Toyin Abraham’s engagement to lawyer fiancé crashes (BREAKING)

Nollywood actress Toyin Abraham’s engagement to lawyer fiance has crashed!

The engagement has officially been called off six months after Toyin Abraham said yes to her lawyer fiancé, on May 16th, in front of her family and friends and the news went viral. Read our breaking story here if you missed it.

Toyin Abraham ends engagement to lawyer fiancé Lailasnews

At this moment, reason for Toyin Abraham’s engagement crash hasn’t been made public just yet but according to her publicist, there is no bad blood between Toyin and her lawyer fiance.

The couple are said to have still remained friends after their breakup, they still care for each other but things are over between them romantically.

You recall, news about Toyin’s engagement broke in May, weeks after rumours went viral that her ex-husband Adeniyi Johnson had secretly remarried.

Toyin’s ex-husband, Adeniyi Johnson would later confirm that he was getting married again to Seyi Edun and the couple released their pre-wedding pictures.

Toyin was previously married to fellow actor, Adeniyi Johnson but they split after almost one year of marriage.

When news broke that she too had found love again and was officially off the market, Toyin Abraham’s new man was described as a private man, a senior lawyer who couldn’t wait to spend the rest of his life with the Nollywood actress.

He had been seeing Toyin for some time and asked her to marry him with a ring that reportedly cost millions of Naira. The two were said to be completely in love with each other and couldn’t wait to get married and spend the rest of their lives together.

As at the time of writing this report, actress Toyin Abraham is yet to comment on her breakup on her social media pages.


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  1. This days couple’s do not tolerate nonsense from each other.cause they were not meant for each other they only got atracted and got married

  2. May God have mercy on her, I don’t know why she always quarrel with everyone that will be her husband. Maybe she don’t want to marry again

  3. I knew from the onset that the marriage will hit the rock, Toyin doesn’t know how to manage a marriage, good luck to her anyway

  4. I hope this is the truth, I have a feeling that she engaged herself when she heard her ex hubby was remarrying, if not why couldn’t they name the so called snr lawyer, and also no pictures of the couple together even during the engagement, something is fishy

  5. The reason behind their breakup is best known to them but it’s good they broke up now that they were just engaged than when they are married

  6. What could have lead to this breakup again ,but all the same a broken relationship is better than a broken marriage and may God give both your bone of your bone

  7. Most celebrities has issue with the marriage, they need to look into that.. Your family comes first… Toyin I pray you get a good crown soon

  8. It is high time Toyin find a way to let her relationship work out, she should remember she is not getting younger and also she is a lady

  9. This ma’am have to be serious,i don’t think she’s really ready to get married,how many break up does she need to have before she get marry

  10. I feel a broken engagement is better than a broken marriage is just that Toyin had experienced broken marriage and maybe she just saw the signs that the marriage won’t work and decided to quit the engagement. My view

  11. Well at least they are still friends after the breakup…. But why is it hard for celebrities now a days to have a strong and lasting relationship? But as far as Robin in is happy and okay about all of this, then it’s okay.

  12. Still don’t know why celebrities find it difficult to be in relationship. Anyway it’s better to break up now than to have malice after marriage

  13. No one can tell d cause of their breakup even after their engagement so we shouldn’t be so quick to judge wen we don’t Kno d cause

  14. Broken engagement is better than a broken marriage dear. If you have good reasons to, I think it’s worth it saving yourself of future disaster. But kindly look well this time before leaping celebrities life are just full of drama.

  15. Broken engagement is better than broken marriage, everything happen for a reason, all u need to do is to fast nd pray, God will give u remedy for ur problem we dont have to rush into marriage because our mates are getting married, every man there’s a woman, every woman there’s a man

  16. Well, they are still in good terms this only means that what leads to their break up is well understand by both of them and reason best known to them.

  17. The belief that celebrity marriage or relationship doesn’t last should at least for once be proved wrong now. Relationships should be built on trust, love, understanding and tolerance.

  18. Nollywood actors have turned the marriage thing into an institution. Can get admitted and abort admission whenever they want.

  19. I hope this is the truth, I have a feeling that she engaged herself when she heard her ex hubby was remarrying, if not why couldn’t they name the so called snr lawyer, and also no pictures of the couple together even during the engagement.

  20. All this celebrity and their breakup…
    Well, is better to have broken engagement than broken marriage…
    He is not urs….wait for urs and please next time stop advitising mere marriage engagement on social media..wait till it is sealed at the alter

  21. You guys know the reason for the disengagement emotionally but I pray you both come back together and let the love fire burn even more than before.

  22. hard luck dear, a broken engagement, is better than a broken marriage. your soul mate will come one day. take heart.

  23. It is better to separate now than to start tearing each other apart in a divorce court.Kudos to them for having the courage to break it before it’s too late

  24. A broken engagement is better than a broken marriage…The right man will come and everything will be just fine.

  25. Well, since they still remain as friends its good because friendship is the greatest relationship. And since marriage is a life time commitment, they should take their time and choose wisely

  26. That’s fine, that’s why it has courtship, during courtship, two you will define the purpose you people are coming together, if it didn’t workout, then it break immediately

  27. How do you expect two rich people to sail a ship? Most actresses feels because of their money, no man can talk to them or addressed their wrong.

  28. The issue is that she has not gotten what you want in a man, maybe she’s looking for one quality or the other in a man

  29. Since they are still friends then that means it was for a good reason best known to them,, because I have not heard any bad news about Toyins relationship

  30. Nawa celebrity love affair .
    If she has seen something she doesn’t like about probably that will be the reason for future headache and she decides to stop it now that’s it’s still early fine. It’s better be single that marry the wrong person

  31. I’m happy this does not affect their friendship. Just to bad seeing our celebs unable to hold on to their marriages long enough.

  32. It’s good they had broken up now cause if they continue in the relationship then divorce could h be the end result and biblically it’s wrong to divorce one’s spouse

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