Tinubu backs Buhari on directive against ballot box snatchers

Bola Tinubu has backed President Buhari on his directive against ballot box snatchers during the upcoming general elections.

Tinubu backs Buhari on directive against ballot box snatchers lailasnews

The APC National leader, is firmly with President Buhari, who at a meeting said he had given the police and the military the go ahead to be ruthless with those that might want to disrupt the elections. Buhari added that those that attempt to snatch ballot boxes during the election would do so at the expense of their lives.

Though many Nigerians condemned President Buhari’s statement, saying it is an open call for jungle justice, Tinubu at an APC stakeholders meeting in Lagos, said he is in support of the statement. He said;

“We all heard what PMB directive on political thuggery, ballot boxes snatching, violence to the security personnel. He is the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces, I’m not. Women, please warn your children, brothers not cause any form of trouble on election day as the security will be ruthless against such act. It will do everyone good to obey than to disobey. I stand with President Muhammadu Buhari on his statement on ballot box snatching.

Ballot box snatching is similar to robbery, and even worse, hence, it must be condemned in all its entirety by everybody. We must not allow it. Anybody caught snatching ballot boxes must ruthlessly be dealt with. It’s done in our best interest to protect our Nation’s democracy from being truncated by enemies of progress.

Let your Permanent Voter’s Card be your army, we must go out and elect Buhari and our other candidates on Saturday, February 23 and subsequently, governorship candidates and state House of Assembly. “If you (members) have any problem at all go and see the leaders of the party in your council and wards.

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  1. Let parents warn their children on whom to follow, anyone that is killed is killed, why will they snatch the ballot papers in the first instance.

  2. Its only those who want to snatch ballot boxes that will not support presidential order to shoot at sight anybody who tries or snatches ballot boxes. The order is very correct

  3. it is indeed a jungle justice at least one who’s caught with such act should be imprisoned for a decade.

  4. This is really a clap to democracy in Nigeria… How will you be in support to what is not seen as unique to the government… The result or outcome is really not going to be pleasant…

  5. I don’t see anything wring in what PMB declared and I begin to wonder why PDP are reading senseless meaning to whatsoever PMB says.

    He’s only trying to protect you from the polititians who will engage you in this act while their children are in luxuries.

    Go snatch ballot boxes and pay with your worthless life.

    I stand for Peace

    I say No to Violence in our land.

  6. President Obama was in a position to order for the arrest and trial of Osama Bin laden(rule of law) but he did not instead he ordered his death(undemocratic). Our president is only being a good student.

  7. Bola Tinubu have shown that wickedness runs through his veins, please Mr President tell us where it is written in Nigeria constitution that during election like this the president has the power to kill his people.

  8. This is just lip service, these same people will later indulge in such act of ballot snatching.
    Well he’s only trying to protect you from the politicians who will engage you in this act while their children are in luxuries.

  9. Despite the fact that I am not supporting any political bodies, but I am seriously in support of the rule given by the President concerning ballot boxes snatching, because we need peace on that election day let it be free and Fair

  10. This directives of Mr President is to deadly oh, I just pray that more blood we not be share on that day more than the one that has already be shared

  11. But buhari and tinbue are altogether leader of blind and corruption,why not you support buhari let assume APC member id the one caught.

  12. I join my voice with that of the president and Asia just to deal ruthlessly with voters box snatchers. It is stealing

  13. Why won’t you support him,birds of same feathers. And what of if it’s one of your relatives that is one of the victims, how would you feel ??

  14. Dat a good one if u snatch d ballox box one bullet I think is a go good idea, all those thugs will be claim nw

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