Nairabet owner Akin Alabi shares friend’s experience with broke man who pays tithe

Popular online sports betting platform, Nairabet owner, Akin Alabi took to his official Twitter handle to recount how a broke man who met his friend for help, paid tithe to a church from the money he gave him.

Nairabet owner Akin Alabi shares friend's experience with broke man who pays tithe lailasnews

According to the Nairabet owner, his friend vowed never to help the man again.

His tweet read:

Someone came to a friend needing help. He said he can’t feed and can’t pay his kid’s school fees. My friend gave him N250k. My friend later learnt that the guy took N25k to church as tithe. My friend is furious, he says he will never help him again.

Nairabet owner Akin Alabi shares friend's experience with broke man who pays tithe lailasnews 1

Do you think what this young man did is wrong?

Recall that there has been a tithing controversy in Nigeria since last year, and spearheaded by Cool FM OAP, Daddy Freeze who is also the convener of ‘Free the Sheeple’ movement.

Here are ten things Daddy Freeze said about religion and tithe.

  • 1. Religion is the easiest way to play politics.
  • 2. Boko Haram is as a result of religion.
  • 3. The religious man is a tool being used by the man selling him that religious brand. He is simply a puppet.
  • 4. The guy that is telling you to bring your tithe so that God will bless you is telling you lies.
  • 5. If you pay tithe to any Nigerian pastor you are a goat.
  • 6. If you want to give your money to Jesus, give it to the homeless, people in the hospital, hungry and naked people.
  • 7. Private jet-flying Daddy G.Os should be paying tithe to their church members.
  • 8. Many people are under the bondage of Malachi 3:8–10 which is actually about the priests robbing God, not the congregation robbing God.
  • 9. Mega Churches are sitting on countries
  • 10. What are the churches doing with the 10% of 80 million people’s income?

These things listed above are just some of the things, Daddy Freeze said in an interview.


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  1. It was his choice & decision, so he should be left with it. I may not be a thither but I won’t criticize them that give, the best I can do is to give an opinion of my own & that’s all.

  2. the man did what his conscience permit, the offense is with the giver who tried to dictate how his gifted money should be spend. the man did nothing wrong but to appreciate God for sending the man his way to help him.

  3. Point of correction daddy Freeze, He wasn’t paying thithes to the pastor, it was to God.
    God doesn’t keep people in bondage, where the spirit of God is, there is liberty.
    Yes he borrowed the money and paid thithes in faith, it’s counted for him as righteousness.
    When you lend someone money, what he/she does with it is actually his/her business, your business is to get paid as when due
    Stop trying to logically figure out God and His ways, He uses the foolish things to confound the seemingly wise
    You spend how much on wristwatches but you’re vehement about 10% , 10% which isn’t actually yours cos Everything I have(don’t know about anyone else) comes from God.
    Lastly God doesn’t owe, you never ever give to God and become bereft for it, He gives back in good measures press down shaken together running over. He takes care of His own

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