How my friend influenced me to divorce my husband – Toyin Lawani

Toyin Lawani has narrated how a friend of hers influenced her to divorce her husband who was abusing her at the time they were married.

Toyin Lawani: How my friend influenced her to divorce her husband

In a post shared on social media, the fashion enterpreneur revealed that the friend who advised her to wait her marriage was a hypocrite because she was also suffering the same problem in her own marriage but still remained in it.

Toyin Lawani shared:

“When U are Different The world will hate on u for no Reason , when they don’t understand ur life choices or theories they will castigate u & everything u stand for , The women that go through the most in life Are single moms , They are Blamed for their choice of not being married or in a mans house, they take care of their kids day in day out pushing them to greater heights without uttering any complain&still let the fathers play their Role in the child’s life ,they struggle day in day out to Give D people ard them joy&happiness, even plus how hard they work ,so when you want to blame a woman for being single or having kids with two different men , think twice cause it can happen to anybody, either by death or by pain , Atimes we don’t choice our situations ,Atimes our situation choose us , A long time ago a friend sent me a msg which I still hv , mocking me that I was in an abusive relationship & showing off to me that she had a better husband than me , I took my kids&walked away from the relationship, said nothing to the public & focused on my biz&kids ,till date ,little did we know that the husband beat her up everyday&she faked all her riches ,Now today my baby daddy Helps with my sons bills&act like a better dad, why I’m I saying this ?All that glitters are not gold ,Atimes we make future decisions for our kids ,by not fighting a bad situation with a bad situation, for the sake of our kids,cause the truth is the internet never forgets ,they will grow up&read all y’all silly negative write ups on their dads, two wrongs don’t make a right &hate can’t birth happiness ,when people mock me that I have two kids from different dads i laugh so hard cause my dear it will be your bestie,your friend , your sister, your mother ,your aunty 2mrw, just make sure that they have their second baby with the ist father of their child ok I had my ist kid when I was 23years old , I got married when I was 19years old , there are many things y’all don’t know about me , I have been through hell& back with no complains or pity party ,so if U want to judge my life choices make sure u are perfect ist”



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