Three passengers killed in boat accident in Rivers State (Photo)

A boat accident in Rivers State, reportedly claimed the lives of three passengers. It was gathered that the passengers lost their lives, shortly after the boat reportedly capsized.

Three passengers killed in boat accident in Rivers State  lailasnews

While other passengers survived the boat accident, the three passengers including the lady wearing a life jacket drowned in the ocean. Facebook user, Otunba Barryda Leyiga who shared the report wrote;

Three passengers killed in boat accident in Rivers State lailasnews 1

Another Boat Mishap in Rivers State, Exposes the Incompetence of those who oversee the Ministry of Transport. A Ministry that cannot provide or inspect life jackets being used in the state. Several boat Mishaps, several lives lost. Nothing done by the Ministry.

She wore a life Jacket, it was expired. Like the many others that are being used even now.
No regulation and supervision of the water transporters. The Ministry of Transport see these boat owners as locals and don’t get involved in their activities

The Commissioner of Transport murdered these ones by his incompetence.

And as a Rivers Man i call on the RSHA to demand and inquiry into the activities of the water transport sector of the Ministry of transport. And submit same to the Governor, Recommending the Sack of the Leadership of that Ministry.

One year, How many Rivers People have died through Water Transportation. Rivers Lives Matter.

If nothing is done Joe Blankson died for Nothing, and We deserve Buhari

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  1. Such a terrifying and in fatal incident, three hmmmmm they must have gone through a lot before before finally giving up, may your souls rest in peace

  2. Oh my goodness,, seriously this government is not trying o how can they just be nonchalant about those using local road transport??
    Seriously we need new good and active government nor only in this state but also the nation as a whole

  3. Its so sad to hear this may their souls rest in peace but the minister of transportation should look into this and provide original life jackets

  4. Nigerians doesn’t care for safety at all a boat without a good life jacket. May there soul rest in peace .

  5. This is so painful and heart breaking, they suppose to have life jackets in boats in case there’s boat mishaps but not in Nigeria, someone will just go and purchase a boat/boats and start making money with it without considering people’s lives. Too bad, may their souls rest in peace Amen

  6. This is very bad, they should do something about this boat mischap because it is really getting out of hand

  7. Really saddening. May their souls find rest in the Lord’s blossom. The inompetences in all sectors of the Nigerian government is really alarming. We do need help as a nation

  8. what a great loss at river state, may there soul rest in peace, God should please put full stop to this in our country.

  9. Rivers and bad news for the past 2weeks now….. I think necessary measures should be put in place to forestall such accidents… RIP

  10. What a tragedy I don’t understand this kind of world death every where may their soul rest in peace

  11. people should know that season has not fully turn to dry season when the volume of the water will be low . Rain is still falling and the volume of the water is and it moves with force. Let’s try and be careful when it comes to water. RIP

  12. May their soul rest in peace. Water rises abnormally during rainy season so caution should be applied while using boat.

  13. Ministry of transportation don’t really know their jobs… Please someone should help out because I can’t believe why life jackets will expire and they are still making use of them.

  14. Since this is a means of transportation, the government should look into it and make sure that the boat they are using is in good nature and putting on good life jacket is complied

  15. How can the ministry of transport just be doing nothing about these cases, expired life jackets are everywhere and they are just acting like it is nothing, chai tragic an inncent lady

  16. She drown upon wearing a life Jacket not knowing it has expired. Nigeria wake up. Do your work. Who is in charge of overseeing this kind of thing. None.

  17. The occurrence of boat mishap is increasing daily in rivers state.The ministry of transport should look into water transportation.

  18. Traveling by sea is the most scary means of transportation which I do not like.In Nigeria there is no proper update on the equipment used, in such some material might be faulty already and that constitutes so much disaster and ship capsize. So bad

  19. This is a very sadden story, in every thing we do in this life, we should be cautious, life has no duplicate rip to them

  20. Since Nigeria is not good on sea s suggest they should quit this seat traveling,, than ending life’s just like that,, may they soul rest in perfect peace

  21. Life jacket is meant to keep one afloat, was the one she was wearing different? Things like this should not be taken for granted especially as it has to do with life. Like jackets should be inspected before any trip.

  22. The ministry of transport should please look into the situation. How can she be wearing an expired life jacket?

  23. Every boat should have life jackets enough to go rou/d all the occupants of the boat. May their souls rest in the Lord

  24. This is very painful. How can she wore live jacket and still was not saved. That means the live jacket in the boat were bad. But to be sincere, this kind of things shouldn’t be taken for granted. Even the passinger should have checked if there’s life jackets in the boat before leaving…. Well may their souls rest on

  25. What a lost for the family of the deceased now,the should take heart and bear the loss of life lost during this accident

  26. May their soul rest in peace. Travellers who cannot swim very well should please avoid traveling by water

  27. One of the is wearing a life jacket for goodness sake. An expirerd one. How can that happen? Is it even legal to be a passenger in such a boat without life jacket? Please Ministry of Transport investigate this and report back to us ASAP

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