Toke Makinwa shows off £825 (N405k) perfume she got from a secret admirer (video)

Toke Makinwa who had been before now revealed that she needs a man that will take her shopping just like D’banj, took to her Insta-story to show off an £825 (N405k) perfume she got from a secret admirer.

Toke Makinwa shows off £825 (N405k) perfume she got from a secret admirer (video) lailasnews

Toke Makinwa showed off the £825 (N405k) perfume with caption;

Dear secret admirer, thank you, forgive my voice.

Here is the video below;

Toke Makinwa had also clearly disclosed that she is no longer into dark chocolatey men, rather she is opened to meeting just anyone.  The media personality made this confession known via her Instagram page on Sunday, November 25, 2018.

Stop saying you will give marriage another chance, it is marriage that will give you another chance - Oma Akatugba tells Toke Makinwa

According to Makinwa, she no longer find dark chocolate guys attractive.

“Congrats TM you are growing. I no longer have a spec. I find dark chocolatey guys not attractive anymore. The lord is good,” she wrote.


  1. It’s not a crime to have admirers. She should just be careful with gifts she collect from strangers

  2. If someone in need have asked the secrete admirer for help .. Am sure he would say he doesn’t have money but here he is buying expensive perf for a woman.. Not jealous though; just saying my mind.

  3. I guess he has more than enough and his willing to share.. Thanks for informing us but we are not using the perfume with you so keep it to yourself.. As for your spec in guys,no one asked you!! I find it amusing ladies change their taste in guys when they can’t find any man for themselves… Have a lovely time… Dark chocolate guys rock!!!

  4. Hold the guy tight oooooooooooo is not easy to get such people make him open admire not secret admirer abeg

  5. Your secret admiral is extravagant and you encourage him to go help charity homes were he ll be more appreciated

  6. I think is better you just keep your secret to your admirer and yourself, nobody cares about your secret,I see your admirer Is very rich

  7. Attention seeker, do you need to show it to us, always want to trend. Now we have seen it, should we fry beans or something. Bloggers should stop given irrelevant people attention.


  9. She is very confused first it was dark chocolate now you don’t want them anymore your looking for anyone

  10. What an expensive one. But must every thing be posted online. Well good for you dear, just be careful.

  11. As for your spec in guys,no one asked you!! I find it amusing ladies change their taste in guys when they can’t find any man for themselves

  12. Your secret admirer must be very rich that perfume no be small thing ooomy sister congratulations I just like you no matter what you do

  13. Is your life dear live it the way you like but don’t end up destroying yourself that’s my kind advice.

  14. That’s is secret abi but she is making it open is better for her to get one man now old age is coming

  15. Guys self, you bought just a perfume for 405k, for a lady, ok,it seems you don’t have anything reasonable to do with you money,

  16. Why cant the person help people with the money,instead of buying it with an expensive perfume to give someone that don’t seems to know you

  17. If truly you know thatn the Lord s good then let the world see God in you, your dressing, character etc

  18. Who ever bought her that expensive perfume doesn’t know what to do with his money or better still he doesn’t work for the money or even a ritualist. She really needs to open up her eye before some yahoo boiz will use her.

  19. That must be a real admirer to give her such an expensive and nice perfume, good luck, enjoy your perfume

  20. I really love Toke a lot and her way.I just wish a good man will just come for her.A lady with class that has a pure heart.Thank God she no longer wants them dark chocolatey guyz

  21. What a waste of money ! Just be more careful how you go about getting gift from secret admirers the world is filled with evil people

  22. Well I think with admiration man can give anything to please his heart. Congrats sis. You are lucky indeed

  23. Toke be careful of any secret admirer who cannot show his face directly. Live a decent life. Nice update

  24. The secret admira has been eyeing u for long until u confess u don’t need chocolate guy anymore.just be careful with those the admired you secretly

  25. my dear am glad u appreciate the person there are some who would say abuisive words to the person,so it’s ur world flex it to the fullest

  26. Wow that very good for the admirer……. Hmmmm the person should keep keeping it secret

  27. Nice one, but it should be kept secret since you don’t know who sent it. I hope you find the man of your dream soonest.

  28. Hmmmmm. Hope this secret admirer will be given a chance. Buying a N408k perfume for a lady no be small thing of.

  29. Enjoy your youth dear, It’s your time. But make sure to find something doing so u can afford anything you need, not waiting on admirers.

  30. Okay na
    There is nothing we’ll not see
    Thank your secret admirer so much
    Cos he is coming for you sooner or later

  31. But wait o assuming someone in need ask you for money,i guess you won’t give the person, but you bought such expensive perfume for your secret admire

  32. Why show off, how does it concern the public, keep your private life private. Is only secret admirer what happens when he becomes your lover.

  33. Nawah o,this secret admirer have time for useless thing,I hope he doesn’t have a wife because some can’t take care of their housewife this much

  34. And someone in his family might be needing 10k oo, he’s forming for a lady, I hope there’s more where that came from because if u eventually disclose ur identity, that lady will suck u dry

  35. It seems he has much money to waste on perfumes when there are alot of people, children in the orphanage begging for 1/50 of that money u just wasted

  36. I don’t believe the perfume costs that much. But if it does, the buyer doesn’t know what to do with his money

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