Tour de France winner arrested for attacking prostitute in Germany

Former Tour de France winner Jan Ullrich has been arrested for allegedly attacking and injuring a prostitute in Germany.

Jan Ullrich was said to have assaulted the prostitute while under the influence of drugs and alcohol.

Tour de France Winner Arrested for Attacking Prostitute In Germany lailasnews

Police said the German cyclist who won the 1997 event and came second to Lance Armstrong several times could be charged with assault or attempted murder.

Ullrich, 44, was arrested after police were called to a luxury Frankfurt hotel early on Friday.

“It seems Mr Ullrich and an escort woman had a dispute and that he attacked her,” said police spokesperson Carina Lerch.

“She alerted the hotel staff and they called police. Mr Ullrich is still in custody.”

The woman needed medical treatment but police said no more details would be given on her health while they are still investigating.

Earlier this week, Ullrich opened up to German newspaper Bild about his separation from his wife and children.

“The separation from Sara and distance from my children, whom I have not seen since Easter and have barely spoken to, have had a great effect on me,” said Ullrich.

“I have done and taken things as a result that I very much regret.”

Ullrich had just flown to Frankfurt from his home in Mallorca, where he had been involved in an altercation in his neighbour’s garden last weekend.

He competed in cycling during the controversial period dominated by drugs cheat Lance Armstrong and finished second in the Tour de France five times. In 2013, Ullrich admitted he had also received blood doping.

“Almost everyone took performance-enhancing substances then. I took nothing that the others didn’t also take,” Ullrich told German magazine Focus.

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