Tiwa Savage reacts to Yemi Alade’s shade of increasing her butt in photos

Tiwa Savage has reacted to Yemi Alade’s shade of increasing her butt in photos, which was passed on in a tweet this morning.

Tiwa Savage reacts to Yemi Alade's shade of increasing her butts in photos lailasnews

Recall that we reported earlier today that Yemi Alade took to Twitter to call out her colleagues, who according to the her increase their butts in photos they share on social media. Yemi Alade who advised her colleagues to embrace their true selves, added that they should stop deceiving their fans by increasing their butts. She wrote;

Stop increasing your ynash in your pictures! You know you are straight like “I” embrace your real self ! Ahh ahh. Deceiving fans up and dan

However Tiwa Savage who reacted to Yemi Alade’s shade, shared throw back photos on her Instagram page and further warned that though she is quiet, no one should fu*k with her. She wrote;

Don’t start a war you cannot finish. Trust me I’m not the one. I’m quiet but don’t fuck with me

Flash Black Friday #ToWhomItMayF&ckingConcern

Because I’m petty 👿 I get plenty more but make I no break your screen guard. Let sleeping dogs lie
A word is enough for the wise

Tiwa Savage reacts to Yemi Alade's shade of increasing her butts in photos lailasnews 1

Tiwa Savage reacts to Yemi Alade's shade of increasing her butts in photos lailasnews 2

Tiwa Savage reacts to Yemi Alade's shade of increasing her butts in photos lailasnews 3


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  1. But wait ooo, which come be your own now, the butt in question is hers not yours so how is it now your business tiwa savage, abi you won join, oya go do your na, make person rest for you, jealousy, may be she didn’t even add anything to her butt, may be as a result of too much enjoyment, her butt increased. Abeg if you don’t have any reasonable thing to do, go and sleep

  2. But I didn’t see anything wrong with the advice. Nigerian celebs are fond of faking themselves on pictures than real life.

  3. Yemi Slade should leave tiwa savage along, she owns herself and she can do what ever she likes With her body on social media. Is her butt not yours o.

  4. Lol Can Tiwa beat Yemi Alade? Hahahahaha I will love to see how it feels like when female celebs go after each other with war of words, I want to see who will win

  5. Yemi Alade did not mention anybody’s name she only gave a general advice. Why is Tiwa now taking personal. She is just feeling guilty.

  6. It is well with this celebrities.someone can not say her mind again,why taking it on yourself tiwa,she might not be referring to you

  7. Why is Tiwa feeling guilty? Yemi Slade did not mention anybody’s name she was only giving an advice, Tiwa if u feel you’re the one increasing the nyash on photos please

  8. Any way either some one increase her bottom or not dat was not consine anybody, both of you should face thier business

  9. I knew it all along yemi was throwing a shade at a particular person. What’s her business, is she jealous tiwa is more popular because I dont get the reason for the beef. She has own blacklists too.

  10. Sometimes people need to mind their own business. Must she attack her for what she chose to do? Everyone has his or her own life to live.

  11. I wonder why we cant live and let others live too. We need to learn how to co-exist. Celebrity should learn this vital virtue

  12. Hmm… Musicians with their beef. When I read this in the money, I didn’t even realize it was directed to Tiwa Savage. Well… They should just maintain peace

  13. Wether someone incerase her butt or not it should not be another person concern . Celebrities and their social media war.

  14. Which one is Tiwa own now. I don’t remember Yemi mentioning anybody’s name so she should just chill and hold it right there. It was only an advice Yemi gave and frankly speaking she’s right. If Tiwa isn’t among those increasing their butts she shouldn’t take offense to Yemi tweets. Is that simple.

  15. People should learn to mind their businesses on social media.In this time of ours the words that come out of our mouth should be with caution

  16. Tiwa savage did it,why is she defending herself now,she just want to deceive WizKid and run away,she should be more matured, this is good news

  17. I thought every human has what he admires in a person to take him for a celebrity, this “increase of ****” is not NEW, it doesnt mean it will boost ur level of love in fans faces, and I doubt any female artist who can prove herself to be 100% natural in appearance, even make-up in an addition to nature. So there is no reason in being disturbed.

  18. Normally i didn’t see anything wrong with the advice. Nigerian celebs are fond of faking themselves on pictures than real life.

  19. All this celebrities with there troubles. I don’t remember Yemi mentioning your name why are you taking it personal. Or are u one of them

  20. Nawa o when we go learn to mind our business nah!!!! Wetin self chai its well wetin concern us we no de do am self na the thing wey no concern us we de do

  21. Well to be frank what Yemi, said in the morning was not right,though she was not referring to anyone but Tiwa savage should not take it personal because she didnt mention her name.

  22. The butt na your own….abeg make you mind your own business jare.are they envying each other?or do they have problem with each other before now

  23. So, You two wants to start fighting and washing all your dirty linens in public and you called yourselves mentor. Let’s see what you are mentoring.

  24. Celebrities live fake life,but not all,if they had issues,public shading is not the best way to settle.fake butts everywhere though

  25. Yemi did not in anyway mention tiwa’s name, she should go and sit down, her name was not mentioned, it seems she wears bults.

  26. Yemi wasn’t referring to her and she took it personal. Actually I believe what everyone does is his or her business no other person is concerned.

  27. Issues like this is not new in the music industry but in my candid opinion I’ll say tiwa is more matured than all this

  28. Tiwa just do as if you didn’t hear anything because Yemi is only advising she didn’t mention you so don’t look for trouble.

  29. Lolz… How is Tiwa so sure Yemi is referring to her… I know both are not innocent tho, what about make up and all the other fake stuff… Make we hear word jawe

  30. Lol so she was actually the one Yemi Alade was referring to. Women and their wahala she’s. Tiwa should have just ignored her.

  31. Some things need to be said and some commet need not be made. None of my business is one ofnthe ways to live long. It will do some people more good if they do this

  32. Biko, Tiwa is your back flat??? If it’s truly flat, then stop Increasing it on phptos, Yemi Alade, learn to mind your own business… Lol

  33. Tiwa your reaction is harsh, Yemi only gave an advice.. It’s not a must people should heed to it.. It’s your life, you do as you please..

  34. The bottom of other people should not hive you headache so stop all this nonsense and put in some sense in to your heads and let her leave her life style.

  35. I think is out of tiwa savage concern this may even bring conflict between them, let her act the way she wish. I believe u celebrity will go and meet ur God one day

  36. Some celeb need to take the chill pill. She just called attention to herself. Did Yemi mention her in. Her twit why should she now come up with such a post. You are surely guilty of the yansh increase

  37. Beautiful TIwa!Mama Jam Jam want to break screen guard oh….see temper.increasing their butt is their biz…

  38. celebrities with their wahala. but i think both of you should be best friends. but to Yemi, na you get your life… carry go. anybody can use anything to increase her butt… i am not concerned

  39. Yemi has been looking for this war, it seems it has come. The other day, Yemi was heard on radio talking about the music industry, there is no queen. She said everyone is on top their game, this came after people showered encomiums on Tiwa performance during a concert in the USA. Yemi should not allow this degenerate like the Cardi B and Nikki Minaj Fight

  40. There is nothing bad in what Yemi Alade says because is the truth and I support her. I don’t know why Tiwa Savage is mad at Yemi Alade.

  41. But I don’t recall Yemi mentioning anyone’s name, especially Tiwa’s. Two things are involved, it’s either they’ve had a rift before on this issue or she just feels guilty of the call out.

  42. Is it Photoshop that celebrities are using to increase their butt or something else and how is anybody’s business if they decide to increase their butt

  43. Yemi you are right. Most of our celebrities are good at enhancing their buttocks using photo shops or even through surgical procedures. I’ll advice we embrace our selves they way God created us.

  44. But why respond if you are not guilty of the said crime, besides your name was not even mentioned, well its your body enlarge it all you want.

  45. From the post I read today, Yemi Alade didn’t refer to any body in particular, so why is Tiwa being so so ? Based on her instagram reply. It seems Tiwa is jittery over something hidden

  46. I hope they are not starting any feud soon,we love both of them the way they are,no need to advise others just have a conscience.

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