Tonto Dikeh writes about her alter ego, Poko

Nollywood actress, Tonto Dikeh who few days ago waged a ‘social media war’ against her ex-husband, Olakunle Churchill has written about her alter ego, which she named Poko.

Tonto Dikeh writes about her alter ego, Poko lailasnews

According to Tonto Dikeh, her alter ego Poko protects her in her own way and still lives somewhere in her. She further added that ‘Poko’ has been fun and she will keep her out for one more day, before she lets her in into her cage.

Read her post below;

Her name is POKO.
some where inside TONTO she still lives..
She Protects me in her own way.
She is the one that does all the dirty work.

Tonto Dikeh writes about her alter ego, Poko lailasnews 1

Recall that in the last few days, Tonto Dikeh has called her ex-husband a fraudster, a one minute man and someone who once depended on her for food, clothing and basic things he allegedly needed. However reacting to this, her ex-husband Olakunle Churchill had told his follower to respect the mother of his child.

Tonto Dikeh mocks Olakunle Churchill for saying he's a tireless machine


  1. I think that’s the fearless part of Tonto Dikeh but is all this worth it . She better take things with ease

  2. Rubbish!!!! Always acting childish, you let your Alter ego *Poko* out two days ago and she had fun. Now you are caging her for a day bla bla bla bla bla and you think you are tough abi??? Let me tell you one thing, you are just being childish and immature, there are some things you overlook it’s not everything you see or hear that you talk about or act on.

  3. It is better you put the poko back to the cage before it lands you into trouble and don’t let it out again because it doesn’t tell good about you on social media

  4. Sigh, I too think there is something that come over her, oh poko the troublesome, lives inside you, you better cage it back and stop all this drama of a things, it annoying

  5. I understand her very well…her fearless side, dnt go there or else you will surely get what you deserve…this mama King sef….hahahah.ok oh….we have heard you…

  6. Sometimes I wonder if Tonto is a drug addict. Or she do loose her mind every once in a while. See now, despite her heart piercing reaction, the husband still pleads with his followers to respect her.

  7. I now see tonto dikeh as someone that makes noise which kind of rubbish is this one. Poko or no poko which one is our business here is no more your ex husband

  8. This drama queen shaaaaaa! So that poko the trouble-maker still lives in you?
    Isokay, God help you make she no put you for trouble.

  9. I have forgotten that name o. Tonto do take it easy though you might have your reasons for setting poko free to rash out

  10. The polo baby,drama queen. Your ex husband just showed you his level of maturity by snubbing your abusive words

  11. Everyone has that side of him/her that enables him/her fight all odds and behave in an unbelievable manner,,u only let it out when people who deserves it appear or come our way,,I too have that odd side of me,,I perfectly understood you

  12. This girl doesn’t just know what she wants…what kind of crazy thing is this one…what is “Poko” hiss..she just wants to be noticed jare…well its her life let her useless it if she wants…

  13. “Polo” and what does she think she’s trying to say!? Her fearsome part or Trouble part, anyone sha it still does not define the insults you spat on your ex-husband, you better go say sorry to him

  14. Tonto’s ex husband is really a man, after hearing all ur ex wife said against you, you still admonished ur followers to respect the mother of you son. Thumps up! Some times, it’s best not to say what your eyes sees or ur heart feels.

  15. Toto’s ego as known as her poko is really affecting her,makes her not to think before talking, behaves in a way that is least expected of her.I will advice her to cage her poko forever.

  16. That’s her problem. She would have kept that to herself because it never did us any good reading.

  17. This wan is trying to stay relevant by behaving like a conductor online…… mental illness is real. Tonto visit a doctor near you.

  18. Poko or no Poko, that’s just rubbish. Just learn how to overlook things of the past and move on with the present.

  19. Tonto and her drama . I hope you don’t have multiple personality disorder. I hope poko doesn’t cause you trouble .

  20. What is that supposed to mean, if that the u gave to ur God? I wonder what part poko is playing in her that makes her cherish her so much.

  21. Poko, d controversial Tonto. Dis lady will never cease to amaze us. Today she is preaching, tomorrow she is mad, as in like mad.please get a life miss poko

  22. So you accept that you have two personalities, that’s good, don’t just use poko to wreck too much havoc.

  23. Is that Tonto’s way of saying she has multiple personality disorder? In the end they are still part and parcel of her.

  24. This has become insanity. You fight with yourself and tell yourself you have won yourself.
    Please someone get this lady some help before things go psycho.

  25. Ego is 2hat every humans have but the question you should asked yourself is,is my ego taking the better part of me?

  26. I like the sense of maturity in her ex husband,,despite the fact that she keeps on saying trash Abt him he still wants ppl to respect her n here she is saying rubbish about the so called poko

  27. What kind of altar is that does it really leaves in you, is it the reason of your been, will really want to know about that your altar

  28. I wonder which one is poko again. Honestly am even getting confuse about all this her dramatic act. Lols.

  29. Tonto she take things easy…coming to share your marital problems on social media,what does she expect? Just move with your life. The same man you criticized, you are painting blue tomorrow.

  30. Tonto my celebrity crush, keep the good work going, I love your action always and your accent.

  31. That’s your own cup of tea and not mine female celebrities always find it difficult to settle down in marriage is it because they have the money or what tonto I don’t care about what you’re up to now poko polo that’s all your business.

  32. You are just trending negatively on social media just get in and come out after 5years your wahala itaff tire everyone

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