Tonto Dikeh reveals her ex-husband, Olakunle Churchill is one minute man

Nollywood actress, Tonto Dikeh who yesterday dragged a troll who called her bitter person, has further revealed that her ex-husband, Olakunle Churchill is a one minute man.

Tonto Dikeh reveals her ex-husband, Olakunle Churchill is one minute man lailasnews

In another exchange with a troll who reacted to her shade post for her ex-husband, Tonto Dikeh who recounted how she clothed, fed and dumped a man who ‘can’t afford child support’, further disclosed that her Mr. Churchill is a one minute man.

Here is a screenshot of the exchange below;

Tonto Dikeh reveals her ex-husband, Olakunle Churchill is one minute man lailasnews 1

We reported yesterday that Tonto Dikeh who described her ex-husband as a fraudster ‘yahoo boy’, had written in the posts;

Boy I sure have made so many mistakes,NOW I KNOW BETTER..
#Boy I sure have made so many mistakes,NOW I KNOW BETTER..


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  1. When she seems to be in love then if someone has been calling her attention to all of this she will not listen to.

  2. People should learn to mind their own business. The guy is provoking her and she is responding in the like

  3. He is already your ex so I did see any reason to shadd him,you paid your bride and you also know he is poor and and one minutes man why not say no when he want to marry you.

  4. I believe this is the ranting of a damaged/pained woman. You are hauling insults at your ex that chose to ignore you. Silence they said is the best answer for a F..l.

    The same father of your son is the person that you are insulting and remember the Internet never forgets.

    From my own observation, Mr Churchill will definitely have his fleaws like tonto but seems Internet shy before you came on board posting and giving relationship advise.

    My dear, move on and allow sleeping dogs lie. You will never come and admit your part in this break up as you at no saint either.

  5. Tonto dikeh 4sure that is your cross carrying it. for this case I believe is a family issue is not everybody that have access to it.

  6. Tonto dike you are always talking bad about this man moreover you guys are not together anymore so let him be

  7. Tonto Dikeh, have murdered Churchill o. If am Churchhill, I will just hide my face. Only him Yahoo boy, only him can’t afford child support, only him one sec man. This one is strong

  8. I don’t know why some people won’t mind their business well he deserve the reply she serve him because she did not mention Churchill name in her post

  9. Tonto please don’t make me… what you where madly in love then he was the real man and now is just one minute man.

  10. Tonto is just acting childish. In her mind she’s attracting sympathy from Nigerians but on the contrary she’s just behaving like a kid. Must you reply even thing someone tells you? It’s over between you both. So let it die naturally

  11. Chai! This people with their problem. Why air your dirty laundry outside. You marry him because you wanted to. No one forced you seeing that you were the one that paid your dowry. If its over, let it be over.

  12. Could it also be the reason why tonto is so bitterly angry with the guy,anyway no problem sha if she decides to remains like this

  13. U knew and u still married him.why say it now,or u still want him back in ur life. No need he is moved on.

  14. This celebrity with marriage issue,
    Dear Ma (Tonto Dike)
    Keep hold to one man, I think that’s the Best.

  15. Why do you always castigate this man at every opportunity that has the rare misfortune of coming your way ? You guys are no more, so let him be for crying out loud. Your actions are so childish and immature. And are you also perfect in the first place ? Let the man come out and start making a comprehensive lists of your anomalies too. And if you are wise, sane and sensitive in the first place you soul have noticed all his shortcomings. Please Tonto cut the crap.

  16. To believe a woman’s words during quarrels is a big sin on its own. Na you know your tori but be truthful to yourself

  17. You Are always coming to social media to castigate this man… When the going was good he wasn’t a one minute man, he was very rich theN but now you are the same person saying otherwise. Weldone ma

  18. Seriously I see no reason for criticism here, after he’s an ex so he should remain one what’s the meaning of all that, besides you knew he was poor when you settled for him just because you guys are not history don’t make him any less please let’s be matured and act like we are

  19. Like seriously? Some people can be so ridiculous, people should Pls mind their business, why the nonsense?
    And you Tonto, must you respond to all this kind talk? I tot you’re now a Christian.
    Does your own Bible teach you to spread your past dirty linen outside? If he like he should be half second man, na so God do am.
    And you’re not the first woman that married her husband. Get matured abeg.

  20. some people dont really know when to open up must it be on social media…and tonto. you are a public figure and a woman…you shudnt reply to stuffs like this..

  21. Tonto stop progressing your foolishness by the day. Hahahaha to feeding someone who you claimed bought you a Lexus and heaven and earth. Atleast you got a one minute son from this one minute man, you are still such a fool, it’s unbelievable. Grow up for real and fear God too. There is nothing changed about you, nothing and stupid fools like you ‘re bound to repeat history.

  22. well revealing this now has a reason best known to her but I strongly they might never be meant to be together probably they are both not best for each other. it could be painful sometimes when you make mistakes.

  23. Tonto you are really trending with this your ex’s issue ooo, but why can’t people mind their own damn business

  24. why telling the world what’s our business you know he was a one minute man and you got married to him and also had a child for him shame on you lets see how you correct the mistake

  25. Allow the sleeping dig lie in peace this your love story has long been forgotten so why all these again

  26. Who cares. You seem jobless spending lots of time running your ex down. And yet the guy hasn’t said a word back to you. I believe that a man with tolerance is very matured.

  27. Tonto learn from your mistakes and forget about the should move on,saying this everyday will not solve anything

  28. You sound like a broken and pained woman. Likes begets likes. If you dust, and married the wrong or scammers as you claim, then that makes the both of you. Deal with your issues personal and stop exposing your f****Ness. Correct your wrongs and move on

  29. Ahh… lol.. this is not funny again o Tonto Dikeh . Why would you talk such on a social media . That’s bad serious

  30. There is nothing I will not see in social media. Why calling the man u fell in love with,married and what nots names.its not fair naah,even if he was a one minute man,must you say it on social media?

  31. It’s now obvious that Tonto dike is just pained and bitter…no matter the image she tries to portray on the outside

  32. The same Tonto Dike that preached about the holy spirit few days ago is here talking unclean words,God is watching

  33. I very much understand d game Tonto is playing. She’s doing all these stuff to remain & stay relevant in d news.

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