Top 5 African Countries To Visit VISA Free With Just Your Nigerian Passport

Africa is a very large continent and it has amazing places and cultures to exhibit.

There are beautiful places in Africa, if you feel you want to stay within the continent and explore the wonders of the African people. We’ve arranged a list of the best places in Africa you would love to visit Visa Free with just your Nigerian Passport. And if you’d love to visit any of the countries, booking your ticket ahead of time with Travelstart is just about the right step for you to take to experience the hassle free vacation you need.

  1. DJIBOUTI: Location – East Africa (Visa on arrival)

Djibouti offers a wide scope of entertainments the meandering voyager, particularly for those with a talent for experience. Its differing geology offers approach to energizing investigations while additionally presenting a calm safe house for those hoping to appreciate an increasingly laid-back occasion.

The sea shores on Djibouti’s coast and the close by Moucha Islands, the lakeside scenes and the desert fields offer copious open doors for dynamic interests or just lazing around to welcome the regular magnificence of the nation. Stroll on the absolute bottommost extremes on earth, investigate the wild and appreciate supernatural perspectives on the normal steaming stacks of popular lakes.

As a Nigerian Passport holder, the country will give you a visa on arrival.

  1. GHANA: Location – West Africa (Visa free)

Probably the most precious gem in West Africa’s jewellery, Ghana is a nation favoured with charming sea shores, cosmopolitan urban communities, and remote nature reserves loaded with exotic wildlife.

It is likewise a nation saturated with rich history. Specifically, the colonial trading forts that still exist along the Atlantic coast remain as a demonstration of the enduring brought about by the transoceanic slave exchange.

Realizing where to begin your experience in this extraordinary nation can be troublesome.

Be that as it may, regardless of whether you’re exploring a history castle, surfing world-class waves, or taking off on a safari, the experiences you will have in Ghana will surely leave a memory in your travel diary.

The country allows unlimited stay without visa.

  1. KENYA: Location – East Africa (Visa on arrival for 90 days)

As you may expect, wildlife safaris are the existence blood of Kenya travel industry, and the infrastructure for explorers is great. Jeeps, transports and light aircrafts fan out day by day across the nation over to Safari cabins and tented camps.

Lions and leopards are simply part of the scene in kenya, one of East Africa’s preferred safari goal. In excess of 40 nature reserves and national parks are dispersed between Lake Victoria and the Indian Ocean, covering each conceivable scene and including pretty much any creature in Africa.

Kenya is the spot to visit if you want to have extreme wildlife experience at nature’s grip. The country gives a 90 day permit on arrival.

  1. MADAGASCAR: Location – East Africa (Visa on arrival for 90 days)

Without a doubt one of the world’s most interesting destinations, Madagascar is the home to probably the strangest and most fascinating wildlife in existence. The country gives a 90 day permit on arrival.

  1. SEYCHELLES: Location – East Africa (1 month visitor’s permit on arrival)

The islands of Seychelles are about as near heaven as you can get, once you have felt the sand between your toes and oars in the completely clear waters here, beach vacations will never be the same again.

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