Time is not going, you are – Man shares opinion on time

As against the general saying: Time is going, a Nigerian man has shared a counter opinion, which says Time is not going, rather it is the individual observing time that is going.

In a post shared on Facebook by one Nathaniel Iyanda, it is not possible to waste time as time is infinite, it is the individual wasting away while having the perception he is wasting time.

Time is not going, you are – Man shares opinion on time

He however advised people to focus on themselves, rather than coveting the gift of other men.

Read his full post:

It is a mistake to think time is going. Time is not going. Time is here until the world ends. It is you that is going. You don’t waste time. Time is infinite. You waste yourself. You are finite. It is you that grows old and die. Time doesn’t.

So make better use of it. And one of the worst things to do with time is comparing yourself to others. A cow eats grass and gets fat but if dog eats grass, it will die. Never compare yourself with others. Run your race. What works for one person may be that which will kill you. Focus on the gifts and talents God gave you and don’t be envious of the blessings He gave others_ .

Both Lion and Shark are professional hunters, BUT:
A Lion cannot hunt in the Ocean and a Shark cannot hunt in the jungle
That a Lion cannot hunt in the ocean doesn’t make him useless and that a Shark cannot hunt in the jungle doesn’t also make him useless both have their own territory where they can do well

If a rose smells better than tomatoes, It doesn’t mean the rose can make a better stew. Don’t try to compare yourself to others. You also have your own strength, look for it and build on it. All animals that exist, were in Noah’s ark.

A snail is one of those animals. If God could wait long enough for snails to enter Noah’s ark; His door of grace won’t close till you reach your expected position in life. Never look down on yourself, keep looking up. Remember that Broken crayons still colour.
_Keep on pushing, you never can tell how close you are to your goal…

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