Tokyo threatens to disown daughter, Blac Chyna

Mother of reality star Blac Chyna– Tokyo Toni in a post on Instagram has made it known that she will be disowning her daughter- Chyna as she turns 30.

Tokyo threatens to disown daughter, Blac Chyna Lailasnews 3


She based her decision on grounds that the former stripper doesn’t take care of her.

She also sighted a number of instances when this had happened.

She made mention of a scenario when Chyna refused giving her 30dollars she claimed she needed to eat as she was hungry.

Tokyo revealed that Chyna told her that she was broke and needs money to take care of her kids.

She also revealed that Chyna has instructed herĀ  nanny not to let her near her grandkids.

For these reasons, Tokyo has said she will no longer see Chyna as her daughter.

Here is how she puts it:

“Just like I birth her on her birthday, Imma be divorcing her on her birthday.”

The back and forth between the ex-stripper and her mother has been going on for a while on social media.

Earlier this year, Tokyo revealed she only sees her grandchildren on FaceTime and that’s only because Chynas babypapa- Rob Kardashian makes it possible.

Chyna has previously made it clear that it’s all lies her mother has been telling against her on social media.

However, her mother fired back with more of their dirty laundry in public.

Chyna’s birthday is May 11th and we would wait and see what happens.



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  1. Even the mom is more horrible than the daughter. How can she say Chyna don’t know how many dicks she sucked to feed her, the girl took after her kind if life and she’s complaining. Disgusting set of people.

  2. This mother and daughter should respect themselves and allow us hear word. When the going was sweet we didn’t hear them talk so they better endure whatever is going on now.

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