TOP-5 most reliable cars 2018 – choose a car at a reasonable price!

Choosing a reliable and durable car is very difficult. If the car is new, you have to rely on the status of the brand and its technology. If the vehicle is used, you have to trust the seller and rely on your own mindfulness.

We suggest you rely on the opinions of real, experienced car owners and make a sensible choice tomorrow!

Buy new or used Vehicles from reliable sellers cheaper – make only reasonable bargains!
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TOP-5 most reliable cars 2018 lailasnews 7

  1. Hyundai Solaris – the best offer among Korean cars

The high quality of assembly, good materials and optimal fixing of each part;
the simplest engines (their advantage is that they do not require almost any attention to themselves), the gearbox without any sophisticated technologies, it’s reliable and durable;
the branded running gear from Hyundai runs up to 100 000 km without repairs;
easy maintenance.

TOP-5 most reliable cars 2018 lailasnews

  • 2. Volkswagen Golf – traditional German quality

The high quality of manufacturing, the assembly is at the highest level, excellent materials and excellent quality of technology, lack of any factory defects;
technologies under the hood are diverse and interesting, the engines operate at maximum capacity, the technology is reliable;
the service life of the main parts of the suspension is amazing.

TOP-5 most reliable cars 2018 lailasnews 2

  • 3. Toyota Corolla – the standard of reliability in the C-class:

Almost unbreakable engine;
the gearbox lasts for life and does not break down or require special maintenance;
simplicity and long-term operation in the most difficult conditions;
there are no problems in technical aspects, every detail is its place, and there are no problems with the maintenance.

TOP-5 most reliable cars 2018 lailasnews 3

  • 4. Renault Kaptur – a decent urban crossover:

The body gives important advantages in terms of operation, excellent cross-country capabilities;
the absence of serious problems with technical parameters and operation;
the engine is reliable and will last a long time, the gearbox is checked;
the comfort of movement is high; this is a modern youth-oriented crossover.

TOP-5 most reliable cars 2018 lailasnews 4

  • 5. Nissan Sentra – an amazing investment:

Buyers can travel 100 000 km without visiting the service, except for regular maintenance;
the car is perfectly designed, the engines and gearboxes serve a long time and have a huge potential;
highest quality, simple performance of necessary tasks in any conditions;
with proper maintenance, the car has a potential of more than 500,000 km.

TOP-5 most reliable cars 2018 lailasnews 8
Choose one of these nearly perfect cars – and you will definitely win!

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