Tonto Dikeh says ex-husband allegedly paid media 500k to post negative things about her

Nollywood actress, Tonto Dikeh who is not done dragging her ex-husband, Olakunle Churchill, has alleged that he reportedly paid the media 500k to post negative things about her.

Tonto Dikeh says ex-husband allegedly paid media 500k to post negative things about her lailasnews

Sharing screenshot of a Whatsapp conversation her ex-husband allegedly had with someone in 2017, Tonto Dikeh alleged that her husband paid the media 500k to post negative things about her and the truth is ‘she doesn’t trust him because he is a Godforsaken Lying Fool’.

Read what she wrote below;

“Plus you and instablog you are all mad.
You pay 500k to instablog to always post negative shit about me??
Truth is ,knowing who you are i dont even trust this,becos you are Godforsaken Lying Fool..
You possibly cld be lying on the blog tòo but one thing i know is thats your whatsapp no.
Dont know which one to believe but if this is true you and your instablog will die a miserable death …
Olakunke churchiĺl this is your no. +41779232336

Tonto Dikeh says ex-husband allegedly paid media 500k to post negative things about her lailasnews 1

The actress had earlier fired back at an fake Instagram page she believes is being run by her ex-husband, Churchill Olakunle, to insult her. She posted this photo above on her Instagram page with the caption:



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  1. why? It doesnt matter. The truth no matter how hidden will always stand out.

    If Tonto doesnt forgive him for whatever, then she is letting him live rent free in her head.

    Life is bigger than offences. We all make mistakes. Let hm be.

  2. Tonto should said Churchill is broke and can’t afford child support, you again said he paid media 500k to post rubbish about u….. Are you not confused

  3. Am so fade up with this Tonto and her ex husband’s issue, she said he is poor and now a lying fool so what’s all this about, seriously this is so immature of them to be disgracing each other as if they never had a thing “marriage” before, so the poor ex husby as claimed could raise 500k for such hmmmmm what’s the truth on this only God knows

  4. Plz whatever it is with both of you, u people should step aside and settle it. Which one is true here, just to many stories…

  5. I think Tonto needs help Psychologically, she is seriously loosing it.
    If she is over with the marriage, she should be over for real, and let Churchill rest. She has dragged him enough. Paying 500k to write negative things about her is a new one

  6. I don’t understand this mama king is it hard to move on or she’s still in love with her ex husband,every now and then she rant on social media about her ex while he on the other hand don’t even give a fig about her…All is well

  7. This drama is taking a toll . Two grown ups behaving childishly. Tonto ignore this man , if he actually stoop so low to do that then he is sick in the head

  8. Tonto! For God sake, leave the father of your child alone na! Pls let him be, if truly he’s done you so bad, let karma deal with him. Stop all this and go to church. Ask God to forgive you so you can have peace!

  9. There is so much hatred in Tonto’s heart against Churchill her ex husband. Tonto is time you move and leave everything for time to heal.

  10. So just like that, 500k to post negative things about your own ex-wfe, what exactly is he going to gain from it, just to tanish another persons image l, your once upon a time wife to be precise, nawaooo

  11. Na small pikin dey worry una,husband and wife matter is not a do or die issue ,if u guys are really true,then stay apart from each other naa,abi na by force.why insulting yourselves on social media.its so childish.pls u guys should get a life.

  12. Never knew this Tonto could be like this. You guys are divorced and you are always saying this and that about him. Kilosele gangan ? If you still love him go and beg him abeg and you guys should reconcile. Please let the sleeping dog lie.

  13. Comment* Maybe she needs medical attention why is overreacting to every unimportant thing she dragging all of these by herself

  14. Tonto dike need to forgive him so they can have a better relationship, I wonder why must celebrities do not have a peaceful home,all they do is domestic violence and all.Trust is the principal thing that keeps a relationship going

  15. Tonto Dikeh fight and her ex husband won’t end today o. All she said to the man was harsh mehn. Who will put a stop to his quarrel now

  16. when two people get married, the bible say they become one flesh, no longer two, but one flesh. for Toto Dikeh’s husband to pay the media to post something bad about his wife, I don’t think it a good idea.

  17. But if this is true, it so childish of him. If he doesn’t want her any more, he should leave her quietly rather than tarnishing her image.

  18. This one no clear at all.
    I could remember I called you man of integrity yesterday, Sir now look at what am seeing it doesn’t make sense at all.

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