing the night outside the airport…but this is actually wrong

  70. How will such airport be in operation? In fact in this country they handle things with levity hand and that is why am after sending

  71. Can their president sleep outside? Is it not same passport they operate with? This is so annoying I must say a wicked act.

  72. This shows how bad Nigerian situation is, no respect for humans and their right. They passengers should take legal action against them

  73. My brother take heart, this is Nigeria for you..I concur with you this country is an under developed country..

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