Toke Makinwa accused of flirting with Ebuka

Popular Nigerian OAP Toke Makinwa has been accused by numerous twitter users of flirting with Ebuka.
Toke Makinwa accused of flirting with Ebuka lailasnews 3
Toke Makinwa accused of flirting with Ebuka

Toke Makinwa, on her Twitter, wrote that she’s been mishearing Chinko Ekun‘s “Able God,” as “Ebuka” and wanted to know if other people have been hearing same.

I only just found it it’s “Able God” 😂 I’m I the only one who hears “Ebuka” instead 😂 @Ebuka.

While Ebuka replied with a simple, “Hian,” the internet has been going on and on about the tweet.

And some twitter users wrote that she was only flirting with Ebuka as Able God in the song does not in any way sound as the name Ebuka.

Some even mentioned that she probably always has Ebuka in mind anytime she listens to the song.


  1. Nigerian just love poke nose in other people matters, what is all your business even if it is truth..

  2. How can Nigerians term this as flirting..? it because she’s not married does not new new not talk to men

  3. Nawa! Are they sure or they a just imagining but if it is true God help her but base on my understanding she was only asking of clarification on a song.

  4. This celebrities will not stop their unnecessary drama,able God is far different from ebuka for God sake

  5. So how does that correlate to both of them flirting and if they do, are they kids? Abeg let them be, its not a new thing.

  6. Is this an assumption or what is been said? I don’t understand why such news should make headline, that’s their own case.

  7. You people should leave her alone, whether Ebuka or Able God, I think that’s her business, so please let Her tackle it on her own

  8. Very funny. Let her keep hearing the Ebuka until she opens her mind and ear to get the real song. That’s what she chose to hear.

  9. That love but she doesn’t want to surrender. Just say the truth and it shall set you free.

  10. Why accuse her, it’s her life and her ears. She can do anything she likes with it. Why use panadol for another persons headache. Let her be joor.

  11. Nigerians are brainy Lol!!!”
    Seriously I think they are right…even if it was ebuka she was hearing,why no just keep am to herself……she’s indeed throwing a shot

  12. This is Nigeria, a place where people won’t allow you tweet in peace. Flirting or wanting a clarification is none of our business. Please let her be. Able God sounded like Ebuka to her, is it your sounding spirit?

  13. Nigerians with their negative way of seeing things, even if she is interested in the Bobo, hw that one take concern them, I believe that it not only the Agbada lord that goes by that name Ebuka, so why are they already pointing fingers or did she mention his full name? Nonsense.

  14. Lol….the way we hear is somehow different at times when your mind is not really with what you are hearing bcos “able God” is quite different from abuka,I don’t think toke is trying to shoot any shot.

  15. She’s interested in him that’s why she’s flirting with him and I know many of the girls are interested only her own blow up

  16. Its her business nah….. why poke nose in another persons business, she can do what ever she want with her life… Nigerians don’t know how to mind their business

  17. This is a shot I guess its on purpose toke makinwa is a baby girl for life,she knows what is up her sleeve

  18. The two names are not similar or sounds same in any way.. So I don’t know why she would misheard them.. Anyways I guess she’s cleared now..

  19. She her life, she owns it, you people should leave her alone, whether Ebuka or Able God, it not anybody business, so please

  20. Can’t Nigerians mind their business? Why in God’s name will you always go after ‘tweets ‘ of celebrities.pls leave Toke makinwa in peace let her express her mind,if it’s actually Ebuka she is hearing and not able God then sing along with her. It will be inform of remix

  21. if it’s actually Ebuka she is hearing and not able God then sing along with her. It will be inform of remix.leave the poor girl alone and face your own problems.. Haba!Nigerians palava

  22. If you continue listening about people you will end up like a mad girl, so forget about their saying and keep moving

  23. Lol,whether Able God or Ebuka,she had already said something,whatever interpretation,let them continue with their insubordination.Aproco’

  24. People should learn to mind their own business, is not of anybody business if she is flirting,she knows what good for her.

  25. The way we use internet this days is not encouraging, what concerns us with most of these rubbishes posted on internet? Time will tell anyway

  26. Rumor mongers have started again. Even if she have a crush on him, what’s the big deal. She can fall in love with any guy

  27. Nigerians and assumptions/conclusions. What if that’s what she really used to hear?, do they have any proof of the supposed flirting with Ebuka?

  28. I’m sure she was just trying to joke with him, Nigerians always looking for issues where there isn’t

  29. Nigerians always have a way of misinterpreting humorous gestures and also creating a mess in a simple case like this, haters are too much. If she wanted to hit on ebuka, she didn’t need to go public.

  30. Nigerian just love poke nose in other people matters, what is all your business even if it is truth E concine you?

  31. Does it not really sound like Ebuka? When they use phonie to sing words don’t really come out now it will sound different

  32. Sometime assumptions doesn’t really portray the actual meaning of an occurrence of happenings. Perception really differ it may not actually mean anything serious as people may think.

  33. ts a rodiidiculous and baseless assumption. I dont know where people get their ideas from these days.

  34. This is nobody’s business, this shows they are good friends. People should stop making false assumption.

  35. If she has not been hearing the right words, and now she does, i don’t see anything wrong with them, why are people taking it serious

  36. They are professionals they have the right to do what they want we can’t live their lives for them.

  37. Flirting with him or not,that’s why they are celebrities, they’ll do anything that’ll make them trend

  38. I think Toke just got another opportunity to latch on to remain relevant in our thoughts .She just used Ebuka to trend.

  39. Flirtting is so allowed o, nigerians can not just.mind their business or once, please let her be, more grace to your able my dear

  40. Just leave the Agbada man alone!! He’s cute and happy so he doesn’t want anything that’s gonna stain his way

  41. Nigerians like reading meaning to everything, how is that comment related to flirting, some people can be funny at times

  42. Flirt is a normal thing and I believe everybody has the right to flirt with who ever they want to its a free world

  43. You just have to keep moving ahead and don’t give hears to what people are saying behind your back. Those are jobless people.

  44. People can easily take things out of context to make unnecessary noise. She could be joking or really trying to relate her real thought about the music lyrics. Trying to find out if is the truth or someone experienced such too. Women are too jealous of themselves and if you check those response, is from women. Gossips everywhere. Because she’s a celebrity, she can express her thoughts again without being scrutinised by irrelevant critics. Hian!!!

  45. What is their business if she’s flirting or not…last I checked I didn’t see her life being shared with someone else..let her be Nigerians.

  46. It’s not anyone’s business what she wants to do with her life, so people should learn to mind their business.

  47. some people can be so funny, she just have to let whatever she hears instead of the right one she suppose to hear let go. it doesn’t mean and it doesn’t remove anything from her neither does it stop her from moving forward

  48. People shouldn’t draw conclusions from what they see. Drawing conclusions from assumption is not good. She might have nothing to do with Ebuka.

  49. There’s no how you would pronounce able God that it would look like ebuka,, it’s not possible,,, unless the person didn’t listen well,,, but is still doesn’t mean she’s flirting the statement shouldn’t be twisted

  50. If she is interested in the Bobo, hw that one take concern them, I believe that it not only the Agbada lord that goes by that name Ebuka, so why are they already pointing fingers or did she mention his full name?

  51. How does this affect people that will not mind their buisness, putting fire where there is none . It was just a harmless statement , what she thought she head and people are there poke nosing

  52. the majority of the people on the internet this days are people who in the first had no business to be there

  53. Is this enough reason to spark dating rumour? Why do people like making something out of nothing. What if they are dating is it bad?

  54. It’s not actually anyone’s business it’s their business if they’re dating so what? Sometimes we shouldn’t interfere into people’s business

  55. I don’t really understand what these people are talking about,what concerns tokin with Ebuka,interms of flirting with him

  56. Nigerians! U like to twist somebody’s utterances. Did you see her mind ? For you to now concludes that she is flirting with Ebuka

  57. Funny,Ebuka sounds like “able God” no problem, if toke can say the truth, let her defend herself otherwise me too am saying she is flirting with Ebuka

  58. Please you people should leave Toke alone, I don’t know when comment turned to flirting. Even though she flirts with Ebuka or anyone else, it her life… So you all should back off please.

  59. Life of a celebrity can be very annoying when people that no nothing about you will start talking all sort of nonsense

  60. People will not learn to keep quiet at some things self…ableGod sounds like ebuka does DAT mean anything???

  61. please, tell me if there is a big deal in flirting with each other, this is nothing, if they love each other them , let them marry na

  62. It happens for real. Think of some songs that we sang while growing up only to find out few years back that the lyrics weren’t correct or some recent songs we learnt and probably saying the wrong words only to be corrected that we didn’t get it right

  63. It’s the way it sounds in her ear na. Or is it their ears. Please let them leave her hearing alone abeg

  64. Comm
    whether its able God or ebuka it’s not ur hearing jxt allow d hearer hear in peace wateva soothes them

  65. That’s eventually how most love life is built on. Atleast someone must make the move. The next thing you will hear is that they are married

  66. Nigerians have got no chills at all. The lady just stated what she heard but how does Able God sound like Ebuka. still wondering

  67. The are compatible and understand each other, they love each other so everybody who is not in support should remain silent forever.

  68. How does able God relate to Ebuka.. she better find an unmarried man to flirt with rather than waste her time

  69. Lols at aunty just say u like him, before u know it now…they wee kuku do match making here…eh, me too i thought it was Ebuka

  70. Even me I’m still thinking of the relationship between” Ebuka ” and “Able God “. Toke Makinwa. Take your time oh. Before they will break some tables on your head

  71. If she admires him or not, if she likes she should keep dreaming of him at night. I guess its her cup of tea.

  72. Why must every act always be misinterpreted?
    She may not have wrong intentions and may not even be flirting.

  73. He is married, let her focus on her matter and leave flirting alone, able God is not in anyway connected to Ebuka

  74. That’s the only thing she said nd pple r qleady saying she is flirting with him…anyway sha…celebrities know themselves

  75. These people are adults for crying out loud.flirting or not.Nigerian should please mind their own business

  76. Toke makinwa don’t mind poeple is just rumor move on with your life and leave people saying all such of thing

  77. Is she say she did not get d word properly she might be correct not everything one would say u would hear correctly so key her forget what other re twitting

  78. Is she say she did not get d word properly she might be correct not everything one would say u would hear correctly

  79. Everyone should learn to mind his or her business. We are all sinners trying to be a saint. If properly check, those accusing her also commits worst sin pt crime.

  80. Just be yourself, please yourself and please God then forget what ever the masses are saying and keep moving forward.

  81. Who has it not happened to before? Singing a line with all boldness not knowing that you are hearing amiss, till you come across the lyrics. Abeg leave them o

  82. The celebrity has their life to leave as they want. Because, two of them knows their choice and what they cherry in each other.

  83. Nigerians! Let’s stop blowing things out of context and making mountains out of molehills. She said she thought it was ‘ Ebuka’ instead of ‘ Able God ‘ , its what she heard so what’s the offence?

  84. I really don’t know why people don’t mind their business in this country. How can they start insinuating that she probably always has Ebuka in mind anytime she listens to the song, are they in her mind to see that? Please let us leave people to live their lives.

  85. Aproco people are everywhere, nawa, what is you people’s business, whether she flirt or date is non of your business, live her to tackle her problem.

  86. How does this concern any of them? She just aired her view is there no freedom of expression on the internet without misinterpretation again?

  87. Flirting is allowed joor,who will see this kind of guy and not flirt with him.carry on lady but knw say na person hubby.

  88. Is the dude complaining? Let the sleeping dog lie.. Is flirting now a crime or people must poke their nose into every celebrity story

  89. Toke Makinwa is single and can mishear anything she likes. If that’s her style of attracting Ebuka’s attention, it’s good.

  90. My sister try your shot joor. Its a free world… But remember say no b Naija style for woman to toast man…..

  91. Is the Actor the only one bearing Ebuka. Nawa ooooo people shaaaa.. Let them flirt is it your flirting???

  92. If I may ask, who is ebuka to her? That she is mindful of him, I think he must be someone dear to her in heart..

  93. We cannot decide for anybody. It is better to choose whom you are interested in and stick to him.

  94. Hahaha, they don’t sound alike at all. My sister I feel you, if he won’t talk out u should help him notice u are there. Don’t worry now he knows

  95. Another Ebuka story, I don’t known when people will let others be on things that are irrelevant, my thought now

  96. See how they turned a simple innocent jab into flirting, that’s how social media twists things till they land one in trouble.

  97. Some years past till now some times I don’t get d lyrics of songs till I hear it over and over again so it’s nt a new thing.calling a name dose nt mean they re dating or having anything

  98. She is not even sure if what she heard…and even if really u heard EBUKA, so what’s the big deal? She should just forget that and move on with tee life.

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