Toke Makinwa celebrates 36th birthday, writes about her struggles

Controversial Nigerian OAP Toke Makinwa, is celebrating her 36th birthday today November 3rd 2020, and she has taken to social media to share some special snaps to mark the day.

Toke Makinwa celebrates 36th birthday, writes about her struggles

The media personality who recently revealed that she tested positive to COVID-19 was obviously grateful on marking her special day.

Taking to her Instagram page, Toke Makinwa shared the many struggles she has had to face this year and the many expectations she had before her 36th birthday that never became reality.

See what she wrote below;

”The month of October was not the best I’ve felt, I don’t just want to post glam pictures cos I do love the glam life but that’s not all there is to me. I have been given this platform to share, to rise, to fall, to bare it all so you all know that there’s nothing like picture perfect, we are all just trying to figure life out.

I was stressed emotionally, exhausted spiritually, working round the clock feeling empty cos I had so many expectations and it seemed like the devil heard be brag so loud about how good God has been to me, he decided to test my mind. Falling sick after God told me the plague in the land will not visit my family, oh I had expectations that this time November 2020 I will be posting baby on the way pictures but my belly is still flat, and my waist is still disappearing. The only thing I had going for me was work. Losing friends to betrayal and my anxiety on a all time high, I couldn’t travel cos my work load kept piling and I just wasn’t feeling great. I stopped praying cos I was tired of the same prayer points and as my birthday drew closer I felt even more anxious.

Yesterday I watched a sermon by @sarahjakesroberts titled “Girl get up” and I broke down really bad, I was carrying it all in, smiling for the world but the weight of all my emotions was on override and I let it all out. I felt God, I felt new and I felt peace. I started to remind myself of that little girl with dreams, the little girl that wanted to live the life that I live now and though all isn’t perfect, I am turning 36 whole. I know only God could have brought me this far and the view from the 36th floor will be even more amazing. I know this was meant to be a hot picture but I decided to share this to let someone out there know that we are all in this thing called life together. All of it, the happy and sad, the joy and aches, the wins and loss, the view will only get better, I promise you.

Sorry for the long caption, if it’s not for you, scroll and pass but if it is, read it knowing God knows your name and he makes no mistakes. He is never late and your miracle is taking longer cos it will be a sign to the whole world that he did it. Hang in there”

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