Trasngenderism, a bid to annihilate nature – Vatican

A statement has been released by the Vatican which labels transgenderism a bid to ‘annihilate nature’. The statement titled ‘Male And Female He Created Them’ has also stated that people who change their sex still depend on men and women to make babies.

Trasngenderism, a bid to annihilate nature - Vatican

This is in line with an argument by Pope Francis that people cannot choose their genders.

The statement also called for a new alliance among families, schools and society to offer a ‘positive and prudent sexual education’ in Catholic schools so children learn the ‘full original truth of masculinity and femininity’.

It also stated that gender fluidity is a symptom of the ‘confused concept of freedom’ and ‘momentary desires’ due to post–modern culture.

It rejected terms such as ‘intersex’ and ‘transgender’ and said the purpose of the biological ‘complementarity’ of the male and female sex organs was to ensure procreation.

Gender is also biologically determined by genetics, hormones and brain chemistry – things not visible at birth,’ Mr DeBernardo said in a statement. ‘People do not choose their gender, as the Vatican claims, they discover it through their lived experiences.’

He said the Catholic Church should encourage this process of discovery, saying it’s ‘a process by which individuals discover the wonderful way that God has created them’.

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