Traditional Ruler allegedly assaults woman over palm fruits in Abia

A traditional ruler has been called out for allegedly assaulting a woman over palm fruits, harvested from a land under tussle.

Traditional Ruler allegedly assaults woman over palm fruits in Abia lailasnews

The traditional ruler of Arommiriukwu autonomous community in Uturu, Isuikwuato Local Government identified as His Royal Highness Eze Ikechukwu Nelson Okezie, reportedly assaulted and inflicted injuries on the lady who is said to be an indigene of the community.

According to Abia Facts reporter, a member of the community said the king who waded into the affair accused the woman of stealing palm fruits from the land. The lady however got assaulted when she tried to defend herself.

It was also gathered that the traditional ruler has been severally accused of intimidation of subjects within his domain. Here are photos below;

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Traditional Ruler allegedly assaults woman over palm fruits in Abia lailasnews 1

Traditional Ruler allegedly assaults woman over palm fruits in Abia lailasnews 2


  1. If this was true. This is an act unbecoming a traditional ruler and should be severely penalized

  2. This is wickedness, physically assaulting a woman over an ordinary palm fruits. He thinks the woman is a nobody but God will fight for her

  3. How can a leader do this to a woman, many traditional position this days are taken in political ways.

  4. He needs to be dekinged if there is a word like that. His that the only land he has….haba! What a wicked king.

  5. The ruler should be dethroned if found guilty of the offense because such a person is not a good leader

  6. That Traditional ruler should be called to other..No tradition gives room for beating women. Never fight a woman physically, except their kind..

  7. Proper investigation should be carried out to ascertain what really transpired that made the Traditional Ruler to act the way he did. Hence, justice must prevail.

  8. Stealing is an act that is condemned under every known law. However the punishment should be deemed to be fitted. The complaints about the traditional should be investigated.

  9. This is wrong a king should protect his followers and not this. If this is true the king is not worth being a ruler.

  10. Being a traditional ruler does not mean u are above the law u can still be punish if found guilt..please necessary investigations have to be carried out

  11. if it is true this is not a quality of a leader e must be deking according to good friend #chinyelu

  12. People should quickly look into this matter cos such man should not be handed the throne of a kingdom

  13. A ruler who will inflict this type of injury on his subject is nothing but a devil and a tyrant .

  14. What a wrong way to show people how to run the community, why inflict pain in a woman when she was trying to explain herself, please let the law have it due course.

  15. this beatin is too much for married woman.and is totally wrong for a traditional ruler to assault woman like this

  16. What the eze did to the woman is uncalled for and by injury the the woman under his custody is very bad even if she stole his Palm fruits as he claims he could have allowed her to hear from her ,he should be punished if not the community will continue to be suffering

  17. what the hell… traditional ruler assaulting a citizen of his community … he needs to drop the crown for a better leader bcoz this is really outrageous

  18. This traditional ruler shouldn’t go unpunished. Assault on a lady is totally unacceptable.

  19. Perhaps that is the same way he usually assault his wife too. But personaly i think if a man can treat a fellow human beign like that, it means that man is not a human beign, he is an animal.

  20. this is not a good ruler, how can he do such a thing for someone he was supposed to rule, some people are just wicked

  21. Being a traditional ruler doesn’t mean he is above the law. Assault is one of the greatest challenges we face in our society . The traditional ruler should be arrested and charged according to the law

  22. Because of Palm fruits, you give a woman this kind of beating, people that are suppose to show good example,and the ones leading badly.A traditional ruler for that matter.

  23. What dat tradisional ruller did is too bad, and he must tender his apology for what he has done to that gurl

  24. The king is so heartless.
    Because he have power over the throne he think that God can’t the throne him useless king.

  25. This is unbecoming of a traditional ruler. One who is supposed to be a savior and protector is now a bully cum dictator

  26. This is an evident of how he treats his subjects. He’s not a real ruler and should be called yo order.

  27. This is abuse of poor and it’s very bad he should face the law because no one is above the law

  28. Maybe he has been asking the woman for a secret relationship and the woman refuse, nothing is impossible in Nigeria o

  29. I don’t like when women are not granted opportunity to speak in issues of the community thereby causing such injury on her. The chief should be made to apologize to the woman.

  30. The painful thing about this is that the people doing the flogging obeyed without questions, because if they dont do such he wont have that kind of power. If she knew her rights she can sue the ruler.

  31. Traditional leaders are usually peace maker who settle disputes among community members,so why should he now the one assaulting a woman over palm fruit, even if he owns the land, it’s shouldn’t be the one to assault someone not even a woman for that matter

  32. What kind of leader is he? No matter what a woman should not be maltreated this way, it should have been treated delicately not otherwise

  33. Some people just behave anyhow when they have small power I can only imagine if God was to be a man….The traditional ruler must not go like that..He must apologise.

  34. What a terrible and disgraceful act!!! such a bad ruler should not be allowed to head people. even if he owns the land and the palm fruits, he shouldn’t be the one to assault.

  35. Such shameful act…..he should be demoted for treating an indigene that way.he didn’t even respect her opinion shows he is not a good representative

  36. This is too bad and he is a traditional ruler.
    No matter what since he is a leader his behavior should be worthy of emulation.
    I wonder what the condition of this social system he is ruling will be like

  37. That man is not worthy to be a ruler. Just in our little position we will use it as an opportunity to maltreat others. God is watching

  38. Any man who assaults a lady in whatever way is not fit to be a traditional ruler. Oturu people wake up.

  39. Na wa o! A traditional ruler again? What is he trying to then show his subordinates? Common palm fruits. Mtcheeew

  40. If true, then igwe is a disgrace to his throne. A ruler or leader is expected to rule, lead and live by example.

  41. Assault to this extent just because of palm fruit is bad, but taking what is not your own is equally bad too. Let’s try to handle such cases amicably than escalating it.

  42. Over palm tree?? Nah you create am. Please rulers are becoming more pimps . they just tell us what to do and what no to do .

  43. What kind of ruler inflicts pain on his subject, is that how he handles matters, as a leader, he must learn to always apply wisdom in judgement in order not to unnecessarily punish the wrong person

  44. Too bad…what is palm fruit that he should assault the woman for? He should be arrested .what kind of traditional ruler is that?

  45. There are always two sides to a coin, u never can tell what actually transpired until the traditional ruler say his own. though am not supporting him for the assualt

  46. That’s a clear case of high-handedness typical of some African people in position of Authority against their subjects.The matter have to be investigated and if the Traditional Ruler is found guilty at the end of day,he must be made face the music.

  47. Maybe he has been asking the woman for a secret relationship and the woman refuse, nothing is impossible in Nigeria o

  48. This king should be made to know that he has no right to assault his subjects. He should know the limits of his powers. However, that woman may have disregarded him.

  49. “The lady however got assaulted when she tried to defend herself.” This is a democratic state, we all should also remember the RULE OF LAW.
    That traditional ruler should be cautioned by the council of elders (if there’s any).

  50. Too bad… What is his business with palm oil or is it an avenue he is using to get the woman? Wickedness

  51. its a NO NO NO to such violence let alone for palm fruits the traditional ruler should be called to order asap

  52. The traditional ruler is very wicked oo how can he do this to a woman if it is done to his wife how will he feel sorry ma

  53. Ooh-ooh!
    A traditional leader for that matter, harassing it’s community follower, he should be dis-charge from a leadership.

  54. I wonder wat his wives will be facing at home, how can u beat anoda man’s wife like dis? Traditional ruler my foot

  55. This is a democratic world where you have to the right of defending yourself from any acquisition.why was she assaulted while defending herself

  56. This infliction on a woman is unbecoming of a traditional ruler who is supposed to protect his subjects, the king should be warned not to assault his subjects instead defend and protect them

  57. Traditional ruler did this over a mere palm fruit. To a lady. That means he is capable of doing more. Please uturu people address this issue and compensate her weel

  58. Some people don’t even deserve to be king. A kind without patient and tolerance olis not a king. Some want their subject to be scared of them all the time.

  59. Comment*misuse of power.does he own the palm fruit that he have to assault the woman that way.that’s very bad of him

  60. This is really a terrible act especially from a traditional ruler. He should be charged

  61. King you have not done well… But the woman knew that the land is in dispute.
    Let them settle it well

  62. That’s high rate of irresponsibility, ruler are supposed to protect the interest of the poor and not riding on them.

  63. What kind of traditional ruler does he think he is to inflict such pain on a woman. He doesn’t even deserve to be called a man least of all a leader. He should be made to face the law

  64. This is unbecoming.. If this is true obviously with the picture is true.. Then the police should pay him a visit and compensate her

  65. The traditional ruler took laws into his own hands and must surely face the music. He has no right to cause injuries to the Lady.

  66. Seriously?its just high time all these people who think they are above the law face justice…well i believe d assaulted ones are too timid…

  67. A king who ought to protect and feed his subjects becomes a tyrant king. He has lost the trust and respect of the people by this violent act. A king should humbly listen to his subjects and provide reasonable solution

  68. Bad leadership. If really the reports are true, he should be arrested and that position stripped off from him.

  69. This is so bad. The traditional leader is a very wicked man. Why will he assault and injure a woman because of ordinary palm fruit. The traditional ruler should be charged to court because no one is above the law.

  70. Since she couldn’t treat his subject with respect I think he should be abdicated from that position

  71. Traditional ruler my foot. Please, something should be done to the man. He abused a woman.

  72. Just because of something small as palmfront,its not fair this abuse of a thing its bad on the woman.Some even end up dying in the process of abuse.

  73. The man is heartless
    They should arrest him
    And impeach him from that position
    He didn’t deserve it

  74. No matter what, you shouldnt assault a woman, cant you get that Mr King? We dont respect women in Nigeria and it is giving me a cause for concern

  75. This is not worthy of a traditional ruler at all someone who is supposed to be a good example for others to follow is the one that is inflicting injury to his own indigen because of palm-fruit so bad.

  76. This is so uncalled for, he shouldn’t have assaulted the woman even if she stole those palm kernel… As a traditional ruler, there are better ways he can use to settle it

  77. Those traditional guys are always thinking they are above law enforcement and no one can harm them, shame on all of them, how can you assault a woman just over a palm fruits..

  78. What kind of ruler is dat dat could not even give d lady time to explain or defend hers he doesn’t deserve dat sit

  79. It’s quite unfortunate that most of our rulers still uses outdated law that are not applicable in the modern world

  80. Why does a traditional ruler has to abuse his owner of office to inflict pain on his subjects and put fear in them.

  81. He is not a good leader….because if he’s,he can’t not that to that woman because of this little thing

  82. The ruler is unfit to rule for assaulting a lady.
    that is a bad example for the people of the community

  83. Just because of a plan fruit infact the traditional ruler are suppose to be ashamed of themselves.

  84. The traditional ruler is supposed to be dethroned…. how can he inflict this kind of injury on a woman becaus of palm fruit she harvested from a land that is under tussle. This is so inhumane…

  85. That man should be removed from the position as a community leaders. He doesn’t know how to manage that post at all.

  86. You are bad leader, how could you assault your subject like this even if she stole you have no wright to assault her

  87. Traditional rulers are meant to protect are indigene not the other way round,pls this traditional rulers shd be taught their roles properly because of them don’t know why they are chosen,jst imagine assulting an indigene because of common palm fruit,what a shame

  88. This is very bad of a traditional ruler. He is supposed to be protecting his subject and not molesting and assaulting them.

  89. This is pure wickedness, how can a leader physically be assaulting a woman over an ordinary palm fruits.

  90. That’s pure wickedness. He should be evicted from that position he is occupying. He doesn’t deserve it.

  91. Sometimes people can be so Crue and wicked to their fellow human. Come on man, she don’t deserve that from you and you must pay for it.

  92. Why will a traditional ruler do this to a woman, what then does he expects from the people who look up to him.God will jugde them all

  93. The assulted woman should report the case to the police and if the police in the communityrefuse to do anything about it, those she used to post her pictures should help her write a petition to the IGP. The traditional ruler is not above the law

  94. Some people can misuse power, just because of palm fruits look at the pain he inflicted on the woman. Wicked ruler

  95. This act is uncalled for, a traditional ruler is known to protect his subjects and not to manhandle them talk more of a lady.

  96. No one can harm them, shame on all of them is very bad even if she stole his Palm fruits as he claims he could have allowed her to hear from her.

  97. Does it mean he goes about assaulting people or what, he must be cautioned what sort of nonsense is that

  98. A traditional ruler that suppresses his subjects,because of palm fruit rubbish,heaven will question him..

  99. This sort of act should be punished. How should a leader behave like this, his followers may follow his footsteps now.

  100. I’m shocked how a head of community Will behave like an animal. He needs to be punished accordingly.

  101. He should be arraigned for that. Perhaps he still thinks we are in the stone age when the rulers can do anything they wish.

  102. That will not be setting a good example for subjects. Too bad for a traditional head getting involved in such matters. He should go to the law instead if he can’t handle the situation without resolving to assault

  103. His cabinet should better call him to order less he will cause a big problem to the community.

  104. Some persons are not even considered to rule over people, see what he did to his subject who he is suppose to be protecting. May God have mercy on him

  105. Pls to the lady be careful and pray hard cos issues like this people some times dev into diabolic things

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